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Last Updated on March 15, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

The Brittany Spaniel first became popular in the 17th century thanks to their appearances in paintings and tapestries while hunting birds. These dogs are known for being energetic, active, and sporting an athletic build which makes them a great outdoor companion when bird-hunting or out exploring nature’s beauty. They have also been known to have gentle dispositions who enjoy lavish attention.

How much does a Brittany Spaniel cost?

The Brittany Spaniel has a price that usually ranges between $500 and as much as $1,000.  Their price, as with most dogs, will depend on their gender, quality, family history, age, what’s included in the sale, and who you buy them from.

A purebred dog sold by an authorized AKC breeder will cost you around $1,000 while a mutt without any paperwork can be as cheap as just $400 to $600.

For those looking for a new puppy, the options are plenty. PuppyFind.com has close to 300 listings in their database with prices ranging from $500-$950 at this time of writing. Most breeders will be able to offer registration paperwork, up-to-date vaccinations, and vet visits as well as health guarantees when available along with pedigrees if they have them on hand.

The AKC Marketplace was full of breeders selling puppies. The prices ranged from $950 to as much as $1,300 on average. Breeders offered things like a hip and genetic health guarantee, dewclaw removal, tail docking, and deworming in addition to the usual things most breeders offer.

What should be included in the adoption price?

A reputable breeder should provide you with up-to-date vaccinations, registration paperwork, and a certified vet checkup that guarantees your dog’s health. They may also include things like microchip installation, spaying or neutering surgery, and food sample packs, as well as other related items to make sure you have a smooth start in taking care of the newly adopted pet.

Any additional expenses to consider?

A dog is a long-term commitment and can be expensive. They need to eat, maintain their health, get obedience classes, get vaccinated for illnesses like rabies or bordetella. You will want to make sure they have the necessities such as food bowls or collars which means you should plan on spending $700 per year on supplies – and a lot more if your pup starts getting sick.

Depending on the length of travel, a dog may have to be shipped through an airplane or by ground transportation. This process usually costs about $200-$400 and is not covered by most breeders.

To prevent their coat from mangling, this breed requires very little maintenance, but it’s still recommended to groom them weekly. A professional grooming session from time to time may be needed as well if you’re not comfortable with doing your own grooming.

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For a well-behaved pup that will follow simple commands, obedience classes are crucial to teach the basics of sitting, staying, and laying down.

Important things to consider

Adult Brittany SpanielThe Brittany Spaniel is known for its pinkish-brown nose and triangular ears. Compared to most dogs, they have muscular legs and shorter cropped tails. They typically reach 17-21 inches in height with a weight range of 30-40 pounds which means that this breed can be pretty big.

The Brittany Spaniel is a dog that features a medium-length coat of either flat or wavy hair that feathers out at the legs. The most common color for this breed is white, but you may find it in other colors such as liver and black, or tricolor with ticking patterns on it.

Friendly and intelligent, the Brittany Spaniel is a great companion for any family. Their kind personality means they are typically good with children and adults alike but not so much younger kids due to their high energy levels. They’re quick-witted too which makes them easy pickings for thieves or intruders.

The Brittany is a hunting dog with a high activity level, making it unsuitable for apartment/condo living. With an average lifespan of 12 to 14 years when healthy, this breed needs at least 30 minutes per day of vigorous exercise in order to prevent boredom and pent-up energy levels from getting out of control.

This breed of dog may be at a higher risk for certain health-related conditions, such as hip dysplasia and epilepsy. American Brittanies are taller than French Brittanies but they don’t have the same endurance that their shorter counterparts do. On top of these concerns, this particular breed is not hypoallergenic which can make them difficult to manage in households with people having allergy-related issues.

Is there any way to spend less?

Local animal shelters or rescue groups are often overlooked when looking for a Brittany Spaniel. But, if you’re willing to do some leg work and put in the time adopting animals from these places rather than spending thousands of dollars on one that already has its own home, it might be worth your while. You might even get one for around $50 if you’re lucky enough.

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