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How Much Do Bobcat Tractors Cost?

Last Updated on June 18, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

With their reputation for power, durability, and versatility, Bobcat tractors are popular choices for demanding agricultural, landscaping, and construction applications. But what’s the price tag for these rugged performers?

How Much Do Bobcat Tractors Cost?

New Bobcat tractor prices typically range from $20,000 up to $60,000 depending on engine size, features, and capabilities. Pre-owned tractors can run $15,000 to $40,000 based on hours, condition, and model year.

Bobcat manufactures three primary classes of tractors:

Subcompact/Compact Tractors – These small, nimble machines range from 17 HP to 45 HP for lawn, garden, and light-duty farm work. Models include the TT3550, CT1023, CT2025, and CT2035 starting around $20,000.

Mid-Size Utility Tractors – With 50 to 110 HP, mid-size tractors handle demanding tasks like baling, raking, plowing, and disking. Options include the TT7550, TT8550, and TT9680 starting around $45,000.

Large Utility/Row Crop Tractors – The most powerful tractors up to 140 HP take on the toughest agricultural jobs. Models include the TT140, TT240, and TT300 starting over $55,000.

Specialty/Custom Tractors – Customized tractors optimized for landscaping, roadside maintenance, municipalities, and niche markets start around $30,000.

Fastline.com lists a wide range of used and new Bobcat tractors for sale, with prices varying significantly depending on the model and year. The prices range from $10,900 for a Bobcat CT235 to $55,373 for a 2023 Bobcat CT5558.

Bobcat.com provides pricing information for their current compact tractor models. The CT2025 HST starts at $20,612, the CT2035 HST starts at $26,134, and the larger 5000 platform tractors like the CT5545 start at $40,206.

CarletonEquipment.com offers Bobcat’s 5000 platform compact tractors, ranging from the CT5545 at a starting price of $40,206 to the CT5558 at a starting price of $47,000.

BobcatCentral.com lists a 2023 Bobcat CT1025 sub-compact tractor for $16,000, highlighting the affordability of the smaller 1000 platform models.

JohnsonFleetandFarm.com features a 2023 Bobcat CT2535 compact tractor with a heated and air-conditioned cab, priced at $38,999 or $547 per month with financing.

Factors Influencing Bobcat Tractor Costs

Several important factors determine the purchase price:

New vs. Used

  • New tractors range from $20,000 to $65,000 from dealers with full warranty.
  • Used Bobcat tractors span from $10,000 to $40,000 based on age, hours, maintenance history and location.

Engine Horsepower

  • More engine muscle for plowing, hauling, and heavy implements adds cost.
  • Light-duty tractors start around 25 HP. Heavy-duty utility models go up to 140 HP.

Features and Attachments

  • Standard vs. premium trim packages and cab upgrades impact pricing significantly.
  • Basic utility tractors start around $25,000 while fully loaded models with premium options can exceed $50,000.
  • Available attachments like loaders, blades, and mowers add cost.

Where You Buy

  • Authorized dealers offer program pricing but charge higher premiums.
  • Private party used sales often yield better value for buyers doing thorough research.

Location and Supply/Demand

  • Tractor prices vary based on regional market conditions and inventory availability.

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Price Ranges for New Bobcat Tractors

To give a sense of real-world new pricing, here are some example models with MSRP:

Bobcat CT1023 Compact – 23HP, 4WD: $23,000 – A nimble tractor perfect for hobby farms, acreages, and tight spaces. Includes a loader and backhoe.

Bobcat TT7550 Utility – 75HP, 4WD: $48,500 – A powerful utility model equipped for demanding farm, ranch, and construction tasks with a 6′ mower deck.

Bobcat TT140 Utility – 140HP, 4WD: $62,000 – Top-of-the-line tractor with deluxe cab, advanced hydraulics, and massive lifting power ideal for industrial applications.

Bobcat Custom Tractor – 100HP, 4WD: $37,500 – A specialty model optimized for landscaping with turf tires, loader, blade, and closed ROPS canopy.

New tractor prices can vary based on current promotions, features, packages, and financing offers – check dealers for exact current quotes.

