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Bruster’s Ice Cream Menu Prices

Bruster's Ice Cream Menu Prices

Bruster’s Ice Cream is an American chain of ice cream stores originally based and headquartered in Bridgewater, Pennsylvania, offering freshly made frozen desserts all over the eastern states of the United States. Their menu includes many crafted sweets and a large variety of toppings and options so you can pick between hundreds of unique combinations. And what is even better is that all of these are made in-house.

This ice cream parlor always has a winning recipe with its dozens of flavors which are rotated constantly. Most of their stores are offering only desserts, but there are some that have partnered with other franchises to provide some food as well.

Bruster’s Ice Cream won a lot of clients with its promise of real ice cream. In order to get an idea about how much you should budget for trying their products, we presented in the table below the latest Bruster’s Ice Cream menu prices.


Premium Sundaes

Toppings: Marshmallow, Butterscotch, Strawberry, Pineapple, Hot Fudge, Peanut Butter, Chocolate & Caramel

Turtle Sundae $5.69
Peanut Butter Cup Sundae $5.69
Regular Sundae $4.89
Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae $6.45
Banana Split $6.45
2 Waffle Bowl Sundaes – Limited Time $12.65

Cones & Cups

Sugar Cone, Cake Cone or Cup Small – 2 Scoops $3.24
Sugar Cone, Cake Cone or Cup Regular – 3 Scoops $4.45
Sugar Cone, Cake Cone or Cup Large – 4 Scoops $5.65

Signature Waffle Cones

Waffle Cone Small – 2 Scoops $4.34
Waffle Cone Regular – 3 Scoops $5.11
Waffle Cone Large – 4 Scoops $6.18

Create Your Own Blast

Mix-Ins Flavors: Crunch, Butterfinger, M&M’s, Snickers, Cookie Dough, Reese’s, Heath & Oreo

Blast Regular (16 oz.) $4.88
Blast Large (22 oz.) $5.97

Ice Cold Freezes

Flavors: Italian Ice, Sorbet or Sherbet

Freezes Regular $4.89


Hand-Spun Milkshake Regular (22 oz.) $4.89
Hand-Spun Milkshake Large (32 oz.) $6.23

Very Cool Kids’ Stuff

Kids’ Dirt Sundae $3.25
Kids’ Dino Sundae $3.25

Brand history

The Bruster’s Ice Cream story starts back in the late 1980s with Bruce Reed, when he started to sell frozen treats under the name “Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream and Yogurt”, which was a franchise. He spent his childhood around his parents’ restaurant, Jerry’s Curb Service, and opened his own business right next door. However, the first Bruster’s parlor was opened one year later, in 1989.

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Only after fifteen months in business did Bruce Reed start franchising and open stores in states such as Virginia, Alabama, Arizona, Utah, California, Texas, Connecticut, Tennessee, Delaware, Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, North Carolina, Maryland, New York, Mississippi, New Jersey, and New Hampshire. Nowadays there are more than two hundred independently owned ice cream parlors in twenty-two states, South Korea and Guyana.

Over time, Bruster’s Ice Cream expanded its products and services portfolio and started to offer a portable sundae bar, catering, and cake delivery. Bruster’s offers more than one hundred and seventy exclusive recipes and more than one hundred and fifty ice cream flavors. You can find at least twenty-four of these in their stores every day, for sure. The customers’ favorites are Strawberry, Chocolate, and Vanilla.

Our review

Bruster's Ice Cream Menu ItemsBruster’s Ice Cream prepares everything fresh, every day, from the waffle cones to the ice creams. Their menu includes classic cones, cakes, splits, pies, sundaes, and shakes. Also, they offer many weird items such as the “Dirt Sundae” which is vanilla with a gummy worm and a crumbled Oreo, or the “Dino Sundae” which comes with a cookie shaped like a dinosaur sticking out.

Bruster’s Ice Cream is very family-friendly thanks to items like these. Also, they offer cakes for special occasions and birthday cakes. For those who have diet restrictions, like “Fat-Free” or “No Sugar Added”, they have an assortment of non-diary ices and sorbets. There is something for everyone, regardless of age, thanks to their seasonal items rotating through.

This restaurant prides itself on making ice cream with care using the best possible products and a lot of dedication, fresh ingredients, hygiene, and cleanliness. They prepare twenty-four of their flavors every day, including some out-of-ordinary ones such as “Death by Chocolate”, “Black Raspberry Cheesecake”, “Cotton Candy Explosion” and “Cherry Cordial”.

You will have to wait for your order the same as you would have to wait in most other fast-casual restaurants. The price for most treats is less than $8, but there are always coupons floating around so you can get a good deal whenever you feel like eating ice cream.

Bruster’s Ice Cream FAQs

At what time does Bruster’s Ice Cream open?

Most Bruster’s Ice Cream locations open at 11:00 a.m. Monday through Sunday. However, it may vary from one location to another. So, you should visit the store’s official website to see which are the opening hours of your nearest location.

At what time does Bruster’s Ice Cream close?

Most Bruster’s Ice Cream stores close at 09:00 p.m. every day. But again, it depends on the location and the day of the week. You should verify this information on the restaurant’s official website.

Why is Bruster’s ice cream so tasty?

Bruster’s ice cream and yogurt desserts are so tasty because are all made daily right in the store using a special milk-based recipe.

Does Bruster’s Ice Cream make its own ice cream?

Yes, Bruster’s Ice Cream makes its own ice cream in-house.

How many Bruster’s Ice Cream locations are there?

There are more than 200 Bruster’s Ice Cream stores located in 22 states of the US, South Korea, and Guyana.

Where is Bruster’s Ice Cream headquarters?

Bruster’s Ice Cream headquarters are in Bridgewater, Pennsylvania, United States.

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