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We recommend that you visit Venice because it is a unique city. You will get rid of the traffic and the cars, considering that Venice, the capital of the Veneto region, is best visited on foot and vehicle traffic is strictly restricted and, with a little luck, you will be called boat owner. Most accommodations put at your disposal such means of transportation, as an additional benefit.

Venice, dubbed City of Bridges or City of Gondolas, is divided into six districts: Dorsoduro, Santa Croce, San Polo, San Marco, Cannaregio, and Castello, comprising 118 islands, 354 canals and 177 bridges always filled with small boats. The main channels of the city are Canal Grande and Canale Della Giudecca. The first splits the city in two tracing an S and the second one separates the old town of the island of Giudecca.

How do you get to Venice?

A round-trip ticket flight in season, meaning in summer, costs more than $1500 but in the extra season, you can find one at the average price of $900.

Average transportation prices

Taxi: airport – Venice dock     $35.90 – $44.87

Water taxi: airport – to any hotel         $128.21 – $141.03

Public bus: airport – Venice dock        $7.69

Vaporetti ride (water bus)       $8.97

Vaporetti pass – one-day         $25.64; seven-day $77

Water taxi ride – Venice          $38.46 – $57.69

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Where do you stay?

Hostel prices

On this island, there are no cheap hostels or dorms but outside the city, at the camping ground, you can find accommodations at the best value, with an average price of $16 per night. In the city, you will pay for a one-night dorm room up to $40.

Budget hotel prices

In Venice, you can pay for a cheap hotel room anywhere from $60 per night and up to $150 in the city center.

Where do you eat?

Predictably, Venice’s geographical location, but also its affiliation to Italy put their mark on the local gastronomy. Venetian cuisine features culinary specialties based on fish and seafood and enriches the flavors using spices and special procedures.

An authentic Venetian preparation with a strong taste is cooked with the help of fried sardines, preserved in vinegar, at which raisins or pine nuts are added.

It is really expensive to eat in Venice. It is more affordable to go out to eat lunch than dinner at an average price of $20. For a usual dinner, a meal, and drinks, you can pay somewhere between $40 and $60. There are not so many places with cheap snacks, like pizza and sandwiches, but if you shop at the market, for around $70 you can cook for a week.

Average food and drink prices

Budget breakfast (if it’s not included at the hotel):   $6.41 – $11.54

Budget lunch:             $9 – $20

Beer (.33l bottle)         $3.85 – $6.41

House wine (.5l jug)    $6.41 – $11.54

What can you do in Venice?

On the list of every tourist who is respecting himself and visiting Venice for the first time must appear Doge’s Palace, the Basilica of San Marco, Piazza San Marco, and Torcello Island.

At first sight, the Doge’s Palace takes your mind to buildings from Turkey, because it borrows some elements from their aesthetics, but continues to be a symbol of Venetian architecture.

Piazza San Marco was the market of a monastery and is crossed by a river. It has become over time the political and religious center of Venice. It is animated in every moment by curious tourists admiring the Doge’s Palace from different angles or by the locals who eat at one of the dozens of cafes and terraces.

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A Venice tour cannot be completed without a visit to the most important museums. Perhaps the most spectacular of these is Accademia Gallery, a collection of masterpieces that highlights the evolution of Venetian art from the Byzantine style to Renaissance, from Baroque to Rococo.

The access ticket to see the Galleries’ insides is $12. At the Storico Navale Museum, you will admire different types of boats, from the oldest to the most modern, while at the Museum del Merletto you will get the chance to see one of the finest collections of handmade items and a fascinating lace exhibition.

In “City of Bridges”, as Venice is nicknamed, there are four renowned bridges, but the best known and oldest of them is the Rialto Bridge. It is worth seeing because, among curious tourists, there are merchants who sell Murano glass jewelry at decent prices compared to supermarkets.

A pass for all Venetian municipal museums costs $23. The ticket is valid for 6 months and allows entry to each museum. Here is the list:

  1. Doges Palace
  2. Correr Museum – artworks related to Venice’s past, located in Piazza San Marco
  3. Museo Archeologico Nazionale
  4. filing Nazionale Marciana – monumental halls
  5. Ca Rezzonico – Museum of 18th-century art and Venetian life
  6. Palazzo Mocenigo
  7. Carlo Goldoni’s House, “Italy’s Moliere”, lived in the XVIII th century
  8. Ca pesara – modern and oriental art gallery
  9. Glass Museum – Murano
  10. Lace Museum – Burano
  11. San Marco Cathedral

If you like contemporary art you can also put away $15 for the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, where they host the works of over 200 artists, located in Unfinished Palace -Palazzo Venier dei Leoni.

Bars and clubs in Venice reflect the effervescent spirit of the Latins: animation, mostly live music, the dishes are served in a simple way, based on fish and seafood, “sprinkled” with many types of wine, both produced locally and imported.

Here are the names of some bars and clubs:Venice

  • Martini Scala-Club – for live music
  • Fiddler’s Elbow Irish Pub – for Irish music concerts
  • Centrale – for its romantic atmosphere

Perfect shopping destinations

  • Mondonovo – famous for its wide variety of masks and costumes, suitable for the famous Carnival of Venice
  • Nardi – jewelry and decorative objects, adorned with precious stones
  • Rialto Market – an authentic bazaar, where there are national products, made ​​by local producers, from sausage to homemade pasta
  • San Dona di Piave Mall

Before you go shopping, you have to take into account that grocery stores open at 08.00, Monday to Saturday, have a lunch break, big enough, for a couple of hours, and then reopen in the range of 17.00 – 19.30, except on Wednesdays afternoon, when most of them are closed.

Gondola ride in Venice:

Average high price – $170

Average low price – $105

You have to bargain this one-hour row because it has no set price and in the evening the prices are higher.

In view of all these, Venice is one of those places that one must see to believe.

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