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Ari Shaffir’s Net Worth

Ari Shaffir is an actor, podcaster, comedian, producer, and writer. He is best known for the Comedy Central series “This Is Not Happening”, which he hosted between 2015 and 2016. Also, he is the creator and executive producer of the show. He also hosts the podcast “Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank” and co-hosts the podcast “Punch Drunk Sport” with fellow comedians Jayson Thibault and Sam Tripoli.

Shaffir is known also for the stand-up comedy specials “Ari Sahffir: Paid Regular” (2015) and “Ari Shaffir: Double Negative”, that he produced. He appeared in the movies “West Side Stories” in 2012, “Keeping Up with the Joneses” in 2016, and “Reeling in Reality” in 2005.

What is Ari Shaffir’s net worth?

At the time this article is written, the comedian Aru Shaffir has a net worth of $600,000.

Childhood and teenage years

Ari David Shaffir was born in New York City on February 12, 1974. His mother’s is Merryl and his father is named Nat. Ari has four siblings and they all grew up in a Jewish household. Ari’s father is a Holocaust survivor who emigrated from Romania to Israel when the Holocaust finished.

Also, he changed his surname from Spitzer to Shaffir, and in 1961 moved to the United States. Ari was just a baby when his family relocated to North Carolina and when he was nine years old, they moved to Maryland.

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Ari Shaffir attended the courses of a Rockville high school and after that, moved to Israel where he studied sacred texts in yeshiva for two years. After this, he enrolled at New York City’s Yeshiva University. Here he was a member of the NCCA golf team. Ari Shaffir transferred to the University of Maryland during his sophomore year. In 1999 he earned an English Literature degree.


When he was in his early twenties, Ari Shaffir performed a single time a stand-up comedy on a stage at a sports comedy place in Northern Virginia, before he moved to Los Angeles.

Once arrived in Los Angeles, Ari was hired at The Comedy Store, where he worked in the cover booth, answering the phones. Eventually, Mitzi Shore, the owner, allowed him to work the door so he could see more of the comedy. Ari became a paid regular after around four and a half years from he started working at The Comedy Store.

Ari Shaffir appeared in the reality series “Minding the Store” in 2005.

Ari Shaffir CloseupIn the late 2000s, Ari started to open for Joe Rogan and toured together with Brian Redban, Rogan, Eddie Bravo, Duncan Trussell, Tom Segura, and Joey Diaz. Later, Shaffir became a regular guest on the podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience”.

Shaffir created “This Is Not Happening” in 2010. This started as a monthly live show and in 2013 became a web series. Later, in 2015 it became a Comedy Central show. Ari stopped hosting “This Is Not Happening” on Comedy Central in 2017, after three seasons. Shaffir was replaced by Roy Wood Jr.

In 2012, Ari released his first stand-up comedy album named “Revenge for the Holocaust”. During its first week of release, the album topped the comedy album charts on both iTunes and Amazon.

The next year, in 2013, Shaffir released his first special called “Passive Aggressive” on After that, in 2015 he released “Paid Regular” on Comedy Central and, in 2017 released “Double Negative” on Netflix.

Ari Shaffir began touring his show “Ari Shaffir: Jew” in 2019. It debuted at the Edinburg Fringe Festival.

Ari has performed stand-up comedy on different television shows, including “Conan”, “All Things Comedy Live” and “Just for Laughs”. Also, he appeared in the documentaries “Regardless: The Freddy Soto Story” in 2020, “Road Dog” in 2006, “One Minute Comic: The Rob Sampson Story” in 2016, “Transition: A Rose Blooms in Hollywood” in 2011, “Adventures in Comedy” in 2015, “Adrenaline Junkie” in 2013, “Chronic-Con, Episode 420: A New Dope” in 2015 and “Delivery” in 2014.

Ari Shaffir starred in commercials for Subway, Coke Zero, Dominos, and Bud Light.

Starting in 2011, Shaffir planned the annual mushroom festival “Shroomfest”.

Private life

Ari Shaffir wanted to benefit from stand-up comedy opportunities in both New York City and Los Angeles, so in 2012, he decided to become bicoastal. Though, three years later, in 2015, Ari became a full-time resident of New York.

Final words

With a net worth of $600,000, Ari is known to the public through his comedy specials and shows on Comedy Central, Netflix, or YouTube, but also as a frequent guest on the podcasts “Tom Segura’s Your Mom’s House”, “The Joe Rogan Experience” or “The Adam Carolla Show”. His own podcast “Skeptic Tank” is already over 10 years old and has recently surpassed the 500-episode mark.

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