Car Rims Cost

Car Rims Cost

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First Published on March 17, 2021 | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popivker

Although vehicle rims come pretty much standard with any automobile that is acquired, a lot of drivers will choose to tailor their rims to fit their personality and the design of the automobile. The expense of rims will differ depending on the colors, the quality, materials, their size, brand name, and the business that sells them.

Just how much do vehicle rims cost?

Usually, vehicle rims can run anywhere from $90 for a lower-end low-cost steel set of rims to as much as $1,000+ for a higher-end racing quality set of rims. The costs can typically be greater than $400 if they are tailored to someone’s needs or made from a rarer material. The majority of the time, nevertheless, you should be able to get your hands on a good aluminum set for $200 or less. Fancier types, typically created for a sportier car such as Corvette or a Mustang, can frequently cost in the thousands. We looked into a few of the most popular finishes and included the typical rate inside the table below.

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Black automobile rims, for example, tend to be the most popular kind of rims acquired online. Rims made with a strong black color can frequently retail for $80 to as much as $350; once again, depending upon the elements we went over above.

Rims created for older muscle cars can retail for $115 to as much as $700. These rims can be more pricey considering that the majority of these rims need to be specifically purchased to fit older makes and designs.


Finish Average Price (per rim)
Black $100 to $280+
Bronze $105 to $300+
Chrome $150 to $290+
Gold $100 to $600+
Graphite $125 to $470
Gray $100 to $350+
Metal $150 to $300
Machined $100 to $175
Polished $110 to $350
PVD $140 to $250
Silver $125 to $325

Vehicle rim details

Rims are usually available in sizes that can vary from 15 to 30 inches and widths varying from 3 to 16.

Aside from the basic aluminum surface, other popular surfaces will be black, bronze, chrome, gray, metal, polished, PVD, silver, and titanium.

If acquired online, some sellers might also add lug nuts.

What are the additional expenses to expect?

Rims typically need to be set up by an expert mechanic, and a lot of specialists can charge anywhere from $20 to $40 per wheel. After the rims have actually been set up, many will include a tire balance either as part of their setup quote or as a separate charge.

If you are going to buy a higher-priced rim, think about getting a lock in order to prevent them from getting stolen. A great rim lock set will usually cost $20 to $40.

Due to the weight, some online merchants might charge a shipping cost.

If needed, the Tire Pressure Tracking System (TPMS), which will determine the atmospheric pressure in a car’s wheels, might be necessary if your automobile needs it. This sensor, typically, can cost $200 on average.

If lug nuts will not be included in the purchase of your brand-new set of rims, this can be an extra $30 to $60 for a premium set.

Tips to keep in mind

Car Rim ModelIf your vehicle is currently under a warranty and the rims have actually been damaged, think about contacting your regional dealership to see if they are covered. On the other hand, if the rims were damaged due to an accident, talk to your insurance provider to see if they can be changed.

If you wish to increase the size of your rims, make certain your vehicle can handle the new rims. Most of the time, many people will find that rims can trigger substantial damage if the size of the rims is bigger than the car can handle.

How can you save some money?

If acquiring rims from a regional store, look for one that provides lifetime balancing and repair work. Lots of name-brand chains, such as Discount Tire, will usually provide this kind of service to their consumers.

You should also check out sites such as eBay for second-hand rims. Getting rims that are already used is a fantastic way to save more than half the final price. Just make sure the rims have no noticeable damage and are not made from a more affordable material.

It’s recommended to check multiple sources before deciding on the regional dealership. From our research, the regional dealership can typically be 20 to 50 percent more than a local garage or online seller. If you have your eyes on a specific set of rims, think about asking a local store if they would have the ability to install them if you bring the set in.

If you just want a makeover, think about powder coating or painting the rims for a makeover. Powder coating can usually be more affordable, typically less than $200 per set. The same can be noted about a bent rim. If you want to change a rim due to the fact that it’s bent, think about having it repaired. Given that it’s a simple procedure, it can cost less than $100 per rim to deal with the issue.

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