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Apples are among the most beloved fruits, but also the most accessible, being a natural source of health. Eating apples has many health benefits, these fruits being very valuable from a nutritional point of view.

Cultivated and eaten since ancient times, apples are still among the most popular fruits around the world, being eaten both raw and used in various recipes.

You can buy apples in bags of around five pounds from grocery stores or local apple orchards.

How much does a bag of apples cost?

The cost of a bag of apples is influenced by many factors including the size of the bag, the variety, the time of the year, and where you purchase it from. For example, during the apple picking season one pound of apple can cost only $1.75 and a large bag o apples weighing around five pounds may cost anywhere between $5 and $10.

At the time this article was written, you could buy a three-pound bag of Gala apples from for $13, plus another $6 for shipping fees.

A five-pound bag of Royal Gala apples can be bought from Costco for almost $10 and a five-pound bag of Honeycrisp apples for around $13.

At Walmart, you can find bags of apples weighing anywhere between two and five pounds. In the table below you will find the price estimates for different bags of apples that can be bought from Walmart.

Variety Price
Fuji $3 for a 3-pound bag
Ambrosia $6 for a 3-pound bag
Granny Smith $3 for a 3-pound bag
Gala $3 for a 3-pound bag
Jazz $5 for a 3-pound bag
Honeycrisp $5 for a 2-pound bag
US Extra Fancy Gold Delicious $3 for a 3-pound bag
Pink Lady $5 for a 3-pound bag
Red Delicious $5 for a 5-pound bag

Important things to consider

Bunch of ApplesSome of the most common types of apples you’ll find at your local grocery store include Granny Smith, Red Delicious, and Jazz. Other great varieties for picking up in bulk are Honeycrisp, Macoun, Golden Delicious, Gala, Fuji, Ambrosia and Pink Lady.

Apples are a great way to add some variety into your grocery store routine, and they’re often found in bags that weigh between three and five pounds.

Local orchards offer a great way to buy apples and try new varieties. You can taste all the different flavors before you decide on your favorite. Sellers often have slices from each variety for visitors who want more information about what type of apple might work best with their recipes or cooking style.

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Apples have a very distinctive scent. The best apples will not smell musty, and when examined up close they’ll be firm with intact shiny skin, making them perfect for snacking on the go.

Honeycrisp and Red Delicious apples are the perfect choices for cooking pies. On the other hand, Red Delicious apples are not recommended for backing purposes or applesauce.

The Gala apple has a reputation for being poorly freezeable, but this is not true for all varieties. Some apples can withstand freezing with no bad effects to their taste or texture.

In general, one pound of apples will equal four small ones, three medium apples, or two large ones. The average apple weighs around 0.40 pounds on its own.

It is said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and studies prove that this is as real as possible. This is because a regulated consumption of apples has amazing health benefits. An average apple has the following nutritional values:

  • calories: 95;
  • carbohydrates: 25 grams;
  • fiber: 4 grams;
  • vitamin C: 14% of the recommended daily intake;
  • potassium: 6% of the recommended daily intake;
  • vitamin K: 5% of the recommended daily intake.

In addition, an apple provides 2-4% of the recommended daily dose of manganese, copper and vitamins A, E, B1, B2 and B6.

Several studies have shown that average consumption of apples leads to a lower risk of type 2 diabetes. Specifically, the consumption of an apple a day has been linked to a 28% lower risk of type 2 diabetes.

People suffering from gastroesophageal reflux should not consume apples in the evening. Natural acids in apples increase stomach acid levels and can cause discomfort during sleep. Digestion slows down at night, so the apple stays in the stomach longer, gradually increasing the level of acids.

It is recommended to eat apples in the morning. Apple peel contains pectin and soluble fiber that stimulates the production of bile secreted by the liver. Bile is an essential element in digestion, so a high level in the morning will help you throughout the day.

How can I save money?

If you want to save some money on apples try to purchase them when they are in season. This usually starts into the first month of fall and ends once the fall ends.

It’s a good idea to check your local apple orchard before buying apples from the grocery store. Not only will they be fresh here, but at those places, you can get a better deal as well.

Bigger bags can save you money. As the bag gets larger you will pay less per pound.

On you can find some creative ways on how to use a bag of apples.

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