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Last Updated on December 27, 2023
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As it surrounds your arm or wrist just like a real cuff, an armband tattoo is also known as a cuff by most people. The most common places where this type of tattoo is usually made are the lower arm, upper arm, thigh, calf, and biceps, depending, of course, on the preferences of the people getting it.

How Much Do Armband Tattoos Cost?

The average cost of an armband tattoo is anywhere between just $60 and as much as $600, depending on the complexity of the design and whether it is custom or not. The price will also depend on other factors, like the time needed for the tattoo to be finished and the tattoo artist you choose to work with. Furthermore, it isn’t uncommon for tattoo shops to have a minimum fee that ranges between $60 and $130, regardless of how small you want your tattoo to be.

You will spend up to $200 to get a full armband tattoo if you’re going for a simple design, while more complex works, developing a new design or using different colors for the ink will make the job take longer and will require a lot more attention from the tattoo artist, which will considerably increase the cost.

Based on statistics provided by popular tattoo websites, around 40% of people paid more than $300 to get an armband tattoo, and roughly 60% paid less than $300. Of those paying under $300, almost half paid $100 to $300. Those who invested over $1,200 for a single tattoo (that is, 8 percent of the participants), got a custom-made type of design by a first-rate tattoo artist over a big number of sessions.

Online searches will show you that most armband tattoos will cost between $50 and $200, depending on the design you’re going for. A star band will usually be the cheapest design, with a price of just around $50. There are some Aztec, Celtic, or tribal bands that may cost as low as $25.

Factors influencing the cost of an armband tattoo

Its size

It’s surely understandable that a bigger tattoo will take more time and supplies to complete, which will make it more expensive. A thicker armband design that resembles a half sleeve tattoo can cost even double as a small armband. Small tattoos are cheaper, although you shouldn’t forget that most shops have a minimum fee they charge.

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Its design

As we’ve already said above, when choosing a design or general style of tattoo, you can either use a personal design, have the artist build something custom for you, or pick a stock tattoo.

The cheapest option in this case will be a design that is already available at the shop, while on the other side of the cost range will be having the artist develop a design specifically for you. When it comes to custom tattoo designs, the time needed by the artist to finish the work as well as the complexity of the design will dictate the price.

Tattoo placement

Having one tattoo done in an area that is more difficult to access will usually cost more than getting it in an easy-to-reach location like the forearm.

The artist’s popularity

The popularity of an artist, the reputation of the shop, as well as the geographical area where they are situated will all affect their costs. As you’d expect, with more expertise and experience, the prices will also increase. Although they tend to cost more, Famous tattoo artists will also be able to create the most amazing designs.

The number of colors

Black armband tattoos or basic dark gray designs will be the cheapest. With every color you add to it, the final price will increase.

How much time the artist needs

More complex band tattoos will take the artist longer to complete. There are some types of tattoos that even require more than one session. In these cases, the tattoo prices will also be higher.

Additional costs to consider

The cost of your tattoo might increase as you go farther away from the standard, simple, black ink design. Any colors, complexity, and uniqueness you add to it will also mean added fees. Also, stock or generic designs are likely to cost less than unusual designs.

You will also need to use several products after the tattoo is done, to make sure it is properly hydrated and your skin recovers as fast as possible. If you experience any pain, there are some balms you can use to alleviate it and make recovery more bearable.

Artists will expect a tip of at least 15% of the body art cost.

Tips to keep in mind

Armband Tattoo For Men and WomenArmband tattoos typically consist of tribal and Celtic designs, flowers, solid armbands, barbed wire, vines, hearts, and even combinations of lettering, as the most popular choices, however, like any tattoo, the sky is the only limitation you will have when you think about what you’d like.

Given that the majority of armband tattoos tend to be fairly small, many of them will take less than 2 hours.

Do you lack inspiration and need some tattoo ideas when picking an armband design? Try Instagram, as it has thousands of designs to pick from. Tattoo-Journal also has articles on the significance of the tattoo.

How can you save some money?

Talk with a couple of artists around you to see what they charge and what type of work they have actually carried out in the past. While prices must be an important factor, it should not be the aspect that will influence your choice, as you will usually get what you spend for. Aside from the prices, try to pay attention to the cleanliness of the studio, the credibility of the artist, and the testimonials you can find online.


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