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Cannes Film Festival Ticket Price

Last Updated on December 29, 2023
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Have you always wanted to walk among celebrities and film directors at the Cannes Film Festival even though you aren’t a celebrity yourself? Is there any way for us, normal people, to walk among the stars at this event? We took it upon ourselves to find out exactly how can non-celebrities get the highly sought-after tickets to the world’s most prestigious event in the eyes of many. Below you will find the price of admission to the Cannes Film Festival and what to do once you’re inside.

Can You Get Into the Cannes Film Festival? How Much Would The Tickets Cost?

If you want to search for the tickets online yourself, at first you will get hit by a few websites that will explain how this is an event dedicated to celebrities and how it will be impossible for you to get inside. If you have the patience to get through these websites, you will find companies that are willing to sell big chunks of the Cannes experience, including the opening ceremony, closing ceremony, and all the parties in between. You can even get tickets to walk among stars on the red carpet.

Before we talk about the actual Cannes ticket prices, you can try your luck and go directly on the red carpet, in the hopes that you will be accepted inside.

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Local reporters from Akommo actually managed to get inside for free, just by flaunting their nice-looking clothes. Keep in mind that they are reporters, so they might be a little above the average Joe, but they still managed to get inside without a ticket, and this is how they did it:

The first thing they did was to dress up as nicely as they thought was possible. They went for the classic black tie for men and ball gown for women. Then, they went right up to the entrance of the Palais des Festivals and played the waiting game. The film directors and actors are the ones that get most of the tickets, a certain amount for each celebrity. They will have to use all of the tickets they receive, or else they can get penalized. This is your best opportunity of landing a free ride inside the festival. It happens from time to time that they will give whatever tickets they have left to individuals that are dressed sharply enough right on the red carpet or around the entrance. Some even resort to making signs that say “one ticket please” in the hopes of getting picked faster.

What Can You Do Once Inside the Cannes Film Festival?

OK, so you did it! You found your way inside! The rush of joy slowly fades away. What should you do next? You will have to make sure that you follow all of the strict rules for a prestigious event like this. This means that you will have to keep a low profile, not stress out any of the stars, and especially not drink until you pass out.

You should also know that selfies are now fully banned on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet and inside the Palais des Festivals. This is a rule since selfies were delaying the stars from entering the event. It would be safer for you to just keep your phone inside your pocket on the red carpet and all throughout the Cannes Festival experience.

Now for the money can buy anything part

A great example is VipConcierge, A company that offers deals specifically built around famous events like the Cannes Film Festival. Although they do state that they can get you tickets for either a day, a weekend, or the whole festival, their website doesn’t feature any information regarding the prices of these tickets.

Cannes Film Festival Red CarpetOn the other hand, Cornucopia Events has a full list of prices for tickets to different parts of the festival. For example, You can get a Film pass for Marche de Film, and all participating cinemas screening premieres at the Cannes Film Festival for around $3,900 per attending person. Everything except for the Palais de Festival entrance will be included.

Cornucopia Events will also provide tickets that would enable you to participate in the Cannes Film Festival opening ceremony, which are priced between $5,900 and $8,500 depending on the seating and any inclusions you get.

If you want to attend the Cannes Film Festival closing ceremony, then you will have to pay anywhere between $4,600 and $7,100, depending on the seating. For the official Film Festival Badge Credentials, you will have to pay around $7,100 per person.

Cornucopia Events also provides tickets to the celebrity parties that will be held around Cannes throughout the festival. Attending one of these parties will be anywhere between $3,900 and $15,700 per person, but this is where most of the celebrities will loosen up and you are bound to come home with a lot of amazing selfies.

This company isn’t the only one offering tickets to parts of the festival. In fact, Sincura Group, for example, Sells tickets to the Cannes Film Festival opening or closing ceremonies priced at around $7,300 each if you don’t want to attend the afterparties, or $11,400 if you don’t want to miss the afterparties. They also have a package for your very own paparazzi team, if you’re into the celebrity experience. This package will cost you around $2,100 but will guarantee that you will have a multitude of pictures on and around the red carpet.

These aren’t the only companies willing to sell the experience of the Cannes Film Festival, so make sure you do your due diligence before picking out the best package for you.

What to Do if You Can’t Get In

If you don’t have the money for a more expensive experience and our little trick of getting free tickets won’t work, there are still a lot of things you can do. You can still enjoy the whole Cannes Film Festival experience by going to these other events:

Cannes General TV Screenings

Everyone can get close to the red carpet to see the stars up close. And if for some reason you can’t get close enough, there will be giant TV screens that will show you all of the action live. You won’t be on the red carpet with the stars, but you will still be close enough to see them (most of the time).

If you want to get a spot closer to the red carpet so you don’t have to imagine who owns the silhouettes and ant-sized figures you’d see from afar, then be there as soon as possible. Some people will be there a few hours before the event starts to make sure they get as close to the entrance as possible. It comes down to your patience level and whether you consider this experience to be worth the wait. not.

Cinéma de la Plage on Cannes Beach

The open-air Cinéma de la Plage on Cannes Beach will usually screen a film night after night, following a Film Festival schedule. This would be a great experience to enjoy the festival atmosphere without spending a dime. The Cinema de Plage is an open event and anyone can attend. This is where you will actually watch a movie from under the stars.

Celebrity Spotting in Cannes Restaurants and Bars

As a last resort, if no celebrities have crossed your path until the night comes, you can try your luck inside Cannes’ most popular bars in the hopes of seeing some stars trying to have fun. Some of the most known beach bars will even host exclusive film parties where actors are bound to pop up. Most of the time you won’t be able to get into these bars because the bouncer will stop you, but spend enough time at the entrance and you will surely spot a popular name trying to leave.

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