Nose Piercing Price
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Nose Piercing Cost

After ears and navels, noses are the next most common places to get pierced. Most piercings of the nose are performed through the side of one of the nostrils. Although rare, there are people that want to pierce the cartilage separating the nostrils,…
The most Expensive Foods In The World

The Most Expensive Foods in The World

In order to please the world’s richest people, luxury restaurant chefs invented a series of dishes that only millionaires can afford, with a price range of thousands of dollars. Sometimes, the omelet made for rich men contains caviar and lobster…
The Price of The Elide Fire Extinguisher Ball

Fire Extinguisher Ball Cost

Unlike a regular fire extinguisher, the Elide fire extinguisher ball is not operated by a person, but it’s self-activating when reaching the flames. The wick, the ball’s surface, reacts to heat, activates the indoor mini-systems, and releases…
The Price To Get a New Roof

New Roof Cost

Replacing the roof of your home is a time-consuming task and its price isn't one you should ignore. If your old roof was destroyed by the wind, has rotten or has become unreliable due to its age, you should think about changing it. This article…
The Cost To Make A Will

Will Cost

The origin of the word testament stands in the Latin word testari and means taking testimony, to designate. A will is a legal and formal document by which a person called testate names one or more heirs, in order for them to inherit his properties…
This is the price of a home windmill

Home Windmill Price

The energy of wind is a form of renewable energy. At first, the energy of wind was converted into mechanical energy. It was used, since the beginning of humanity, as a mean of propulsion on water for various crafts, and later on as energy for…
Martial Arts Class Price
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Cost of Martial Arts Classes

Martial arts are forms of traditional fighting, a product of a historical culture, which include two major components: Technique – many specific physical procedures, applied for removing the opponent in battle. Spiritual – philosophy,…
Condom Cost

Condom Cost

The condom is the most common method of protection during sex and can help both partners in avoiding an unwanted pregnancy (as a method of contraception with an efficiency of 98% - if used properly during every sexual act) and in preventing…
The Price of The Foot Powered Washer

Foot-Powered Washing Machine Cost

If you live alone and you don’t have too much space, a compact washing machine could be perfect for you. What if, besides its small size it wouldn’t consume any electricity? Even if it sounds unreal, this device exists. It's called the…
Kangoo Jumps Classes Cost

Cost of Kangoo Jumps Classes

As you'd probably guess, Kangoo Jumps refers to an aerobic/fitness technique that is done with a special pair of sports shoes equipped with elastic springs. These moves that can be executed with the special pair of shoes resemble very much with…
Walk In Tub Cost

Walk-in Bathtub Cost

The walk-in tub was inspired from the clawfoot tub, dated from the year 3000 B.C. in Crete. This type of tub is called „walk-in tub”, „walk-in bath” or „ bathtub with door” and it is the perfect solution, in terms of safety and…
Indoor Winter Flowers Cost

Indoor Winter Plant Cost

Color your home with indoor plants that bloom also in the winter months. Among the cold season stars, we can include Poinsettia, Azaleas, Cyclamen. For some time, African Violet is more and more appreciated by plant lovers. Outbrave the outside…