The Cost of Used Bobcat Tractors

For buyers seeking value in the used market, pre-owned Bobcat tractors typically span:

Subcompact/Compact – $10,000 to $28,000

Mid-Size Utility – $22,000 to $36,000

Large Utility/Row Crop – $30,000 to $55,000

Specialty/Custom – $18,000 to $32,000

Well-maintained low-hour machines less than 5 years old often sell for 50% or more of current new MSRP. Inspect history before purchasing used.

Bobcat Prices vs Competitors

Vs. John Deere – Bobcats are 10-15% less than comparable Deere utility tractors. Better price for performance.

Vs. Kubota – Bobcat compact tractors are lower cost than Kubota. Utility models are very similarly priced.

Vs. New Holland – Bobcat utility tractors are priced at a slight discount to New Holland offerings.

While not the most budget oriented, Bobcats remain competitively priced given their reputation for quality construction, longevity in the field, and excellent resale value retention.

Financing Options for Bobcat Tractors

Small Bobcat ModelBobcat provides flexible financing programs including:

  • 2.99% APR for 48 months
  • Deferred low payment promotions
  • Leasing programs with minimal down payment
  • Incentives for trade-ins and returning customers

Dealers may also offer promo financing rates on select models. Cash discounts may also be available.

Operational Expenses and Warranties

Beyond purchase price, owners should budget for:

  • Fuel costs of $2000+ per year assuming steady usage.
  • Preventative maintenance parts/fluids of $1500+ per year.
  • Major repairs like transmissions – $4000+ over time.
  • Telematics and extended warranty packages for additional peace of mind.

Standard warranties on new Bobcat tractors:

  • 2-year unlimited hours on compact/utility models.
  • Available 3–5-year extended warranty programs.

Factor in these ownership costs when modeling total long term investment.

Getting the Best Bobcat Tractor Deal

Follow these tips for maximizing price savings:

  • Consult multiple local dealers for quotes and available promotions.
  • Consider pre-owned tractors to save 20-40% over new.
  • Choose simpler models without unnecessary luxury add-ons to reduce costs.
  • Purchase at end of season for best discounts as dealers make space for new inventory.
  • Ask about bundled packages that group attachments and accessories for savings.
  • Utilize low-rate financing offers to improve cash flow and payments.

Doing research helps buyers negotiate the ideal match for capability and affordability.

Total Cost of Ownership Over Time

Over a 10-year timeframe, prospective buyers can expect:

  • $20,000+ in financing costs
  • $15,000+ in maintenance and repairs
  • $5,000+ in fuel

Though not cheap, properly maintained Bobcat tractors retain excellent resale value to recoup 65% or more of your initial investment.

Final Words

In the market for hardworking, rugged tractors? Bobcat models should be high on your list to consider. While not the most budget oriented, pricing from $20,000 to $60,000 buys trusted performance and longevity.

Taking time to research options, weigh features against cost, utilize promotions, and purchase from a reputable dealer allows buyers to maximize their investment in a Bobcat tractor. These machines provide lasting value and become trusted partners for tackling big jobs and thriving on the toughest applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bobcat make good equipment?

Yes, Bobcat has an excellent reputation for manufacturing durable, high-quality equipment like tractors, excavators, utility vehicles, and attachments. Bobcat’s line of tractors is highly regarded for their power, reliability, and longevity. Many Bobcat tractor owners report decades of dependable service. Their great resale value also demonstrates Bobcat’s trusted brand recognition.

How much does a Bobcat tractor weigh?

Bobcat tractor weights range from approximately 1.5 tons for their small TT3550 model up to over 8 tons for their largest 96 HP utility tractors like the TT9680. Compact tractors weigh 2 to 4 tons. Larger utility models weigh 6 to 8+ tons. Exact curb weight depends on specific attachments and configuration.

Who makes engines for Bobcat tractors?

Bobcat primarily uses engines manufactured by Kubota to power most of their tractor models. Kubota engines provide the torque, horsepower, and durability that Bobcat tractors are known for. Bobcat conducts extensive testing to ensure optimal performance of the engine paired with their drivetrain and transmission components.

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