Can of Spray Paint Cost

Spray Paint Cost

Spray paint is a user-friendly coating paint that is readily available in various tones, textures, and for different purposes and is typically utilized to coat wood, metal, concrete, and plastic areas.

Just how much does spray paint cost?

Typically, a can of spray paint is going to have a price of anywhere from $1 to $10 per can. The price of spray paint is going to boil down to the brand name, purpose, shine, volume, and color.

A can of chrome spray paint, for example, will be somewhere around $8 per can, whereas a metal spray will be less than $4 at the majority of significant sellers.

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At the Home Depot, for instance, spray paint can cost anywhere from $4 to $15. They use a range of spray paints from all surfaces, vehicle spray paint, basic function, guides, rust preventive, specialized, and decoration.

Walmart, on its main site, has almost every color and shine alternative readily available, with rates varying from $1.50 to $6 per can. The most popular brand name on the market, Rust-Oleum, retails for about $3.70 per 12-ounce can.

According to one AllThingsThrifty post, they had to spend about $3.47 at their regional Walmart and advised against acquiring it at a local craft shop considering that the rates were a lot higher.

With a lot of kinds of spray paints out there, we have made a list of the most popular spray paint types we could find online and you can check it below:


Type Average Cost (per 12-ounce can)
Chrome Spray Paint $9
Chalk Spray Paint $9
Brass Spray Paint $9
Crackle Spray Paint $9
Floral Spray Paint $9
Fluorescent Spray Paint $6
Glass Spray Paint $8
Latex Spray Paint $6
Leather Spray Paint $11
Matte Spray Paint $11
Metal Flake Spray Paint $8
Neon Spray Paint $10
Plastic Spray Paint $12
Reflective Spray Paint $8
Rose Gold Spray Paint (popular color choice for crafts) $4
Transparent Spray Paint $9

Spray paint details

Some spray paints might come with some specific accessories, like a straw, to aid painters to coat small holes or corners. There might also be various tips provided that enable the user to spray in various strokes and designs.

Spray paint will typically be available in 10, 12, or 16-ounce cans.

Like paint in a can, spray paints can be found in essentially every color possible. Popular colors and schemes can be seen on Rustoleum.com.

Sheens can be either flat, gloss, matte, satin, semi-gloss, or high gloss.

Popular brand names that you can find at many merchants will be Rust-Oleum, Valspar, and Krylon.

Any additional expenses to expect?

Before you paint your desired item or an area of an object, you will have to cover the location to avoid getting paint on other products you are not painting. This might mean floor covering and/or painter’s tape.

You have to also get and use paint thinner to remove all traces of paints from your hands. Paint thinner is also helpful when an unexpected mistake has actually occurred.

While optional, an aerosol spray tool can aid to make the task much easier. An aerosol tool will have a price that will start at $4 and go up to $11 and can aid you to cover the painted item equally.

Specialty paints, such as a metal color, might cost more than the average can of spray paint.

Any tips to keep in mind?

Spray Paint For GrafittiYou should try to determine what type of object you will coat. The product you are painting and the preferred texture and surface will tell you the kind of paint you have to use.

Follow the directions written on the back of the spray paint can. Following appropriate painting strokes offers you the very best results.

Carefully remove the tape when the paint is already dry to prevent scratching some parts of the painted location.

Cover the things 3 times; this is the standard guideline when it comes to spray paint.

Spray paint can possibly damage the item being painted. You should first try the paint on a small piece of the product first to ensure there are no negative results.

When utilizing spray paint, it is best to do it outside to prevent direct exposure to the chemicals. If doing it outdoors is not possible, you should do it in an open space that offers good airflow, and you must also use a protective mask so you do not inhale the fumes.

The size of the area which can be covered by one can of spray paint will differ from 18 to 25 square feet. This will be determined by a couple of things. First off, the color of the product you are painting compared to the color of the spray paint. A light-colored paint being utilized on a dark-colored product will need additional coats. Another aspect is the product that you are painting given that various products react in a different way to spray paint. Lastly, the quality of the spray paint might determine the area that can be covered.

Depending upon the surface area and the kind of paint you’re utilizing, it can take up to 10 minutes for spray paint to dry before you either use another coat or touch the product.

Is there any way to save some money?

Rather than purchasing junk newspapers, think about utilizing neglected document papers or old papers available in your home. This will aid you to save some money when it comes to a small makeshift tarpaulin.

You should go to paint shops in your city and check out the rates. Not all paint shops will have the very same rate on a particular brand name. If you do not have time to check out a shop, compare the rates online. All shops will have differing rates.

Do not be cheap with your spray paint as the less expensive dollar cans might need more than a couple of coats when compared to a higher quality product. Dollar shop spray paint cans are usually great for those who are doing stencils.

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