Biggby Coffee Menu Prices

Biggby Coffee is a coffeehouse chain from the United States of America, based in Lansing, Michigan, specialized in serving a large variety of teas, lattes, soft drinks, specialty coffees, and snacks. There you can find a snack or a beverage to suit every situation or need.

Biggby Coffee’s motto is “B Happy, Have Fun, Make Friends, Love People and Drink Great Coffee” and this is the exact concept behind the business brand. Once you step into one of Biggby Coffee’s stores, you will be greeted by a friendly staff and offered delicious snacks and drinks in a cozy atmosphere.

The prices charged by Biggby Coffee are similar to those you can find at other coffee houses in the industry. But you can find out more about it by taking a look at the table below where you will find Biggby Coffee’s latest menu prices.



Americano Tall (16 oz.) $3.99  
Americano Grande (20 oz.) $4.09  
Americano Super (24 oz.) $5.69  
Americano 32 oz. $6.39  
Brewed Coffee Tall (16 oz.) $2.99  
Brewed Coffee Grande (20 oz.) $3.09  
Brewed Coffee Super (24 oz.) $3.19  
Brewed Coffee 32 oz. $3.39  
Cafe au Lait Tall (16 oz.) $3.89  
Cafe au Lait Grande (20 oz.) $4.09  
Cafe au Lait Super (24 oz.) $4.29  
Cafe au Lait 32 oz. $4.69  
Caffe Latte Tall (16 oz.) $4.69  
Caffe Latte Grande (20 oz.) $4.99  
Caffe Latte Super (24 oz.) $5.49  
Caffe Latte 32 oz. $6.59  
Cappuccino Tall (16 oz.) $4.69  
Cappuccino Grande (20 oz.) $4.99  
Cappuccino Super (24 oz.) $5.49  
Cappuccino 32 oz. $6.59  
Hot Tea Tall (16 oz.) $2.99  
Hot Tea Grande (20 oz.) $3.09  
Hot Tea Super (24 oz.) $3.39  
Hot Tea 32 oz. $3.79  
Iced Coffee Tall (16 oz.) $2.99  
Iced Coffee Grande (20 oz.) $3.09  
Iced Coffee Super (24 oz.) $3.19  
Iced Coffee 32 oz. $3.39  
Iced Tea Tall (16 oz.) $2.99  
Iced Tea Grande (20 oz.) $3.09  
Iced Tea Super (24 oz.) $3.19  
Iced Tea 32 oz. $3.39  
Lemonade Tall (16 oz.) $3.39  
Lemonade Grande (20 oz.) $3.79  
Lemonade Super (24 oz.) $4.19  
Lemonade 32 oz. $4.39  
Nutty Buddy Tall (16 oz.) $5.19  
Nutty Buddy Grande (20 oz.) $5.49  
Nutty Buddy Super (24 oz.) $5.99  
Nutty Buddy 32 oz. $7.09  
Premium Iced Tea Tall (16 oz.) $3.49  
Premium Iced Tea Grande (20 oz.) $3.59  
Premium Iced Tea Super (24 oz.) $3.89  
Premium Iced Tea 32 oz. $4.09  
Raspberry Iced Tea Tall (16 oz.) $3.49  
Raspberry Iced Tea Grande (20 oz.) $3.59  
Raspberry Iced Tea Super (24 oz.) $3.89  
Raspberry Iced Tea 32 oz. $4.29  
Red Eye Tall (16 oz.) $3.99  
Red Eye Grande (20 oz.) $4.09  
Red Eye Super (24 oz.) $4.69  
Red Eye 32 oz. $5.39  
Vanilla Bean Tall (16 oz.) $5.19  
Vanilla Bean Grande (20 oz.) $5.49  
Vanilla Bean Super (24 oz.) $5.99  
Vanilla Bean 32 oz. $7.09  

Tea Lattes

Flavors: Earl Gray, Cinnamon Spice, Chinese Flower, African Autumn, Enlightened Chai, Chai Latte, Chai Charger,  English Breakfast, Peppermint, or Pomegranate Oolong

Tea Latte Tall (16 oz.) $5.59  
Tea Latte Grande (20 oz.) $5.89  
Tea Latte Super (24 oz.) $6.39  
Tea Latte 32 oz. $7.39  

Creme Freeze Smoothies

Flavors: Chocolate Chip Cookie, Banana Berry, Mango, Orange, Pomaberry, Raspberry Zinger, Red Bull, or Strawberry Shortcake

Creme Freeze Smoothie Tall (16 oz.) $6.09  
Creme Freeze Smoothie Grande (20 oz.) $6.39  
Creme Freeze Smoothie Super (24 oz.) $6.89  
Creme Freeze Smoothie 32 oz. $7.89  

