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Buffalo Wild Wings Menu Prices

Buffalo Wild Wings is an American casual dining restaurant and sports bar chain with locations all over the United States, but also in Vietnam, Canada, United Arab Emirates, India, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Philippines, Oman, and Panama. They are specialized in serving mainly Buffalo chicken wings and sauces. However, their menu also includes “shareables”, burgers, sandwiches, salads, wraps, and grilled or fried foods.

Buffalo Wild Wings is also very popular among customers for its large menu of cocktails and beers.

In the table below you will find the latest Buffalo Wild Wings menu prices.

Food Size Price

Wings and Tenders

Traditional Wings Snack $6.99
Traditional Wings Small $10.99
Traditional Wings Medium $14.99
Traditional Wings Large $18.49
Boneless Wings Snack $6.99
Boneless Wings Small $10.99
Boneless Wings Medium $14.99
Boneless Wings Large $18.49
Traditional and Boneless Combo   $14.99
Naked Tenders 4-piece $8.99
Naked Tenders 6-piece $10.39
Cripsy Tenders 4-piece $8.99
Cripsy Tenders 6-piece $10.39


Buffalo Ranch Chicken Wrap   $9.49
Pepperjack Steak Wrap   $9.99
Classic Chicken Wrap   $8.99
Grilled Chicken Buffalito   $8.99


Southwest Philly Cheesesteak   $10.49
Bayou Po’boy   $8.89
BBQ Chicken Sandwich   $9.99
Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich   $9.99


All American Cheeseburger   $10.99
Cheese Curd Bacon Burger   $10.79
Buffalo Bleu Burger   $9.89
Southwestern Black Bean Burger   $9.69

Bar Food

Ultimate Nachos   $8.69
Chips and Salsa   $4.89
House Sampler   $12.99
Mozzarella Sticks   $7.49
Hatch Chilli Con Queso   $7.59
Mini Corn Dogs   $6.79
Fried Pickles   $7.29
French Fries   $5.59
Potato Wedges   $6.19
Buffalo Chips   $6.19
Beer Battered Onion Rings   $7.99
Big Twist Pretzel   $8.59
Cheddar Cheese Curds   $9.39
Crispy Jumbo Shrimp   $10.19
Street Tacos   $5.89
Chicken Quesadilla   $8.29
Buffalo Mac and Cheese   $9.99


Honey BBQ Chicken Salad   $9.99
Chicken Caesar Salad   $9.19
Santa Fe Salad   $10.99
Garden Chicken Salad   $9.69
Buffalo Chicken Salad   $10.49
Side Salad   $4.69

Sides and Extras

French Fries   $4.09
Beer Battered Onion Rings   $4.69
Mac and Cheese   $4.09
Potato Wedges   $4.29
Buffalo Chips   $4.29
Chips and Salsa   $4.89
Cheddar Cheese Curds   $5.99
Veggie Slaw   $4.49
Carrots and Celery   $0.79
Carrots   $0.79
Celery   $0.79
Chilli   $0.79
Jalepeno Peppers   $0.79
Pico de Gallo   $0.79
Queso Sauce   $0.79
Ranch   $0.79
Salsa   $0.79
Sour Cream   $0.79
Southwestern Ranch   $0.79

Sauces (side)

Salt and Vinegar Seasoning   $0.79
Sweet BBQ   $0.79
Bourbon Honey Mustard   $0.79
Teriaki   $0.79
Mild   $0.79
Lemon Pepper Seasoning   $0.79
Honey BBQ   $0.79
Parmesean Garlic   $0.79
Chipotle BBQ Seasoning   $0.79
Medium   $0.79
Buffalo Seasonings   $0.79
Spicy Garlic   $0.79
Desert Heat Seasoning   $0.79
Asian Zing   $0.79
Thai Curry   $0.79
Jammin Jalepeno   $0.79
Caribbean Jerk   $0.79
Hot BBQ   $0.79
Hot   $0.79
Wild   $0.79
Mango Habanero   $0.79
Blazin   $0.79


