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How Much Does a Personal Chef Cost ?

personal chef cost

The concept of personal chef appeared in the US 15 years ago. Since then it has spread to Canada, UK, France and Italy. What should you do to get a personal chef ? Well, you call him and set the dinner’s details. For example, from what area you want the menu to be, how many […]

How Much Does Mobile Home Insurance Cost ?

mobile house insurance cost

Even though small houses can be built on a foundation, many people prefer to build them up on a trailer frame to make them mobile and avoid standard specifications imposed by municipal authorities to permanent structures. Mobile homes are gaining popularity rapidly in US and around the world, noticing the fact that they are offering […]


How Much Does it Cost to Open a Coffee Shop ?

coffee shop as a business

If you want a great business idea that will increase your monthly income and even bring in big profits without a huge initial investment, you should think about opening a coffee shop. But how much will a coffee shop set you back ? There are many aspects to take into consideration, regarding the initial investment, […]

How Much do Snow Removal Services Cost ?

Winter offers wonderful landscapes. When it’s snowing peacefully, especially during holidays, children are making snowmen, are sledging, but it’s also very exhausting to keep cleaning the driveway of snow and to break the hidden ice from under the snow. To avoid all the hard work you can buy power equipment or you can hire someone […]

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How Much Does it Cost To Become a Photographer ?

cost to become a photographer

Being a photographer is not for everyone. Although there are many who can afford a professional digital camera, or who can get contracts and customers in a short time, if you don’t have talent, dedication, passion for photography, patience and an artistic clear vision regarding a photo composition, all the world’s equipment are useless. As […]

How Much Does a Party Clown Cost ?

How much does a clown cost

What you did not know about clowns Clowns are the well-known characters found mainly in circus shows. They are easily distinguished from the rest through their extremely cheerful and colorful makeup and costumes, mostly composed of much higher clothing items than their day by day clothes: very loose pants, larger shoes, etc. The whole outfit […]

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How Much Does it Cost to Become a Pilot ?

cost to become a pilot

Learning to fly is not hard. People that used to have some of the most different jobs from all over the world have already become pilots. Although there are some exceptions, generally speaking everyone who can drive a car can aviate. The most important thing (which depends on personality) for a man who wants to […]

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Private Investigator?

private investigator cost

If you want to use the services of a private detective, then you’re probably wondering what the hiring costs will be. All over the US, the fees of a private detective may vary depending on the type of service and location. For investigators with extensive experience and training, expect to pay higher fees. The numbers […]


How Much Does A Luxury Phone Cost?

luxury phones

Mobile phones have become, for almost the whole world, a necessary accessory; exactly because they are so used, we did expect all sorts of models to be invented and reinvented, interesting and unusual, in eager rivalry. Mobile phones industry astounds, in fact, also through the rapid development and innovative designs. Mobile phones differ by brand, […]


How Much Do The Most Expensive Watches Cost?

most expensive watches

It is said that “time means money”, but for the luxury watch buyers’, you can apply the opposite saying, “money means time”. With 700,000 dollars, some people would buy a spacious luxury car, while others buy a watch. If you feel like you need something to make you feel unique and you have a few […]