40 Day Reset Diet Cost

40 Day Reset Cost

The 40 Day Reset is a new weight-loss program that helps you lose up to forty pounds in as little as two months. The contours of this diet are tailored for all genders and body types, so it’s not just women or middle-aged people who can benefit from a healthy hunger-free lifestyle. You can find the physical offices for this program in New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, South Carolina, and New York.

When you use this program, according to the website, all that is needed for a successful diet are your own food and daily coaching. It eliminates the need for exercise or craving along with any additional costs.

How much does the 40 Day Reset diet cost?

One of the first steps for body transformation is getting an initial consultation. The center will show you exactly what your body needs, measure your height and weight to determine metabolic age, then take a look at how much fat you have on your frame. Armed with this information they can put together a detailed plan that includes dieting guidelines, pricing options, and time frames so before long it’s possible to reach all those goals! This free service takes place in their office and will be done only by professionals.

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When it comes to the program, there is very limited information online. However, a person who claims they’ve used this service says that $2k was paid for 40 days of dieting with similar approaches from other programs costing anywhere between $1,500 and $2,200. These figures are unconfirmed by official sources but from what we could gather through extensive research, these costs will be pretty close. If you have tried out their plan and know what you had to pay we would love it if you told us about your experience in the comments below.

One customer on a YouTube video said they spent $2,000 for this particular program, which was, according to them, a good deal. Many customers who left reviews for the BBB claimed to have paid around $1,800 to $2,100 depending on their needs.

The program and how it works

40 Day Reset DietThe center will use a specialized frequency-based test, which examines close to 5,000 factors. This information is used to help reveal the hormonal imbalance or organ dysfunction that caused your current weight gain and create a customized diet plan for you according to your body’s individual needs and what foods may be able to put it into a fat-burning mode.

This program is unlike any of the other diets out there. This isn’t a diet that will leave you feeling hungry and unsatisfied or one where all your eating decisions are made for you with the help of prepackaged foods. Instead, it provides a personalized food plan tailored to each individual’s needs as well as daily coaching so people who choose this lifestyle can live happier and healthier lives without cutting corners or compromising on flavor.

The Ridgewood location of this program provides a personalized coaching experience to help you transform into the person you want to be. The medical director, Dr. Kevin Hall, said that they will continue supporting your transformation for an entire year after signing up with daily encouragement and tracking along the way.

In order to see the effects of this program on normal people, visit this page. There you will be able to view before and after pictures that show how customers have succeeded in the past.

Expected results

When it comes to weight loss, there are many factors that determine your success. Males and females differ in how quickly they will lose pounds – males typically see results faster than females. While going through this program, women lost an average of 27 lbs within 40 days versus 30 lbs lost within a similar time frame by males. The largest amount of weight loss ever recorded within this program was 45lbs which was accomplished through a lot of dedication and hard work.

Important tips to keep in mind

The FAQ section on their website explains how they operate: each client who has more than twenty percent excess fat will lose up to 20 pounds within 40—50 days. In rare cases where clients do not meet the promise offered by this company, they provide another go at their program at no additional cost. This guarantee makes a big difference and really makes this program stand out.

The program has helped many diabetics, both suffering from type one and type two. Reviews online were mixed, but we did find a BBB page with more than 25 reviews, out of which half were complaints. According to the complaints, there is no refund policy on their end as well as some deceptive practices. But again these are just some people’s opinions so be sure to make your own due diligence before you commit to the program.

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