How Much Does Action Alerts Plus Cost?

Last Updated on March 11, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Action Alerts PLUS has become one of the hottest investment newsletters on the market, with over 100,000 subscribers relying on stock picks and market insights from investing icon Jim Cramer and his team of Wall Street analysts. But how much does a subscription to this coveted advisory service cost?

This in-depth guide will break down the pricing structure, membership tiers, subscription benefits, and overall value proposition of Action Alerts PLUS. We’ll provide details on signup costs, monthly and annual rates, premium features, success stories, and more — everything you need to determine if the membership fee is worth it for access to Cramer’s money-making strategies.

How Much Does Action Alerts Plus Cost?

Action Alerts PLUS offers a few flexible subscription tiers to accommodate every budget and commitment level:

Monthly Subscription Cost

The basic monthly subscription for Action Alerts Plus is $19.95 per month when paying month-to-month. This option is great for testing out the Action Alerts service on a short-term basis before committing to a longer membership.

  • No long-term contract — cancel anytime.
  • Access to all standard features and content.
  • Monthly auto-renewal; billed each month.

Annual Subscription Rate

The standard annual subscription costs $149 per year when paid upfront annually. This drops the effective monthly rate to $12.42, saving you around $7 per month compared to paying month-to-month.

  • Roughly $50 savings compared to month-to-month payments.
  • Annual billing; access guaranteed for 1 year.

Biannual Subscription Fee

A six-month biannual subscription is available for $99. This offers a middle ground between short-term and annual commitments.

  • Semi-annual billing at $99 for 6 months of access.
  • Flexibility to cancel or renew after 6 months.

Best Value Tier Membership

The premium “Best Value” annual tier is $299 per year. This top-level membership includes extra benefits like:

  • More frequent email updates and alerts
  • Special members-only webinars and VIP events
  • Expedited 24/7 customer service
  • Extended archive access

No matter which subscription you choose, there are no hidden fees or additional costs beyond the upfront subscription rate. You pay the advertised price for the access level desired — no gotchas.

What’s Included in the Membership?

An Action Alerts PLUS membership unlocks a wealth of premium investing resources and tools, including:

  • Daily market commentary and analysis from Jim Cramer interpreting breaking news and trends. Get his personal take on developments as they happen.
  • Actionable buy and sell alerts telling you when to enter or exit positions for maximum gains. Capitalize on short-term swings.
  • Thoroughly researched stock picks hand-selected by Cramer’s team using rigorous financial analysis.
  • Portfolio guidance on balancing asset classes, sectors, risk levels, and position sizing.
  • Investing primer guides explaining options, short selling, SEC filings, technical analysis, and more investing fundamentals.
  • Video tutorials and presentations breaking down Cramer’s time-tested trading strategies.
  • Community forums to exchange ideas and strategies with fellow Action Alerts members.
  • Customizable stock watchlists to track the stocks and companies most relevant to your portfolio.
  • Quarterly subscriber calls with market Q&As and portfolio check-ins.

Exclusive premium tools and content help members capitalize on opportunities while leaning on Cramer’s decades of trading experience.

Action Alerts PLUS Cost Vs Other Investment Services

Here’s how the pricing and features of Action Alerts PLUS stack up against some other popular investing newsletters:

Motley Fool Stock Advisor

  • More focused on long-term, buy-and-hold stocks rather than active trading.
  • Light on actionable alerts and real-time guidance.
  • $199 annual fee.

Seeking Alpha

  • Crowdsourced articles and analysis from thousands of contributors. Quality varies.
  • Premium tiers start at $29.58 per month for marginal added benefits.

Zacks Ultimate

  • Primarily algorithmic stock screens and automated rankings.
  • Minimal human insight or commentary.
  • $249 a year for entry-level access.

CNBC Investing Club

  • Run by CNBC TV personalities with smaller following.
  • Around 30,000 members vs 100,000+ for Action Alerts PLUS.
  • Similar $299 annual fee.

