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Car Chassis Repair Cost

Last Updated on September 12, 2023
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The chassis of a truck or car is the internal structure that supports the body of an automobile and is somewhat like the skeleton of the vehicle. Like the car itself, the chassis is exposed to numerous roadway conditions that can break it, and leaving it like this can ultimately lead to a damaged chassis, which in turn, can impact the efficiency of the car on the road.

If you feel your vehicle is no longer as smooth-working as you were used to it being, then the issue could be the chassis.

Just how much does a vehicle chassis repair work cost?

The rate of fixing a car’s or truck’s chassis will depend upon the make and model of the automobile, the degree of the damage, if it needs to be replaced, the geographical place, and the mechanic repairing the vehicle. Usually, considering that there are numerous elements, the expense can vary anywhere from $1,000 for smaller repair work to as much as $4,000+ depending upon the elements pointed out above. If the automobile is in a major accident, for instance, then the expenses could be more than what the automobile is worth because of the damage done to the surrounding parts in the chassis.

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On ih8mud one member took on a discussion and noted that the frame alone will cost about $500 to $600, however, if you were looking to work with a mechanic, then the per hour expenses could be somewhere between $60 to $70 per hour. With a lot of jobs taking about 40 hours, you’re dealing with an expense of around $2,800 at a minimum.

According to one online forum member on, they were given a quote of $1,500 to fix and align their chassis.

Car or truck chassis repair work explained

Body on FrameThe chassis, as noted by mechanics, will be characterized as the bottom frame, however, it will consist of the transmission, differential, driveshaft, engine, and suspension as these parts are vital to the operation. Depending upon the repair work, in some cases, small repair work is all that’s required, whereas other tasks might need more complex repair work. Before a price quote is provided, a mechanic will examine the axles, the CV joints, and the driveshaft to ensure the chassis is the issue. Although the chassis can impact your steering, the power steering might be the place of the issue, not the chassis itself.

For example, the frame can be fixed while still fixed to the body of the automobile, however, if the damage were too complex, then the body will need to be taken apart to enable the mechanic to check the whole frame to see which parts will need the repair work, increasing the expenses by quite a fair bit.

Depending upon the degree of the damage, the engine and transmission will be taken out to leave just a bare frame. As soon as it is bare, it will be chemically treated to get rid of any debris, dirt, and/or rust present on the body. This also provides a much better surface area to make repair work on and/or weld. The problematic frame area, once treated, will be removed and a brand-new frame rail will be welded into place utilizing the precise measurements as the old frame. The frame will then, most of the time, be powder covered, however, this can depend upon the expert repairing it, and the rest of the automobile will be put back together.

The quotes noted above will usually include the labor and parts.

What are the additional expenses?

Some mechanics might charge an extra fee if other parts or repair work will be required. For instance, on WranglerForum, one member noted that you should be aware of other problems once the frame is exposed. This can include parts like the gas lines, gas tank straps, shocks, springs, etc; all of which can increase the expenses by quite a lot.

Tips to keep in mind

If there is only small damage on the chassis, have it checked early so the damage does not get worse in the future, resulting in more expensive repair work being needed.

Although fiberglass will not rust, it does not mean the frames below will not. According to, the end of the mainframe rails are frequently where most frames see the damage.

How can you save some money?

To save some money, get quotes from a minimum of 3 to 5 different mechanics or shops. Some might want to visually examine it, while others might be able to provide a ballpark quote over the phone.

In some cases, correcting the alignment of the existing chassis might be more costly than replacing it with a brand-new one. Talk with your mechanic to see if it makes any sense to replace it with a newer body. The majority of the time, they will say yes if the part is older than 20 to 25 years. Even if the existing chassis were reinforced, existing issues might loom in the future.

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