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Acoustiblok, a proprietary developed viscoelastic polymer, which is in fact a thick piece of rubber, can get attached right to the studs before sheetrock is set up.

This sound-canceling product decreases noise and will typically be used in medical facilities, hotels, and commercial projects where sound control is very important.

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Just how much does Acoustiblok cost?

The typical rate of Acoustiblok soundproofing material is, including the carpets, around $1 to $2 per square foot for the material alone. If you wished to have an expert contractor install it, then the rates might increase to $3 to $5 per square foot from the quotes we were able to get.

According to one member on an forum thread, they were quoted a price that would start at $2 per square foot, however, if you make a couple of calls, you might be able to get it for as low-cost as $1.25.

One merchant we stumbled upon online,, was charging $108 per 12.5 m2 roll. This corresponds to 134 square feet or $1.25 per square foot.

Acoustiblok explained

Acoustiblok soundproofing material is a sound canceling product that is utilized in building and construction. It is made from a proprietary viscoelastic polymer product that has a high-density mineral material. Acoustiblok provides high-performance sound-reducing solutions for industrial zones, building and construction worksites, and other jobs where sound control and personal privacy are necessary. Although it is heavy, Acoustiblok soundproofing material is crafted with the help of a unique thermodynamic procedure and is considered very versatile.

When acoustic waves make this product bend, extremely small trace amounts of inaudible internal friction will take place. The acoustical energy is stoped and dissipated into heat.

Acoustiblok is an affordable sound barrier that is made from a proprietary visco-elastic polymer product, which has a high-density mineral material. This is, in essence, a significantly superior strategy of using big solid products to stop sound transmission. It can easily be set up without any special tools, building modifications, or experienced labor.

The product is available in 2 forms: one or two pounds.

What are the additional expenses?

Since the material is very heavy, delivering expenses can build up if purchased online.

You should be ready to spend an extra $1 to $2 per square foot to have the product set up by an expert. To find what specialists are charging in your geographical area, think about getting several quotes beforehand.

Tips to keep in mind

Acoustiblok InstallationThe Acoustiblok sound-isolation material is 100% recyclable.

Normally, it is used as part of a ceiling, layered wall, or flooring on newer or older but renovated buildings. It needs to be stapled into wood studs or screwed into metal studs behind the drywall.

It is approved for usage in more than 350 wall and flooring or ceiling assemblies. Building and construction membrane material improves the acoustical attenuation features of the standard wall and floor/ceiling styles.

Depending upon the cuttings patterns, 3M spray adhesive can be utilized to fix the pieces in place.

Make sure that you correctly ventilate the workspace. Acoustiblok soundproofing products are U.L-approved for application in over 375 fire-rated floor/ceiling and wall setups.

One layer on a standard wall leads to an added sound decrease compared to poured concrete. Acoustiblok material layers effectively installed on either side of the studs can lower sound transmission almost the like 24 inches of concrete material, and when integrated with Thermablok, it improves the value of thermal insulation by approximately 40%. Acoustiblok soundproofing material is also used as an element in sound reduction systems.

How can you save some money?

Purchasing Acoustiblok wholesale from some merchants might bring in reduced costs.

If you’re searching for a soundproofing product, make sure to compare it with other alternatives too. CityQuiet, for instance, noted a couple of choices, noting the costs can significantly differ.

With some experience, Acoustiblok isn’t very hard to set up. As already noted, it gets fixed straight to the studs before the sheetrock is set up.

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