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breast reduction

In an era where many women want a prominent bust and appeal to breast implants, a special category is confronting with serious health problems caused by too large breasts: back pain, muscle pain, spinal deformity by improper posture, skin problems caused by sweating, unable to sleep on stomach and also a damaged appearance after a certain age.

Reduction mammoplasty represents the surgery procedure of breast reduction. The first breast reduction surgery has been described in the VIIth century, and today is one of the most common plastic surgeries. The breasts’ size and weight can be reduced through various surgical techniques that differ mainly in two aspects: the location of incisions (and the resulting scars) and the gland portion (pedicle) maintained after the excess tissue is removed.

What is the surgeries’ point?

Breast Reduction aims to improve the breast proportions, position and appearance, contributing to local harmony. In addition, reducing excess breast tissue improves the quality of life, along with the elimination of macro mania symptoms – spine pain, shoulders, chest, etc. – and increases mobility. Like any plastic surgery, it is important to know what the patient needs to change, and surgical remodeling possibilities, to be in concordance with their expectations.

Breast reduction surgeries’ purpose:

  • breast reduction volume;
  • a breasts’ more natural positioning (ptosis breast correction);
  • areola reduction size and thereof a more natural position;
  • getting local symmetry.

When is surgery indicated?

Reduction mammoplasty surgery is strictly individualized, and therefore can’t be practiced to meet someone else’s desires or to copy an ideal image. The plastic surgeon, taking into account the patient’s wishes and expectations, will determine the most appropriate procedure for breast reduction. Often, this procedure has medical indications (when macro mania causes pain to the spine, shoulders, chest, or when the imbalance caused by the excessive weight of the breasts is causing deformities of the spine). On some occasions this surgical procedure is performed only for aesthetic purposes.

The ideal patient for this procedure is a healthy non-smoking person that doesn’t present distinguishable weight fluctuations.

Requirements that should be met by the patient:

  • large and heavy breasts produce unpleasant symptoms like sore back, shoulders, chest, neck, spine deformities, irritation in submammary fold (inframammary intertrigo), difficulty in deeply breathing;
  • difficulty in finding suitable clothes;
  • patient’s health is good;
  • patient’s expectations are realistic.

How does the surgery go?

In general, Breast reduction is performed under general anesthesia. The surgery lasts about 3-4 hours but may be extended, if it is necessary, depending on the complexity of changes.

There are many surgical procedures of breast reduction, differentiated by the size and location of the incisions, as well as depending on the excision method for the excess breast tissue.

The most common incision describes an outline like “a keyhole”, which ensures access to breast tissue. The resulting scar is similar to an “anchor” or an “inverted T” formed by periareolar paths, which continues with a median vertical scar, perpendicular to a slightly curved scar, situated under the breast (in the inframammary fold).

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How much does it cost?

Usually, the average cost of a breast reduction surgery is anywhere between $4000 and $8000. In this price, a set of fees are included, like post-operatory care supplies, facility fees, surgeon’s fees, anesthesiologist fees.


An average total cost – $6000

Split fees:

  • Surgeon’s average cost: $3000- $4000
  • Anesthesiologist average cost: $1000- $1500
  • Facility average cost: $500- $2000
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