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Reset a Ring Cost

How Much Does It Cost to Reset a Ring?

Resetting a ring is usually performed when it is worn out and needs to be renewed and refreshed. Another common reason to reset a ring is when the jewelry is inherited or you only want to change the design of your ring to match your style by…
Macy’s makeup appointment Cost

How Much Does a Macy’s Makeup Appointment Cost?

Macy’s is one of the largest retail stores, providing a wide range of make-up products and beauty services while keeping up with the latest trends in fashion and beauty. Each store has stylist professionals to come in and help with tips…
Permanent Jewelry Cost

How Much Does Permanent Jewelry Cost?

Jewelry pieces will rarely go out of style, especially statement jewelry. When people find the right one for them, they almost never want to take it off. Permanent jewelry is the latest trend when it comes to accessories, featuring lavish-looking…
Smiley Piercing Cost

How Much Does a Smiley Piercing Cost?

If you think you know about all of the piercings out there, here's a newer one you might not have heard of. We're talking about the smiley piercing. many people think that this is just a piercing on your dimples or cheeks, but in fact, the smiley…
Shoe Resole Cost

How Much Does it Cost to Resole a Shoe?

Shoes are one of the most important and often used items in the wardrobe. They will damage in time, especially the soles, and may need a resole. Shoes resoling is one of the most common procedures that cobblers do. This method entails replacing…
Goddess Braids Cost

How Much do Goddess Braids Cost?

There are so many braiding types nowadays that it's really hard to pick one. There are Dutch braids, faux locs, box braids, and so on. But it is enough to only try goddess braids once to understand that this is a look that you will simply love.…
Bubble Slides Cost

How Much do Bubble Slides Cost?

Bubble slides are a very popular type of slipper or sandal that come with a unique sole that is made of cushioning material like foam. This gives the sola the raised appearance of a bubble. Nowadays, bubble slides see more and more popularity…
Ivory Cost

How Much Does Ivory Cost?

The sale of ivory is prohibited in the United States with a few exceptions. Pre-existing items made of ivory, such as musical instruments from orchestras, furniture, and decorative objects such as firearms containing less than 200 grams of ivory…
Pants Alterations Cost

How Much do Pants Alterations Cost?

In recent years, the concept of minimalist shopping has developed more and more, and it means buying less, wiser, and wear more. This means enjoying more of the clothes that fit us well and creating representative combinations for us from the…
Cost to Get a Ring Cleaned

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Ring Cleaned?

Whether it is a very old family heritage or a recent acquisition, rings are the perfect accessories, especially appreciated for their beauty. However, if you do not take care of them properly, they will gradually lose their shinning and begin…
Hair System Cost
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How Much Does a Hair System Cost?

As more than 85% of men go bald even before the age of 50, based on available statistics, it isn't farfetched to think that throwing a rock at a crowd will likely hit a man having an issue with balding. Most people are looking for that one solution…
Sisterlocks Cost

How Much do Sisterlocks Cost?

The Sisterlocks are more than a hairstyle, they are a lifestyle that allows you to enjoy your natural hair. These are extremely small locs, that can be installed over a couple of days or more. How Much do Sisterlocks Cost? The average cost…