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How Much Do Australian Shepherds Cost?

Last Updated on December 27, 2023
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Despite its name, the Australian Shepherd Dog is native to the western United States and not Australia, popping up around the 1840s. It is also called the Aussie because it is the happiest when it has something to do. The Australian Shepherd is an extraordinary family pet and its intelligence and energy can be well used in sports or in activities specially designed for dogs.

The Australian Shepherd is a medium-sized dog with a large and imposing head. It has triangular ears, and the eyes are in a combination of brown and blue. Some specimens may also have one eye of one color and the other of another color. Due to this, the Australian shepherd is also called “ghost eyes”.

Key Takeaways:

  1. The cost of an Australian Shepherd: The Australian Shepherd dog, often called an “Aussie,” usually costs $260-$2,000+. Prices depend on things like breeder reputation, medical records, and if they are fixed. Aussies are medium-sized, smart dogs with unique “ghost eyes” that are brown, blue, or both. They were first bred out West, not in Australia.
  2. Monthly Expenses: Food, grooming, vet visits, training, insurance, toys – owning an Aussie costs $40-$100 per month on top of the initial price. Their thick coats need lots of brushing to control shedding. Aussies also tend to have hip and eye issues that require pricier vet care.
  3. Is it a Good Fit? Aussies are very energetic and need daily activity and exercise. They do best with space to run around, not small apartments. Aussies like playing sports and learning tricks to challenge their bodies and minds. They can be wary of strangers but are typically great, protective pets with kids. With proper care, these dogs usually live 9-15 years.

How Much Do Australian Shepherds Cost?

The price of an Australian shepherd dog depends on many factors including the breeder, vaccinations, and registrations. However, the average cost is anywhere between $460 and $820, but there can be prices even as high as $2,000.

On you can find a wide range of price offers for the Australian shepherd dog, that start at around $260 and go up to $1,850, depending on the geographical location, age, and quality.

Also, on you can choose one of the many cute dogs with prices that start at around $375 and go up to $2,500.

If you are thinking about having an Australian shepherd dog as a pet, a more affordable option would be to adopt one. You can find one near you with the help of the website and the prices are anywhere between $260 and $570.

Factors that influence the Australian Shepherd price

Some Australian Shepherds are much more expensive than others, even though they might look the same. You might think that buying a cheaper Aussie would be more advantageous, but this isn’t always the case.

There would be a higher price for the dogs that are already registered and it depends on the type of package chosen by the breeder.

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Also, expect to pay more for a neutered/spayed Australian shepherd dog.

Also, a pet with up-to-date vet check-ups is more expensive.

Extra Costs of Owning an Australian Shepherd

Expense Category Estimated Monthly Cost (USD)
Food $40 – $70
Grooming $30 – $60
Routine Vet Visits $20 – $40
Pet Insurance $30 – $50
Training $50 – $100
Toys/Accessories $10 – $30
Miscellaneous $15 – $25

Aussies are one of the most popular dog breeds in America, with an average height measurement between 20-23 inches for males and 18-21 inches for females. This makes them a medium-sized breed that can live at home and needs to be trained to stay inside crates and kennels.

To find the perfect kennel/crate size for your dog, measure the dog first. Aussies can be a little taller when sitting so take that into account. A perfectly comfortable crate for a fully-grown Australian shepherd should measure 42x28x30 in length, width, and height.

In terms of the material it is made from, the best ones are those made of steel instead of plastic. The cost of a good quality crate is anywhere between $60 and $120.

If you need to have your pet shipped, be prepared to spend anywhere between $130 and $520, depending on the distance and the dog. But the shipping costs might be included in the price at some dog sellers, so ask about this before purchasing.

On the other hand, when you travel with your pet you must keep it in a crate and the cabin fee at most airlines is anywhere between $110 and $210.

The dog should also be registered with the AKC and have all the pedigree documents. The AKC is a leading organization that regulates all aspects of dog breeding and ownership. They offer easy online registration where prices start at $40 and go up to $85, depending on the chosen package.

