How Much Does The 40 Day Reset Diet Cost?

Last Updated on February 21, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

The 40 Day Reset diet is a holistic weight loss program that focuses on resetting your metabolism through a combination of custom nutrition plans, dietary supplements, lifestyle modifications, and personalized coaching.

But how much does this comprehensive 40 day reset actually cost? Here is a detailed breakdown of the program fees, expenses, and overall investment required for the 40 Day Reset diet.

The exact cost of the 40 Day Reset diet program varies depending on the specifics of your personalized plan, but the total fees range from $1200 to $2000 for the initial 40 day period.

This cost covers your initial consultations, weekly check-ins, access to nutrition guides and recipes, supplemental products, and continued email support during and after the program. Any additional consultations, customized meal plans, or specialized testing falls outside of the base program fee.

How Much Does The 40 Day Reset Diet Cost?

The initial consultation and assessment is typically around $250. This 2-3 hour session includes a full health and lifestyle evaluation, body composition analysis, metabolic testing, and dietary overview. Your coach maps out a custom nutrition, supplement, and exercise plan tailored to your needs.

The basic 40 day program fee ranges from $950 to $1,750. This covers your weekly check-ins, access to nutritional guides/recipes, email support, and $350 to $500 worth of supplements and shakes. Any extra supplements or specialty foods fall outside this fee.

Most participants continue with the post-program maintenance plan for $250 to $400 per month. This includes continued access to your coach, resources, and support groups for accountability.

Some providers also offer payment plans to split costs into multiple installments. Overall, expect to invest around $1,500 to $2,000 for the full 40 day experience, with additional costs for maintenance.

What’s Included in the 40 Day Reset Diet Program

For that investment, the 40 Day Reset diet includes extensive guidance, support, resources, and products. Here’s an overview:

  • Custom nutrition plan – Your personal diet plan based on your needs and goals.
  • Weekly check-ins – Sessions to track progress, provide accountability, and adjust your plan.
  • Metabolic testing – Tests to analyze your metabolic rate, fat burning ability, and nutrition needs.
  • Supplement bundle – A package of shakes, vitamins, and supplements tailored to your program.
  • Food guides – Meal plans, shopping lists, recipes, and dining-out tips.
  • Lifestyle training – Coaching on stress, sleep, movement, and other behaviors.
  • Support groups – Community to share advice, experiences, and motivation.
  • Continued email access – Ongoing support and questions answered by your coach via email.

The 40 Day Reset combines nutrition, supplements, coaching, and lifestyle changes for weight loss through a holistic, personalized approach.

Is the 40 Day Reset Diet Worth the Investment?

Paying over $1000 for a 40 day diet program is undoubtedly a major investment. However, advocates of the 40 Day Reset say the comprehensive, tailored experience can lead to sustainable weight loss, improved body composition, increased energy, better sleep, and more – making it well worth the price.

For those struggling with stubborn fat and stalled progress, the hands-on coaching, lab testing, metabolic analysis, and customized supplementation provide key insights and structure. The lifestyle modification guidance establishes new healthy lifelong habits.

Many participants experience weight loss of 15-25 lbs or more, reduced body fat percentage, and optimization of fat burning hormones like leptin, cortisol, and insulin for better metabolic health. These kinds of results justify the investment for most serious about reaching their body composition and wellness goals.

Of course, the value depends on your financial situation. But looked at as an investment in improved health, quality of life, and body confidence for years to come, many find the 40 Day Reset well worth the cost.

Comparing the 40 Day Reset Diet Cost to Other Programs

To better evaluate the value proposition, here’s a quick cost comparison to other popular weight loss programs:

  • Basic diet apps and plans – Around $30 to $50 per month
  • Weight Watchers – $44 monthly fee plus food costs
  • Jenny Craig – $500 to $700 monthly, including meals
  • Noom – $60 to $120 monthly for app access
  • Keto and Paleo diets – Around $300 monthly with supplements

The 40 Day Reset costs more upfront but provides a more comprehensive, tailored approach you won’t find with basic apps or self-directed diets. The lab testing, metabolic analysis, personalized nutrition/supplement recommendations, and coaching lead to optimized, targeted results based on your unique needs.

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For many, that personalization makes the difference in achieving real, lasting success rather than short-term weight fluctuations. But the 40 Day Reset requires more financial commitment and may not fit every budget.

Budgeting and Financial Considerations for the 40 Day Reset Diet

40 Day Reset DietObviously, spending $1,000+ requires planning. Here are some tips for making the 40 Day Reset work financially:

  • Consider it an investment in your health – the benefits extend far beyond 40 days.
  • Explore payment plans – many providers spread costs over multiple installments.
  • Check for discounts like group rates or promotional pricing.
  • Check your health insurance – some plans help offset nutrition counseling costs.
  • Set aside funds through health savings accounts (HSAs) or wellness benefits.
  • Achieve long-term savings from reduced medical spending, medications, etc.
  • Discuss possible financial assistance options if needed.

For most, the immediate cost investments lead to longer-term payoffs like better health, avoided medical expenses, and reduced spending on yo-yo dieting. But discussing budget and potential support options with your provider ensures the program fits your financial situation.

Final Words

While not inexpensive, the 40 Day Reset diet provides an intensive, customized metabolic reset and weight loss experience based on your unique needs, biomarkers, and goals.

The hands-on support, nutritional testing, personalization, coaching, and accountability lead to sustainable lifestyle changes and improved body composition for many who complete the program.

For those seeking lasting weight loss and metabolic optimization, the 40 Day Reset is designed to deliver results, making the $1500 to $2000 investment well worth it, according to participants. But discussing the costs and options with your chosen provider ensures you can budget appropriately.

Approached as a commitment to your health and future wellbeing rather than a short-term fix, the 40 Day Reset diet can provide the metabolic reset and transformation you’ve been searching for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Reset Diet Worth It?

The 40 Day Reset diet is absolutely worth it for most participants. Though the upfront investment is significant, the personalized attention, metabolic optimization, nutrition testing, coaching, and proven results help make the program a worthwhile use of funds for those serious about improving their weight, body composition, health, and wellness over the long-term.

The knowledge, habits, and metabolic reset provide benefits beyond just the 40 days.

What Foods Are Included in the Reset Diet?

The 40 Day Reset diet is fully customized to your needs, but generally focuses on high-protein, lower-carb, whole food nutrition with lots of vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats, complex carbs, and no processed foods or sugar.

The specific meal plan is tailored to your lab results and includes foods like salmon, chicken, eggs, lentils, quinoa, nuts, seeds, vegetables of all kinds, some fruits, and supplements as needed.

What Is a 30 Day Reset?

A 30 day reset is a shortened version of the core 40 Day Reset program that still provides metabolic reset benefits. It includes an initial consultation, nutrition plan, supplement bundle, weekly coaching, and resources but condenses the experience into 30 days rather than 40 days.

The 30 day option costs less, between $800 to $1,200 depending on your provider. This gives a beneficial reset on a tighter timeline or budget but may lead to less dramatic results compared to the full 40 day experience.

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