A list of the best prices for appliances you need around the house.

Gas Furnace Replacement
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Cost to Replace a Furnace Ignitor

Typical Expense of Furnace Ignitor Replacement Property owners generally pay somewhere between $120 and $225 to have the ignitor changed on their furnace. If the system is still under its warranty, you'll only have to spend on labor which will…
Cost to Install a Dishwasher at Lowe's
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Cost to Install a Dishwasher at Lowes

Lowes, like other huge retail sellers such as Home Depot and Best Buy, provide dishwashing machine installation services, and as long as the dishwasher machine is bought straight from the shop, it can be set up by a certified Lowe's installer,…
Bath Fitter Price
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Bath Fitter Cost

Before talking about prices, we should take a moment and explain what bath fitters are, for those that have never heard of one before. A bath fitter is what we call the liner made of acrylic molded sheets, that is placed between the walls of…