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Tongue Piercing Cost
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How Much Does a Tongue Piercing Cost?

Tongue piercings are generally done through the center of the tongue, although some piercers use a "tongue web" piercing that is under the tongue. It's a practice that dates to ancient Maya and Aztec cultures, however, it is getting an increase…
Rose Cost

How Much do Roses Cost?

Discover how much roses really cost and what factors impact their price. From retail prices to wholesale options, explore the options.
Industrial Piercing Cost
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Industrial Piercing Cost

Getting an industrial piercing is a bold way to update your style. But before heading to the piercing studio, it's smart to understand the typical pricing and factors that affect the final cost. An industrial isn't the cheapest piercing due…
Wing Tattoo Cost
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How Much do Angel Wing Tattoos Cost?

Are you considering getting an angel wing tattoo? Learn about the average cost and factors to consider in this comprehensive guide.
Back Dimple Piercing Cost
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How Much Does Back Dimple Piercing Cost?

Back dimple piercings have become an increasingly popular body modification option, prized for their delicate and eye-catching aesthetic. But before taking the plunge, it's important to understand the full scope of costs associated with getting…
Leather Jacket Dry Cleaning Cost
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How Much Does it Cost to Dry Clean a Leather Jacket?

Leather jackets add a classic, stylish touch to any wardrobe. But over time, dirt, grime, and sweat can build up on the hide exterior and inner lining. At some point, a professional dry cleaning is needed to keep your jacket looking its best.…
Fur Coat Cleaning Cost
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How Much Does Fur Coat Cleaning Cost?

Getting your luxurious fur coat professionally cleaned can be an expensive endeavor, but it's crucial for preserving the quality and extending the lifespan of your fur. In this article, we'll break down the average costs associated with professional…
Word Tattoo Cost

How Much Do Word Tattoos Cost?

Looking to get a word tattoo? This guide breaks down the factors that influence pricing, from artist expertise to ink colors and studio location.
Box Braids Cost

How Much Do Box Braids Cost?

Box braids are a timeless and beloved hairstyle, especially in Black culture. With their intricate braided design and versatility, it's no wonder box braids remain a staple protective style. However, getting professional box braids installed…
Armband Tattoo Design Cost
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How Much Does an Armband Tattoo Cost?

As it surrounds your arm or wrist just like a real cuff, an armband tattoo is also known as a cuff by most people. The most common places where this type of tattoo is usually made are the lower arm, upper arm, thigh, calf, and biceps, depending,…
Knuckle Tattoo Cost

How Much Do Knuckle Tattoos Cost?

Knuckle tattoos have become an increasingly popular form of body art. With their high visibility and the ability to display words, symbols, or designs, knuckle tattoos offer a unique way for people to express themselves. But before getting…
Lipstick Cost
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The Cost of Lipstick

Ballpark Price quote: $5 to $10 for pharmacy brand names; $20 to $35+ for designer brand names. Among the most convenient - and maybe most cost-efficient - methods to upgrade your looks is to purchase a brand-new lipstick shade. For a very…