How Much Do Weddings in Las Vegas Cost?

Las Vegas Wedding Cost

Most people have casinos and and gambling in mind when thinking of Las Vegas, but the city is also a world known capital of weddings. Statistics show that over 100,000 marriage licenses are issued each year in Las Vegas alone. How much will a wedding in Las Vegas cost? If you’re just looking for a […]


How Much Do Wedding Cakes Cost?

Wedding Cake Price

If the big day is closing in and you want to get a wedding cake, then you need to know that the price will usually vary depending on multiple factors, like the geographic region you live in, the baker you employ, the type of cake you need and the number of guests you’re expecting. Here’s […]


How Much Does Skydiving Cost?

Skydiving Price

Skydiving, a great experience Are you interested in skydiving but you’re afraid it might cost too much? Althought the final price is usually an affordable one, it will depend on multiple factors, like: Whether you’re going for a simulated skydive using a vertical wind tunnel or a real outdoor jump; Whether or not you’ll be […]


How Much Does a Stamp Collection Cost?

Stamp Collection Cost

Stamp collectors are usually fascinated by the history behind each stamp, the story that was behind it. In each country stamps will reflect the history, artists, culture, important events and known figures. If you sent enough mail, at least one stamp must have caught your attention, because of its great design or important event or […]


How Much Does Wedding Calligraphy Cost?

Wedding Calligraphy Cost

Calligraphy is an advanced form of writing, seen all around us, especially at weddings, from table seating cards, to program booklets and wedding invitations. We call  calligraphers artists that can produce elegant scripts on all kinds of papers, by hand, and the more elaborate the writing the pricier it will get. How Much Will Calligraphy […]


The Most Expensive Foods in The World

In order to please the world’s richest people, luxury restaurant chefs invented a series of dishes that only millionaires can afford, with price range of thousands of dollars. Sometimes, the omelet made for rich men contains caviar and lobster and can cost up to $1,000, a pizza with salmon, caviar and white truffle comes to […]


How Much Does a Fire Extinguisher Ball Cost?

The Price of The Elide Fire Extinguisher Ball

Unlike a regular fire extinguisher, the Elide fire extinguisher ball is not operated by a person, but it’s self-activating when reaching the flames. The wick, the ball’s surface, reacts to heat, activates the indoor mini-systems and releases the fire extinguisher’s substance. The fire extinguisher ball doesn’t require checks or maintenance for a period of 6 […]


How Expensive Is a New Roof?

The Price To Get a New Roof

Replacing the roof of your home is a time consuming task and its price isn’t one you should ignore. If your old roof was destroyed by the wind, has rotten or has become unreliable due to its age, you should think about changing it. This article will give you a good idea about the final […]

How Much Does a Will Cost?

The Cost To Make A Will

The origin of the word testament stands in the Latin word testari and means taking testimony, to designate. A will is a legal and formal document by which a person called testate names one or more heirs, in order for them to inherit his properties or to ensure the execution of his will after death. […]


How Much Should You Pay For A Home Windmill?

This is the price of a home windmill

The energy of wind is a form of renewable energy. At first the energy of wind was converted into mechanical energy. It was used, since the beginning of humanity, as a mean of propulsion on water for various crafts, and later on as energy for windmills. How is the modern wind energy being used? The […]