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AC Moore Birthday Party Cost

AC Moore Birthday Party Cost

A.C. Moore, similar to Michael’s crafts, is a huge shop that has all of your crafting demands.

More than a store, AC Moore is a place where children can go to make crafts and have an enjoyable time during their birthday parties.

With almost 130 stores in the United States, there is a good chance that one of them is close to you.

How much does an AC Moore birthday party cost?

Typically, it is going to cost $50 to book the place alone. In addition to this, moms and dads are expected to pay an extra $5 to $15 per child, depending on the type of craft they want to make. Basically, you only get the room, the party planners will be in charge of buying their own supplies. For a party of 10, be prepared to spend at least $150 to have a successful birthday at AC Moore.

According to a Parents.com article, the AC Moore area booking fee is going to be $50 and the per-child charge will be at least $5. Once more, they also mention that it will depend on the supplies as well as the sort of craft you would like.

AC Moore birthday event overview

AC Moore BirthdayIn advance, the parent will be able to select a craft that the party is going to make by conference with an event coordinator. On the day of the celebration, the whole team will make a craft while learning from an instructor. You will have the freedom to build up the area by any means you desire, but you will have to bring the decors.

Several of the most popular craft choices are bubble gum machines, jewelry, shopping bags, birdhouses, paint, and also customized tees. Prior to the party, AC Moore will give invitations that you can send to your visitors.

The area will be booked for two hrs

All participants will get a 10 percent off voucher for a future acquisition.

The instructor for the event will aid prepare the room, educate the class on how to construct the craft, and clean up the room after the party is finished.

What are the extra expenses?

A.C. Moore will not provide the designs or food. This, for sure, is going to be completely optional and if you want to bring it, the expenses will be entirely up to you and dependant on what you get.

Also read about the cost of party clowns, bouncy house rental, and bachelorette parties.

As already stated, every craft will need different supplies. For example, a birdhouse is going to cost a great deal more than repainting a tee. If your budget is an issue, talk with the planner to know what you are going to need to spend on supplies.

Tips to remember

An A.C. Moore party is typically tailored for kids who are between the ages of four and 8.

A celebration here is typically suitable for smaller parties that will have less than 10 children.

Make sure to make your reservation beforehand because these places can get booked fast.

To find out more about the events in your area, check out this A.C. Moore main party page. A brochure about the celebration can also be found there.

Coupons from the store can not be used for the birthday party.

How can I save cash?

There are a lot of places where you can take your kid for a birthday party. Be sure to contact a couple of different places to see what is available in your area. The majority of places are more than happy to offer you a quote over the phone for your event.

The majority of kid’s crafts are relatively easy to do and also teach. If you intend to make a crafting party, this would be extremely easy to do by yourself in the comfort of your house and save a great deal of cash. In this way, you will just need to spend on the supplies and do a little research to learn just how to do the craft that your child picks.

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