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Beyonce Knowles’ Net Worth

Beyonce Knowles Net Worth

Beyonce Knowles is the phenomenon of the last 10 years in music, but not only her success goes well beyond this. There is no award in the music industry that the artist has not won. She was named “the most influential person in the world” by Time magazine, “the most beautiful woman” by People magazine, and “the most powerful” by Forbes. It has almost no rival. Together with her husband, the rapper Jay-Z, they form one of the most influential and richest couples on the planet: they have a fortune of $1.16 billion.

What is Beyonce Knowles’s net worth?

Beyonce managed to become a global brand and works hard to develop her business. Her name appears everywhere: from famous fashion and perfume houses to Pepsi ads. At the time this article is written, Beyonce has a net worth of $500 million. She earns $80 million from her different endeavors in a given touring year.

Earnings highlights

  • 2000: $10 million
  • 2004: $20 million
  • 2007: $30 million
  • 2008: $55 million
  • 2011: $140 million
  • 2014: $250 million
  • 2017: $350 million
  • 2019: $400 million
  • 2020: $450 million
  • 2021: $470 million
  • 2022: $500 million

Early life

It is not by chance that Beyonce has become the queen of the music industry – Queen Bee, as she is also called. Born on September 4, 1981, in Texas, Beyonce has been singing since childhood when her father took her to various talent contests. Because she was a natural talent, she deepened her knowledge of music at school. And her sister, Solange, is also a singer.

From the age of eight, she formed her own girl band, Girl’s Tyme, which also included her childhood friend, Kelly Rowland. Mathew Knowles, Beyonce’s father, became the band’s manager, quitting his old job. The family’s income suffered a lot, and in the end, the singer’s parents separated.

Career beginning

Success came only after the band changed its name to Destiny’s Child, reduced to four members, and signed its first record deal.

Thus, together with Kelly Rowland and two other classmates, Beyonce founded one of the most popular R&B bands of the 90s. Hit after hit followed: “Bootylicious”, “Say My Name”, “Jumping Jumping”, and “Bills, Bills, Bills” were just some of them. During this period, Beyonce also started other solo projects and debuted in her acting career. Destiny’s Child underwent some member changes, but the success remained the same with hits like “Survivor”, “Soldier” or “Independent Woman”.

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Beyonce felt she could do more, and in 2003 she began her solo career with the album “Dangerously in Love”, an instant hit. It sold millions of copies and won five Grammy Awards. This is the period in which the rumors about her relationship with Jay-Z began: the two recorded the song “Crazy in Love” for the album, but they had also worked together on a song from Jay-Z’s album “The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse” from 2002 – “Bonnie & Clyde”.

In 2010, Beyonce stopped working with her father after she was heavily criticized following a private New Year’s Eve concert for Lebanese leader Muammar al-Qaddafi. Later, Beyonce donated the money she won to the victims of the earthquake in Haiti and fired her father, who had arranged the show.

From that moment on, Beyonce’s career has seen only an upward slope: hit after hit, award after award, and sold-out world tours.

Endorsement deals and businesses

Apart from her music career, Beyonce has obtained numerous lucrative advertising contracts, among the famous brands being Pepsi and L’Oreal. She also launched a series of perfumes together with the famous Tommy Hilfiger. For instance, in December 2012, the singer signed a new partnership with the American producer of soft drinks, worth $50 million.

The singer owns the House of Dereon fashion house, together with her mother, Tina Knowles. She claims that she takes care of this business down to the last detail and that she is 100% involved in the creation and promotion of the clothes.

Netflix agreement

In 2018 Beyonce has signed a $60 million deal with Netflix for three projects, and the Grammy-winning singer’s collaboration with the streaming service also includes her documentary Homecoming.

Real estate

Beyonce Knowles CloseupBeyonce and her husband, Jay-Z, have a very valuable real estate portfolio, with homes all over the world. They bought a 7-bedroom house in Miami in 2008 for $8 million but sold it for $9.3 million in 2010.

Also, Beyonce owns a house in New Orleans that is valued at $2.6 million.

In 2005 she purchased a condo in NYC for $5 million and sold it for $9.95 million in 2017.

In 2017 she and Jay-Z bought a mansion in the Hamptons for $26 million.

The same year they bought a mansion in Bel Air, California for $88 million, with a $52 million mortgage.

Moreover, they own a private island in the Bahamas that is valued at $4 million.

In 2018, American singer Beyonce became the owner of an over 100-year-old church in New Orleans, valued at $850,000.

When we sum up all these properties, Beyonce and her husband own a minimum of $150 million worth of real estate in the United States of America. It is possible that they have more properties abroad.

Other interesting facts

Beyonce drives a $1 million custom Mercedes that has a small laundry room and a $150,000 sound system.

When she’s not dieting, Beyonce eats at the best restaurants in the world. In addition, she has a personal chef who pays $7,500 a month and a dietician who is paid $4,000 a month.

Beyonce is a loyal customer of Jacob the Jeweler, which sells watches and jewelry that can cost anywhere from $200,000 to $1 million.

Beyonce doesn’t spend all her time in the homes she owns. She and Jay-Z vacationed many times in the Dominican Republic, where they stayed at a $19.5 million property.

The couple also visits Paris frequently. They stay in a penthouse at Hotel Le Meurice for $20,000 a night. Beyonce and Jay-Z also spend luxury vacations in Ibiza, Italy, and Brazil, the favorite places of the two artists. Their most luxurious vacation was probably the one aboard the superyacht Galactica Star, worth $73 million. To sail aboard the yacht, the cost is about $900,000 per week.

For Jay-Z’s birthday, Beyonce gave her husband a $2 million Buggati Veyron, a $40 million private jet, and when Blue Ivy was born, she gave him a sapphire worth $500,000.

Personal life

In 2008 Beyonce and Jay Z made their relationship official, in an intimate ceremony.

Before giving birth to her first child, Blue Ivy, in 2012, Beyonce suffered a miscarriage and was on the verge of depression. She said that was “the saddest thing” that ever happened to her. To overcome the pain, she returned to the studio and began recording a new album.

In February 2017, Beyonce announced on Instagram that she was pregnant with twins, her post receiving over 6 million likes in just eight hours, a record for the time. In July, the twins – a girl and a boy – were born, and the announcement was also made on Instagram.

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