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How Much Does it Cost To Make a Low Budget Movie?

Low Budget Movie Price

So you want to make a low budget movie – it will cost you, depending on several factors. Usually, independent films are based on a low budget and made by new filmmakers that are still on the proving grounds when it comes to film production. Some films throughout the history have proven that low budget […]

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How Much Do Ski Instructor Courses Cost?

Ski Instructor Cost

Ski instructing is being paid to teach skiing. A ski instructors’ job is to slide all day long and teaching people how to ski or how to improve their skiing. PSIA, meaning Professional Ski Instructor Association, trains ski instructors in movements, techniques, teaching methods and modern technology. It’s the United States main professional ski instructing […]


How Much Does Cremation Cost?

Full Costs For Cremation

A human crematory is a specialized unit where bodies of people that have passed away are incinerated. This place may be part of a larger building or even a separate building. Cremation is a very old practice in the mankind history. Usually, the incineration process lasts between 1 and 3 hours and it depends on […]


How Much Does Limousine Rental Cost?

Cost to rent a limousine

If you want to go to a wedding or to a party, renting a limousine is the best solution. You can also rent a limousine for celebrating, in a unique way, different anniversaries or to make different surprises. You have to go to a wedding, a baptism, a party or why not to the prom, […]

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How Much Does Lawn Painting Cost ?

lawn painting cost

US state of California is facing an unprecedented water crisis, which imposed severe measures by the authorities. Locals appeared to not fully realise how serious the problem is until their front lawns yellowed and the governor imposed restrictions on water use, for watering lawns and fines. So people had to resort to another method, in […]


How Much Does An Accountant Cost ?

how much does an accountant cost

Accounting is the science and the art of business management, it deals with the measurement, assessment, knowledge, inventory and control of assets, liabilities and equity, and also of the results obtained from the activity of self-employed persons and legal persons. The accounting must provide chronological and systematic recording, processing, publishing and maintaining information about the […]

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How Much Do The World’s Most Expensive Furs Cost ?

Most expensive coats

On the first place we have the chinchilla fur. It is ranked as the most expensive fur in the world. Those sweet animals have approximately 20,000 hairs per square centimeter. So, for manufacturing a jacket it takes about 60 chinchilla furs, while for a long coat between 100-130 furs, reaching a cost between $30,000 and […]


How Much Does it Cost To Self-Publish a Book ?

Cost to self publish a book

You’re finally done! After many sleepless nights, a lot of effort spent in finding the right words to express your ideas – your book is ready! But there is another step: the publishing. First of all, you do not have to convince someone that your manuscript should be selected for publication. No one will ever […]


How Much Does It Cost To Start a Laundromat ?

Cost of starting a laundromat

There’s always a business opportunity in people’s need for fresh, clean clothes. So if you’d ever want to open a laundromat, how much will this actually cost you ? Right from the start you have to know that the whole investment will be anywhere from $100,000 to $500,000. You can always start a home-based, full-service […]

How Much Does a Point of Sale System Cost?

the general store POS system cost

POS System / Point of Sale system consists of equipment and software used by traders (shops, restaurants, fast -foods, hotels , exchange offices , gas stations, etc.) for transactions. It is sometimes called ” POP ” (Point of Purchase) or ” EPOS ” (Electronic Point of Sale). These systems are a new generation of cash […]