Traditional Wings   $5.69
Traditional Wings   $5.29
Chicken Tenders   $5.69
Naked Tenders   $5.69
Mac and Cheese   $5.29
Cheeseburger   $6.39
Mini Corn Dogs   $5.29


Chocolate Fudge Cake   $6.19
Cheesecake Bites   $4.89
Loaded Ice Cream   $2.49


Fountain Soda   $3.49
Red Bull   $4.29
Izze Sparkling Juice   $3.09
Bottled Water   $2.19
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea   $3.49

Brand History

Buffalo Wild Wings company was founded in 1982 by Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowery and was known under the name of Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck. They decided to open this restaurant after they moved from Buffalo, New York to Ohio and one day craved the authentic Buffalo, New York-style chicken wings. As they couldn’t find nearby a restaurant where to quench their lust, they opened their own restaurant where they served chicken wings, dozen sauces, and beef on weck. Their first restaurant was located on High Street in Columbus, Ohio, close to the Ohio State University.

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Six months after opening, another partner, Mark Lutz, joined the Buffalo Wild Wings team. Even though none of these three had any experience in running a business in the food and restaurant industry, the company expanded into a chain in the following years.

In the year of 1992, Buffalo Wild Wings started franchising by working with Francorp company and in 1999 the 100th restaurant was opened in Apple Valley, Minnesota.

Nowadays there are more than 1,270 Buffalo Wild Wings locations in the United States, Vietnam, Canada, Mexico, India, Philippines, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Panama, and United Arab Emirates.

Our review

Buffalo Wild Wings Menu ItemsBuffalo Wild Wings restaurant and sports bar is the perfect place if you want to hang out with friends and enjoy some authentic Buffalo chicken wings. However, if you are not a chicken wings lover, then you can choose between a wide variety of burgers, salads, sandwiches, tacos, appetizers, or even desserts.

During the happy hours which are available every day, Buffalo Wild Wings offers everyone the opportunity to taste some of their mouth-watering chicken wings and sauces along with the low-cost beers.

Also, the traditional wings have a special price on Tuesday all day and the boneless wings have good prices on Thursday all day.

The atmosphere in these restaurants is relaxed and casual. The staff is friendly and welcoming and does their best to bring your order to the table as soon as possible.

Buffalo Wild Wings FAQs

At what time does Buffalo Wild Wings open?

In general, Buffalo Wild Wings opens at 11:00 a.m. every day. However, it depends on the location and it is recommended to check the schedule of the restaurant you are interested in on their official website.

At what time does Buffalo Wild Wings close?

Buffalo Wild Wings closes at 12:00 a.m. from Monday until Thursday and at 01:00 a.m. on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Though, it depends on the day of the week and location. You should verify the closing hours of the location you are interested in on their official website.

Can I order from Buffalo Wild Wings through an online form?

Yes, you can order from the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant using an online form. You can visit their official website or download their app and choose what you would like to eat from their tasty menu. It is important to mention that this service is available only at some of the Buffalo Wild Wings locations.

Where can I download the Buffalo Wild Wings mobile app?

You can download the Buffalo Wild Wings mobile app from the Apple store and Google Play.

What are the wings flavors at Buffalo Wild Wings?

Buffalo Wild Wings offers a wide variety of flavors for their wings. These include salt and vinegar seasoning, sweet BBQ, parmesan garlic, and lemon pepper.

What is the most popular Buffalo Wild Wings sauce?

Buffalo Wild Wings has many sauces you can choose from, but the most popular is the honey BBQ, followed by the spicy garlic and Asian zing.

How many wings are in a large portion at Buffalo Wild Wings?

A large portion of wings at Buffalo Wild Wings contains 24 wings, while a medium portion contains 18 wings and a small portion has 12 wings.

Where can I use a Buffalo Wild Wings gift card?

You can use a Buffalo Wild Wings gift card at any of their restaurants. Just keep in mind that these cards cannot be used for online orders.

Can a gift card from Buffalo Wild Wings expire or lose its value?

No, Buffalo Wild Wings gift cards do not lose their value or expire.

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