Favorite Lattes

Flavors: Neapolitan Latte, Mocha Mocha, Mocha Caramel, Mint Mocha, Caramel Marvel, Butter Bear, Sugar Bear, Teddy Bear, or White Lightning

Lattes Tall (16 oz.) $5.59  
Lattes Grande (20 oz.) $5.89  
Lattes Super (24 oz.) $6.39  
Lattes 32 oz. $7.49  

Hot Chocolate

Flavors: Mellow Hot Chocolate, Dark Hot Chocolate, Cocoa Carmella, or Mint Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate Tall (16 oz.) $5.09  
Hot Chocolate Grande (20 oz.) $5.39  
Hot Chocolate Super (24 oz.) $5.89  
Hot Chocolate 32 oz. $6.99  


Bagel & Cream Cheese $2.99  
Chocolate Chip Cookie $3.49  
Donut Holes $3.49  
Ham & Cheese Bragel $4.49  
Muffins $2.99  
Turkey Havarti Bragel $4.49  
Turkey Havarti Everything Bragel $4.49  
Yogurt Parfait $3.89  

For Kids

10 years & under  
Cup of Whip $1.49  
Magic Milk $2.49  
Steamer $2.49  

Brand history

In the beginning, Biggby Coffee was named Beaner’s Coffee. It was founded in 1995 by Mary Roszel and Bob Fish in the city of East Lansing, Michigan. The co-founders of this business met while attending a hospitality course at Michigan State University. They worked together at the restaurant chain Flap Jack as managers.

The first Biggby Coffee store was located on Grand River Avenue in East Lansing, Michigan, in a building that was occupied previously by Arby’s. Thanks to the great success of the first location, in 1997 Roszel and Fisch opened a second store in downtown Lansing, Michigan. Also, they opened a corporate office in Lansing one year later. This allowed them to have coffee presentations and sales of bulk coffee.

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In June 1998 Roszel, Fish, and their friend Michael McFall, who was originally hired as a barista in the first location, took the decision to franchise the coffeehouse and founded Global Orange Development, LLC. In 1999 was opened a third Biggby Coffee location also on Grand River Avenue in East Lansing. In the next four years, nine more locations were opened throughout Ohio and Michigan.

In 2007 the company was officially renamed Biggby Coffee because there were concerns that the word “beaner” is derogatory slang for Mexican people. The representatives of the company conducted brand research for around a year before this change and chose Biggby Coffee because of the “big B” in the logo of the company.

Nowadays there are more than 240 Biggby Coffee locations in 12 states in the United States of America including Indiana, Michigan, Idaho, Florida, Wisconsin, Kentucky, South Carolina, Illinois, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, and New Jersey.

Our review

Biggby Coffee Menu ItemsThe coffee house chain industry is extremely competitive, but Biggby Coffee succeeds to stand out through its authentic commitment to making your visit as enjoyable as possible. Their cafes are comfortable and spacious, with relaxing music that is not too loud. Also, the seating options are numerous, including breakfast bars, tables and chairs, and sofas. At some locations, you can even seat outside to drink your coffee if it is a nice day. You will always find a place there, regardless of whether you are heading there to get that report done or to chat with some friends.

Even though this is mainly a coffee chain, their menu includes a wide variety of products such as soft drinks, seasonal and specialty coffees, baked goods, lattes, muffins, cappuccinos, bagel sandwiches, espresso, hot apple cider, hot chocolate, and chai tea.

It is highly recommended to try their Teddy Bear latte, which is a combination of caramel and white chocolate and is very smooth. On the other hand, if you are hungry, you should try their turkey Havarti bagel.

The Biggby Coffee prices are similar to other coffee houses in the industry. For instance, a bagel sandwich costs around $6, a specialty latte is around $7, and for a standard coffee beverage, you will have to pay anywhere between $4 and $7.

Due to their high popularity, Biggby Coffee locations may get pretty busy, but the friendly and welcoming staff will do their best to get your order as soon as possible.

Biggby Coffee FAQs

At what time does Biggby Coffee open?

Biggby Coffee opens at 06:00 a.m. Monday through Saturday and ta 07:00 on Sunday. However, it may vary from one location to another. So, you should visit the company’s official website to see which are the opening hours of the location you are interested in.

At what time does Biggby Coffee close?

Biggby Coffee closes at 10:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday and at 09:00 p.m. on Sunday. But again, it depends on the location, so you should verify this information by visiting the company’s official website.

What is unique about Biggby Coffee?

Biggby Coffee is different from other coffee house chains due to the fact that their baristas offer a unique experience focused on brightening clients’ day and helping them in creating a life they love.

What did Biggby Coffee use to be named?

Biggby Coffee was first called Beaner’s Coffee.

Where was the first Biggby Coffee open?

The first Biggby Coffee was opened in 1995 in East Lansing, Michigan.

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