AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge Cost

AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge Cost

Advocare’s 24-Day Challenge is a complete nutritional program that promises weight loss in just one month. Advocare claims that the program will rid your body of all toxins and chemicals, stimulating metabolism to burn off pounds efficiently. With little time required for preparation or cooking, it offers an easy solution to those looking for immediate results.

Like a lot of weight loss programs on the market today, AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge is based around multi-level marketing. This means that you will need to buy from someone who signed up as an advocate for this company and they may try to recruit you or make money off your sales in addition to their signup bonuses if you were to be interested in the program. However, there are no expectations–you can still purchase these products without committing at all.

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How much does the AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge cost?

The official website for the AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge states that it will cost $159 to purchase a basic package. However, in order to get this price you must sign up for their “preferred customer program,” which comes with an annual fee of $19.95 – making your grand total around $179. There is also an option where you can buy all of the items separately but be warned: many people found themselves regretting not purchasing everything as a bundle because they ended up spending considerably more money.

Item Price Average
24-Day Jumpstart™ for Days 1 – 24 $159.82 + $19.99 to join as “preferred customer”
Spark® Stick Packs (14 servings) $24.99 retail
Vitamin and Amino Acid Supplement (42 servings) $54.99 retail
Ready-To-Drink Protein (12 servings) $44.95 retail
MNS® 3 (14-day supply) $43.95 retail

Remember: If you want to save 10% on your purchases, then sign up for the preferred customer program. It costs just $19.95 annually and in return, you get a 10% discount on your orders.

Aside from the 24-Day challenge “box” you purchase at the beginning, there are additional food costs to factor in. Depending on what and where you buy your groceries, this can add up to $5-$10+ per day. You do not need to go through their company for these supplies; instead, you can buy all of these groceries from any store that has them in stock. It is recommended that one eats four or six ounces of protein with another cup of vegetables each day (according to their brochure).

Via Amazon we found AdvoCare selling their products at about $200 – $225 depending on which flavor was your choice, but in order to get this price, you will have to sign up as a preferred customer. This, of course, means that you’ll be better off buying from the official website than from retailers like Amazon.

The average person can spend up to $400 on protein shakes, vegetables, and supplements in just 24 days. Of course, the price will vary depending on what brands are chosen for both food and fitness products as well as where you buy all of your supplies from.

What comes with the AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge?

Spark® stick packs: With more than 20 vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in each pack, Spark® stick packs are a healthy way to get your day started. The boost of caffeine will give you that natural quick pick-me-up so you can tackle anything the morning throws at you. From cherry through orange, citrus, or grape flavors, there’s something for everyone in each of the sticks in the pack.

One box of MNS 3: MNS 3, which is the most comprehensive multi-nutrient dietary supplement offered by the company, will help those who need to improve their energy and appetite control. Containing a before breakfast color packet in each strip pack for improved focus as well as calcium plus, ActoTherm, BioTherm, CorePlex, OmegaPlex, CardioQ, and white packets that balance pH levels, these packs are sure to be an asset on your journey towards wellness.

One box of meal replacement shakes: One box of meal replacement shakes is perfect for busy people who want to maintain a healthy weight. The shake mix offers over 26 vitamins and minerals as well as carbohydrates, fiber, and protein so that the body can comfortably get all of its nutritional needs met while maintaining their desired weight. This is done by providing a high-protein alternative, with just enough fat to avoid hurting your weight.

A bottle of OmegaPlex: A blend of omega 3 fatty acids and DHA, this capsule may help to support cardiovascular health, the immune system as well as your hair, nails, and skin.

One box of Fiber Drink: Feel fuller, cleanse your system and eliminate waste all with just one bottle of Fiber Drink. With a blend of soluble fiber that helps you feel full and insoluble fibers to help move through the digestive tract, it’s no wonder this drink has been so popular for years.

One Box of Herbal Cleanse: Many Americans are not getting enough nutrients from their daily diet. The AdvoCare® Fiber, the Herbal Cleanse tablets, and ProBiotic Restore™ in this three-step process will help to restore that balance by stimulating digestion with fiber while also cleansing your body so you can absorb those nutrients more easily.

How does the AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge work?

AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge FoodsThe company claims that its program will help you get rid of pounds of toxins and chemicals within 10 days by using micro-ingredients if you specifically follow the steps. Aside from this, they also claim it would speed up your metabolism and energy but we couldn’t find any scientific studies to back them up on their powerful claims.

The first phase of the diet will involve a 10-day detox. You’ll be drinking caffeine-loaded drinks, special laxative drinks, and high fiber snacks every morning at 9 am before breakfast for 10 days straight. All of the drinks will be provided by the company. Along with that, you’ll only be eating foods that they will recommend based on a schedule.

The next phase of the diet is known as “Max” and includes all foods from previous phases, but with a few added supplements to keep your metabolism high. You will be able to eat one meal per day that was approved by the company’s cookbook; you can choose any food on their list. This phase lasts at least two weeks – which may be longer depending on how long it takes for you to reach your weight loss goals – or until you feel that you want to stop.

You can learn about the program schedule and food recommendations by looking at their official brochure.

Important tips to remember

The challenge will have you avoid any alcohol, soda, creamy sauces, salad dressings with high-calorie ingredients like mayonnaise and sugar; white flour in bread or pasta – anything fried is out too. You’ll also need to stay away from processed food and candy.

Pinterest can give you more than 300+ recipes designed for the challenge. The average weight loss reported by people who have completed this program is about 12 lbs and 10 inches around their waist.

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