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Article Builder is an appealing option that you have if you want to get quality articles for your blogs or websites on various topics.

What is the Article Builder?

The Article Builder basically serves to provide you with articles of profound quality that are centered on the topics and keywords that you choose. If you think that it is similar to Private Label Rights articles, you are in for a surprise. This is because PLR used to provide all members with the same articles. While they maintained quality, the articles were not unique and as a result, one could not make the best use of search engine optimization. The articles were not useful even to build backlinks for your site.

Article Builder works quite differently. It creates an article based on the category and subtopic choices that you provide it with. Since it contains thousands of categories in its database and pulls information from millions of websites all over the internet, you can be certain that every article you generate would be unique.

Article Builder has quality as one of its main features. It ensures that you get an article that comprises of all the keywords you enter and is authentic, original and focused around your desired subject. Super Spun content is added to all the available topics so as to ensure you get diversity in the content that is available to you. Therefore, all it would take is a button for you to generate readable articles of high quality in the shortest time.

You can generate multiple articles with a number reaching the thousands, yet you will find that they are at least 70% unique and bear no resemblance to the other articles.

Super Spun articles

A Super Spun article is an article that is in spin-formatted text, created by writing a single high-quality article and then having it rewritten using synonyms and phrases with the same meaning, creating up to twenty-five new texts, all unique. The thought structure of the articles remains the same, yet they will have little to no resemblance one to the other.

The cost of the service

This is quite an appealing service if you run a blog or website since it enables you to get your content optimized with a lot of ease. The Article Builder would cost you around $197 per year, which is very cheap, considering that you are paying around 55 cents for a single day. This means that if you create and post just one article each day, you will only pay 55 cents daily for your content, regardless of the number of words or the complexity of the topic.

The topics covered include niches like weight loss, travel, search engine optimization, fitness, affiliate marketing, finance, and social media marketing among others.

Making the best use of search engine optimization

Search engine optimization has become a necessity these days if you rely on organic traffic for your website or blog. There are millions of websites, many of them covering the same niche as you, so to stay on top of them, you need professionally written content, optimized so that readers that search for the information you cover can find your website very fast. Even if you’re an expert on your field, coming up with daily ideas for new content and writing the articles yourself can be overwhelming. Article Builder is the help you need to keep your website fresh with new and engaging content that will attract people to your website and make them come back, and all this only at a fraction of the price, seeing that content writers will charge you anywhere from $1 to $50 for every 100 words they write.

Should the average blogger buy Article Builder?

If you have a blog or website and constantly creating content is overwhelming, then Article Builder is great for you. The articles created by the tool are safe to use on any website and will bring a lot of new people to your site. Remember to check the article before posting it, just to make sure that no grammar or phrasing errors have slipped through Article Builder’s filters.


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