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Wasting water is a source of major concern throughout the world. Gallons of water are wasted on a daily basis and when you think that there are places that are combating a shortage of water, you realize that this is something that needs to be tackled. Simple measures count, and the Altered:Nozzle would prove to be the right step in the right direction. You can easily have it installed into your existing tap. With this nozzle, you would be using 98% less water, yet there would be no compromise on functionality. You can also switch to the regular saving mode, which would save up to 75% water.

The idea behind it

Usually, when the subject of saving water is talked about, the solution that is presented is that the flow of water should be restricted. However, this does not provide a permanent or complete solution. Therefore, instead of restricting the water flow, another option is to ensure that you use as much of the water that comes out of the tap as you can. This is not possible with regular faucets since you use only a fraction of the water that comes out of it, while the rest bounces off the surface or goes down the drain.

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The Altered:Nozzle makes use of the atomization of water. The atomization of water breaks it into tiny droplets, which leads to the creation of a high-speed heavy mist that shoots out of your tap. As the surface area of the water is drastically increased, it becomes possible for you to come in contact with almost all the water that comes out of the tap. This offers you full functionality in using water with only 2% of the water being pumped out from the tap, a lot less than what would have been pumped out if it was not for the Altered:Nozzle.

Two modes

There are two modes of the Altered:Nozzle. One mode is that which saves up to 98% of the water that you can use for various tasks. The other is the mode that saves up to 75% of the water that can be used for filling glasses, pots, and pans.

Stylish design

Attention has not only been paid to functionality. It has also been endeavored to ensure that the interior of your house is not spoiled due to the use of this product. Thus, it is built with a stylish design that you would be able to flaunt with ease. This is not the kind of product that you would feel embarrassed to make a part of your home.

A lot of attention has been paid to the design of the nozzle. It manages to stand out yet appear integrated with the faucets. It is given the shape of a water drop, which not only is appealing in terms of style but also makes it easier for you to switch between the Mist and Saver modes.

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Altered Nozzle UsageThe nozzle proves to be a great option as it saves quite a bit of water and prevents wasting it. However, the matter goes deeper. As the nozzle saves up to 98% of water, it also saves energy and emissions which are required to heat and transport the water. This is not only great for the environment but economical as well. For an average household, the saving can be as much as $255 in a year. Therefore, the product that costs you around $42 would neutralize the amount you had to utilize in purchasing it within a couple of months and would save you much more.

Selecting the nozzle you like

You will find plenty of choices in terms of size and color of the nozzle. You can opt for the chrome, brass, blue, white or gold nozzle. It is available in standard, junior, and Tom Thumb size. You should select the one that is suitable for your faucet.

The installation is not a protracted task and takes as little as 30 seconds. Thus, with a little bit of money and time, you would be able to install something that would enable you to save quite a bit.

Should the average working Joe use Altered:Nozzle?

This is a great gadget that everyone should have. You shouldn’t worry if you have financial issues, because this item will help you save a lot more than what you will spend on it. So we encourage you to get it as soon as possible.

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