Let’s see how much do cars and motocycles cost. Big brands of vehicles, parts and services you’ll need or want for your car and the places where you can get your car or moto fixed with the least expense.

Brake Master Cylinder Replacement

Brake Master Cylinder Replacement Cost

The role of the brake master cylinder is to transform the mechanical pressure applied on the brake pedal into hydraulic pressure. Hydraulic pressure is required for the brake calipers to tighten the brake pads and therefore to slow down the…
Bike Tune up Cost
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Bike Tune Up Cost

Bicycles need regular maintenance to function optimally. It is recommended that you do an overhaul at least once a year to clean, adjust and lubricate the bike. The recommended period for such revisions is spring, before the warm season, and…
Car Door Repair Cost

Car Door Repair Cost

During its lifetime a car will need some repairs and one of these have to be done to the doors. A car door has to be repaired because of many reasons such as a large scratch, rust damage, malfunctioning closing system, or a dent. All of these…
Car Horn Repair Cost

Car Horn Repair Cost

A horn is a sound device used to warn pedestrians or drivers of other vehicles that you are approaching. It is mandatory by law that any vehicle, regardless of its type, be it a car, truck, ship, or train, be equipped with such a device. Also,…
Monster Truck Cost

Monster Truck Cost

Originally created in the United States, the home of powerful engines and imposing cars, the Monster Truck is the ultimate off-road vehicle for which there are no obstacles. If in the early days of this branch of motorsport, in the '80s,…
Cleaning a Carburetor Cost

Motorcycle Carburetor Cleaning Cost

Cleaning the carburetor of the motorcycle is essential. Especially if its operation is not smooth or after a certain number of kilometers and at the beginning of the season. The carburetor of the motorcycle is the center around which everything…
Remote Starter installation cost

Remote Starter Installation Cost

The greatest invention after the internal combustion engine is the remote start of the engine. Especially in winter, on blizzards, snow, frost, etc. but also in summer, when the asphalt melts. Starting the engine remotely is a function of…
Power Steering Fluid Flush Cost

Power Steering Fluid Flush Cost

All drivers know that it is mandatory to change the engine oil at a certain time, as well as replace filters or brake pads. But not many people know that power steering oil is a part of consumables, so most people never change it. However, the…
Double Wide Trailer Costs
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Double Wide Trailer Cost

Mobile homes are quite popular in developed countries, especially in the US, where there is a real industry, from manufacturers of such homes to specialized transport companies in case you want to move, including the house. This category…
Vanity Plate Cost

Personalized License Plates Cost

Many people have already noticed in the traffic various personalized, atypical license plates: either with the letters stamped at a greater distance than usual ("separated" letters), or with characters that use a different font than the standard…
Coolant Leak Fix

Coolant Leak Repair Cost

One of the most common problems with a car is fluid leakage. Whether we are talking about a new or an old car, due to several factors, liquid puddles or spots may appear on the road, which warn us that something is wrong. If we notice a large…
Car Transfer Case Cost

Car Transfer Case Replacement Cost

The transfer case is a component of the transmission system found in 4x4 cars. The name even says what it does: it transfers power from the gearbox to both axles. That is, while a front-wheel-drive or rear-wheel-drive car has direct transmission,…