Car Laser Fog Light Cost

Laser Car Fog Light Price

It is a car laser for the fog which can be fixed on the back of the car forming a curtain, as you can see in the pictures.
The light is red and can be fixed above the license plate. The laser’s cable can be bound to the number light, to the fog taillight, or to the brake lamp.
This technology was invented by Audi but can also be installed on many other models. You can adjust yourself the angle where the light curtain forms.
It is waterproof, thermostable both high and low, and voltage is from 9v – 16v.

In bad weather like foggy or rainy days, you are also confronted with a limited visual range which can lead to traffic accidents in no time. With the new car laser fog light, your problem can be solved.
It is easy to notice it from a long distance, helping the driver behind you to increase their attention and keep a safe distance. Because the ray is on a slant, you don`t have to worry, it won’t shine in the driver’s eyes.
You can also use it as a steering indicator at night, as vehicles’ position warning but also it can help you a lot when you back your car into the garage.

The average price for a car laser fog light starts from $6 and goes up to $25.

Here are some technical parameters:

• Product Name: Car Laser Fog Light;
• Is Customized: Yes;
• Emitting Color: Red;
• Rated Input Voltage:9V-16V;
• Circuit Protection Test: Pass;
• Output Power: 200
• Beam Angle: 45°;
• Laser Wavelength: 635NM±5NM;
• Waterproof and Dustproof Rating: IP67 ;
• Working Temperature: from -20 centigrade up to +60 centigrade ;
• Warranty:12 months.


• It is easy to warn the back car to pay attention, to bad weather like rain, fog or snow, in order to avoid a collision.
• Its light is more clear and more powerful than the license light and the fog light. It is very easy to install and it will start lighting when you turn on the fog light.

Package List:

Don’t forget to read about the price to paint the car, align the wheels, and balance the wheels.

  • Anti-Collision Car Laser Fog Lamp
  • 3M Tape (screws contained)
  • Instructions (Chinese & English)

You can also get this gadget online from big e-stores like Amazon.

Installation instructions:

Laser Car Fog Light In Traffic1) Here are some alternatives so you can install your car laser fog light where you find it more suitable and safe.

  • You can install it parallel to the license plate light line (more recommended);
  • You can connect it to the fog light line;
  • You can also connect it to the warning light line;
  • Another option might be to connect it to the brake light line.

2) The second step would be to stick the 3M above the middle of the license plate.

3) In the next step, you will have to fix the light with the screw and adjust it so you will have the safety distance you want.

Should the average working Joe get a car laser fog light?

If you live in a place where bad weather is common or plan to take a trip with your car in such a place, then getting a car laser fog light will be a great idea. Its costs won’t set you back too much and it will help you avoid a whole lot of inconvenience. With all the collisions happening every day in traffic, this cheap gadget can help you stay a little safer. Not to mention the fact that your car will look like it’s from the future.

So this is one gadget we strongly recommend you to get, own and take with you in your car whenever you want to travel.

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