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Before talking about prices, we should take a moment and explain what bath fitters are, for those that have never heard of one before. A bath fitter is what we call the liner made of acrylic molded sheets, that is placed between the walls of the bathroom and your tub. Most people dislike the look of water-stained old tiles in the bathroom, so a simple way to fix these problems is to install a bath fitter on the walls that touch the tub, to give them an ongoing clean and fresh look. This brings us to the most important question: How much will bath fitters cost you?

As you can already tell, the price of the bath fitter is a lot smaller than the cost of replacing your tub and the stained tiles around it. You will find an average bath fitter price somewhere between $600 and $1,200, depending on the shop you pick. While you’re installing bath fitters, you should also look for other bathroom accessories or furniture, like soap holders, hanging rack for your shampoo, and other bathing products. They will cost a little extra, but you might be able to snatch a small discount for getting more items within a single buy, depending on the store you buy them from.

Bath Fitter Price Detailed

If you’re looking for a cheap solution, then you can find tub liners for around $600 to $1,000, but those will only cover the tub. If you’re looking for a more complex bathroom redecoration, then the cost of bath fitter and other accessories will be a little higher. Among the accessories that you should think about changing when you install bath fitters are grab bars, shelves for different products, a hanger for your towels, and even wall panels to match the tub fitters. Getting them all at the same time will probably entitle you to a discount, but it will also help you make sure you get all the items in similar colors and styles. Soap dishes are also an option for most people. Getting some or all of these accessories will increase the final price of your bath renovation, but all of them are necessary, so you will have to buy them at some point, so why not do everything in one strike?

The full price of redecorating your bathroom will greatly differ depending on your area, the type of store you buy them from, or the quality of the materials used. For example, a simple Google search shows one company offering prices around $1,295 for a simple corner shower with a small soap dish and the installation of the bathtub liner for $1,100, while a cheaper re-finishing company offers its bath liner install services for just a little over $650. We used and some other websites to get some general information on price packages, but there are a whole bunch of other online companies that sell the same services and products.

Remember that we only offer general prices. You might stumble upon different costs, depending on where you buy the bath fitters from and the brand you go for. The quality products are, of course, the most expensive ones, so if you opt for a well-known brand of bath fitters, you will pay more, meaning that some companies will charge you a starting price of $1,000 for quality products and their installation. It’s always a great idea to do your own due diligence and get a quote from the company you want to work with, either face to face or by phone, to avoid surprises and to make sure you get everything you need for the money you are willing to spend. There are a few companies online offering free consultation and discounts to first-time customers, so make sure you check them out.

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Redecorating your bathroom can be overwhelming, so be sure you have a plan. You should ask the company representative or consultant for individual prices for items like bath fitter, shelves, soap plate, and so forth, as well as a bulk price for a full bathroom redecoration, and then just pick whatever works best for you. This is the best way to get a list of prices for each individual product as well as bulk prices from all companies you talk to.

Some companies offer you the possibility of paying everything upfront with an initial discount, so you should check out this option, especially if you have all the money you need right from the start. Before paying from the start in full, be sure to check some online or offline reviews of the company you plan to work with, to make sure that they will do everything in the most professional way possible. You can also pay in cash to some companies, but if you do so, ask for a receipt or a written contract, just in case. Always ask for a discount before agreeing to a price. Some companies won’t give you a discount unless you ask for one.

Things to have in mind

You might be convinced that installing bath fitters is everything you currently need for your bathroom, but take into account that all the other accessories will need to be replaced at some point and if your bathroom hasn’t seen any renovations in a decade or two, then the renovation might be long overdue. Depending on the money you have available for this task, figure out everything that needs changing before even starting. Also get someone trustworthy to look for mold, degradation, or other types of contamination that would put your health at risk. Going through a bigger renovation all at once will not only save you money but will also save you time and unnecessary hassle.

Bigger problems like Molds, degradation, or rots should be taken care of before going into the aesthetic decorations and even before getting useful accessories like bath fitters or shelves. Your health comes first.

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Amazing Bathroom With Bath FittersIf you’re getting the accessories from one company and hire another one to install them, be sure that the products you buy fit all together and with your bathroom, as some of them might be really hard to install and not durable if combined poorly. For best results, if possible, take the person that will install your bath fitter to the store with you to help you pick the best products possible while staying within your taste. If you only need to add a bath fitter and you’re still thinking that it might be too expensive for you, remember that it can’t be more expensive than replacing your bathtub and tiles, which you will certainly have to, if you don’t protect them with a quality fitter.

It’s your money, so be careful

Don’t pay cash or all upfront if you aren’t 100% sure the company you’re working with is legit. The world is full of scammers that are looking for easily impressionable and very trusting people. It will cost you an important sum to add bath fitters alone, and even more, if you also add or change other accessories, so be sure you aren’t spending your money in vain and will get the most out of them.

You should find at least 3 contractors, if not more, and get prices from all of them, then pick the one with the best work reviews and the smallest price. Also ask for a portfolio of their work, licenses, insurance, and any other paperwork required by your state to make sure that you are dealing with the best of the best.

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Should the average working Joe add a bath fitter?

If you’re just moving into a place or need a way to protect the walls of your bathroom, then getting a bath liner is a great idea. It will save you a lot on future expenses and will protect your bathroom for a lot of years. That being said, be sure to do your due diligence and that you have the necessary funds for the project, as it might get pricey.

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