Aussies have a high level of intelligence and a great temperament, making them easy to work with when it comes to training. They can learn almost any trick and can even become service dogs, sniffing dogs, or even competition dogs.

Some dog training schools and instructors offer both classroom-based courses and field trips and socialization to teach your pup new tricks. Some will charge by the hour (almost $25 per hour), while others ask for an upfront cash payment for a set number of classes, with a price of almost $750.

The Australian Shepherd is a large breed that can weigh anywhere between 40 lbs and 65 lbs for males and between 35 lbs and 55 lbs for females. You should know which is their ideal weight because you will be responsible for managing everything about your pup, including food/nutrition & overall health.

These dogs are often hard to keep fit because they eat so much, but if you know how much your dog needs per day and monitor its diet carefully you will be sure it stays healthy.

Costs for dog food are variable, depending on the size of the bag and its brand. For example, the price of a 3.3 lbs bag ideal for Aussie pups is around $9 and a bag of 35 lbs is almost $55, while a 4lbs bag needed for an adult dog would cost around $12 and a 22 lbs bag costs around $40.

Australian Shepherd in the snowThe body of the Australian shepherd is covered with a double fur of various colors (black, blue-black, red, brown, with or without spots), the inner layer of hair being dense and the outer layer can be slightly wavy.

The bottom layer of the fur is water-resistant. These features simplify the care of this animal’s fur – it will only need to be brushed once or twice a week to remove dead hair.

For this purpose, you can use a hairbrush or a wide brush with wire teeth.

This animal will change its dense layer, from the base, once or twice a year, periods in which it will need more brushing. Other tools that are good to have at hand in this regard are the comb and trimmer.

Grooming kits are an easy and affordable way to keep your pet looking good. You can get a high-quality kit for as low as $15, or an upgrade with more features for $20 to $40.

Bathing is not that hard for Australian shepherd dogs, though they should probably take a bath more often if their favorite pastime includes playing outside. Brushing before bathing can help you wash and shampoo your dog easier so it’s best to brush them regularly. The price of a 16-oz bottle of biodegradable dog shampoo is around $18, depending on the quality and brand.

Difficult and arid areas in Australia and the United States have tested the resilience of these working dogs. In the end, it turned out that the Australian Shepherd is a disease-resistant dog.

The most common disease encountered in purebred Australian shepherds is hip dysplasia. It is a disease that is genetically transmitted and is detected from the age of 9 months.

In addition to hip dysplasia, eye problems can occur that can lead to a total or partial loss of vision.

A regular checkup from the vet can help maintain your Aussie’s health, so be prepared to spend anywhere between $50 and $220 per visit, depending on the geographical location.

Moreover, in the case of hip dysplasia, you should budget anywhere between $1,600 and $8,000 for the treatment.

Things about the Australian Shepherd Puppy

Before you adopt an Australian Shepherd, you should know that this dog is very energetic and requires at least two hours of activity a day. Many Australian Shepherd dogs achieve high performance in dog sports (agility, music movement, obedience, and flyball), where they can use their physical and mental energy.

The Australian Shepherd is also used as a pet and to guard herds. It can also be used to guard cow herds. They can also be used as companions for people with disabilities. In the past, this dog was raised on the farm as a herding dog.

A reputable breeder will tell you that owning an Australian Shepherd in the apartment is not recommended because the dog needs space to move.

The high level of energy it has can be consumed only in a yard where it can run and do various exercises.

This breed can be raised among children, without causing any problems, because it is playful and obedient. The only condition, as in the case of other breeds, is to be taught from an early age to live in the presence of children.

We must not forget the fact that sometimes the presence of strangers can make them attack because they are very protective of the family and become violent around strangers.

The Australian Shepherd breed generally lives between 9 and 15 years. The average is 12-13 years. A female can give birth to 7 pups.

Australian Shepherd dogs have a great tendency to bark.

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