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How Much Do Dice Cost?

As you surely already know, there are quite a few games that require dice rolls to determine who wins and who loses. Among the most popular ones are those using 6-sided dice, like craps, and games using dice with multiple faces, like D&D. People have used dice to decide winners and losers, and play all […]


How Much Does a Lottery Ticket Cost?

“Investing” in luck seems to be a very old activity. It is believed that important projects, such as the Great Wall of China, were financed by the proceeds of the sale of lottery tickets. Studies show that those who win the lottery are not the happiest people because they “forget” to enjoy the simple things […]


The Cost of Bingo

Most players consider Bingo a simple game that depends on luck alone. Indeed, this game lacks the complexity of poker. Bingo is a gambling game played in the whole world. The first variants of the game appeared almost half a millennium ago. This is considered to be a descendant of the “Lo Giuoco del Lotto […]