For active traders and investors wanting real-time alerts and ideas from an established pro, Action Alerts PLUS provides robust guidance and tools for a very competitive price, especially considering the premium features unlocked at higher tiers.

Is Action Alerts PLUS Worth the Cost?

Action Alerts PerformanceWith any investing service charging a membership fee, it’s reasonable to question if it’s worth the money compared to self-directed investing.

Based on reported member returns and testimonials, Action Alerts PLUS can provide tremendous value:

  • Average portfolio returns of over 30% since inception in 2001.
  • Standout success stories achieving returns of 50-100% or more from Alert picks.
  • Hundreds of 5-star reviews highlighting big wins.
  • Jim Cramer himself reinvests all profits into charitable causes.

While results vary per individual, many members report Action Alerts PLUS pays for itself many times over through:

  • Profitable trades based on Cramer’s alerts and research.
  • Avoiding losses by sidestepping landmines.
  • Investing education through market daily commentary and video lessons.
  • Time savings leaning on Cramer’s insights versus self-research.

The credentials, experience, and community make Action Alerts PLUS a premier source of actionable trading ideas. For committed investors and traders, the expertise of Cramer and his team can accelerate growth and justify the membership fee.

That said, casual investors or pure long-term buy-and-holders may find cheaper sources of generalized market commentary sufficient for their needs. The full value proposition of Action Alerts PLUS shines through most when aggressively acted upon.

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Terms to Know Before Subscribing

Before joining, it helps to understand Action Alerts PLUS terms and policies:

  • Auto-renewal: Subscriptions renew automatically until actively canceled.
  • No refunds: Payments are non-refundable given access to digital content.
  • Price changes: Membership rates can be updated annually.
  • Premium cancellation: Best Value tier requires 30 days notice to avoid the next annual charge.
  • Order guarantees: Transactions are secured by Norton Shopping Guarantee.
  • BBB rating: Action Alerts PLUS currently holds an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

Reputable firms clearly communicate policies upfront to avoid confusion. Action Alerts PLUS checks these boxes for transparency.

Step-by-Step Guide to Signing Up

Ready to give the service a try? Signing up takes just minutes:

  1. Visit actionalertsplus.com and click “Subscribe Now” to view available tiers.
  2. Select your preferred membership level based on budget and needs.
  3. Create a login and account with your email address and billing details.
  4. Choose payment method – all major credit cards accepted as well as PayPal.
  5. Complete checkout and payment. Your Action Alerts PLUS dashboard unlocks instantly!

Didn’t find your question answered? Call 800-743-6354 for subscription support. The team is happy to assist with signup or account management.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a subscription to TheStreet?

TheStreet offers the entry-level Action Alerts PLUS subscription for $19.95 per month when paying month-to-month. Annual subscriptions are available for $149 per year for standard access or $299 per year for premium Best Value access. There are no signup fees or additional costs beyond the subscription itself.

Is the CNBC Investing Club worth it compared to Action Alerts PLUS?

CNBC Investing Club has a similar approach to Action Alerts PLUS but costs slightly more at $299 per year. CNBC also has a smaller community around 30,000 members compared to over 100,000 Action Alerts PLUS subscribers. For active traders, Action Alerts PLUS may provide better value with its larger community, extensive daily market commentary, and personalized guidance.

Which investment newsletter provides the best value?

The “best” newsletter depends on your goals and strategy. For actionable guidance from an investing icon, Action Alerts PLUS is a leading choice. Motley Fool better suits long-term investors.

Seeking Alpha offers diverse perspectives but inconsistent quality. Overall, Action Alerts PLUS strikes an ideal balance of actionable ideas, community, credentials, and value.

Final Words

An Action Alerts PLUS membership starts at just $19.95 a month but can easily pay for itself through profitable investments guided by Cramer’s expertise.

For active traders and investors, the community, credentials, track record, and premium features make Action Alerts PLUS a top advisory service worth considering. Review the pricing tiers and exclusive benefits to determine if access to Cramer’s money-making strategies is worthwhile for your investing approach.

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