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Horse Cost

Last Updated on August 15, 2020 | Written by CPA Alec Pow
First Published on September 9, 2015 | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popivker

It’s often hard to decide not to choose a horse only by its beauty, even if a thoroughbred or color can be called “fashionable” at a time. We consider that choosing such an animal should be based on a few factors such as the temperament and personality of the horse or the activities you need it for (riding, work, therapy, etc.).
In general, horses tend to have a slightly strange temperament in many situations, but there are many thoroughbred horses with different temperaments, from the stir ones at the calm ones, from the stubborn ones to those eager to learn. What is important is to feel comfortable in handling the animal and to react to what he does, especially at his temperament. For example, many horses that were used before in races, giving up this sport will be diffident or will tend to hate people. But any kind of temperament or attitude can be changed, only if you are willing to work at it and if you enjoy doing it.

If you are thinking of buying a horse, you probably already took riding lessons or you have your own reasons for owning a horse. Remember though: you have to choose the horse that can accomplish the objectives you want because if you choose a wrong horse you will only get annoyed and frustrate the poor animal.

Beautiful horsesFor example, for long-distance riding races, you need a horse that can handle a race, an animal already experienced in this field. A plow horse, used to draw up the carriage to the household, will not face a long-distance race. Other activities for which you could buy a horse would be the western games, dressage, or leisure riding on your free time, a fascinating activity that has therapeutic effects on sick children.

The prices for a horse on local markets start from $1,000 and can reach up to $110,000 per horse, in case the horses are used in jumping competitions. There are also some cases in which a racehorse can be sold for about $1,200,000, depending on who is buying it or who is selling it, etc.

If it is a fair horse its value is somewhere between $700 and $3,000. The prices of a thoroughbred horse vary greatly by age, if it is a male or a female or whether the animal is talented and can be used in competitions. Prices for a thoroughbred horse start at $1,000 and can reach even $110,000 for a jumping horse.
The price for thoroughbred horses is given by the results in sporting competitions, similar to how footballer transfers are calculated.

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Young horses are hard to control because they have not been trained and have no experience. Their reactions are not as predictable as old horses. The foals require riders that may treat them firmly, to prevent behavioral problems. On the other hand, old horses may have physical problems and will need special care. The best option would be to go accompanied by a veterinary doctor when you decide on a particular horse. As long as you know that the animal will live in normal conditions and the treatment costs of possible health problems will not seriously affect the budget, you can buy without any problems a mature horse.

Should the average working Joe get a horse?

A horse can be a great addition to your family. Before getting an animal like this, be sure you have the necessary means to take care of it, buying one won`t affect your budget and you know exactly what you`d use it for. If you have young children and you want them to interact with the animal, be sure you`re getting a calm one that puts your family in no danger. If you plan to use the horse for agriculture or other chores, be sure you get one that is already trained to do so. Overall, owning a horse will be a great experience and will have a positive impact on your family.

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    Shell Surgeon` says:

    Interesting article, thank you.
    My shopping for a good horse in the late fall of 2022 tells me that they are nearly all over priced….much like shopping for a used vehicle. They may be actual value of 50%-60%.


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