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How Much Does a Guinea Pig Cost?

Guinea pigs cost

A Guinea pig is the ideal pet for children. Usually they are harmless, but sometimes they can scratch or bite their owner. The Guinea pigs are very curious, loving and communicative. The average life span of guinea pigs is between 4 and 8 years. Guinea pigs come from South America. In the 16th century, Spanish […]


How Much Does an American Girl Doll Cost?

American girl doll cost

American Girl, the character doll, started from the idea of a gentleman that was looking for a Christmas present for his nieces. He found baby-dolls on which little girls could practice their maternal skills, teenage-dolls on which teenagers could reflect aspirations, but no doll looked like an 8 to 12 years old little girl. He […]


How Much Will Luna Lamp Cost?

Luna Lamp Cost

When someone asks you for the moon from the sky, most likely he asks the impossible. But what would happen if you could offer them the impossible … somehow ?! It’s not the real Moon, but it is the most suitable solution: a lamp that imitates the full moon and can transform your home into […]


How Much Does a Skateboard Cost?

The skateboards’ history is a rich one, full of innovation, but also of intrigue. The old types of skateboards were very similar to scooters. These devices appeared in the early 1900s. The first types had a dent in the deck and in the dent was mounted a rod that had a handlebar at its bottom. […]


How Much Do Movers Cost?

how much do movers cost

Movers offer you the opportunity to get professional relocation services, planned and organized, valuing your time and energy in an efficient and pleasant way. Whether you move a few blocks away or move to another city or another country, they cover a whole range of services. By asking their help you will have the certainty […]


How Much Does The Kopi Luwak Coffee Cost ?

Kopi Luwak coffee price

Kopi Luwak Coffee is produced in Indonesia and, what is most interesting about it is its method of preparation. Coffee beans harvested from the Indonesian plantations are ingested by the mammal called the Asian civet (a mongoose), which subsequently voids them intact. A laborious process follows, of washing and disinfecting, soaking, drying and roasting, resulting […]


How Much Do Polarized Sunglasses Cost ?

polarized lens price

We all know that the technology concerning contact lenses and sunglasses lenses evolved over the past few decades. Polarized lenses were invented in 1936 when Edwin H. Land began experimenting by creating lenses for sunglasses with Polaroid filters, patented by him. It is recommended wearing sunglasses on sunny days all along the year. What are […]


How Much Do 3D And 4D Ultrasounds Cost ?


The impatience to see your child, which grows along with the tummy, can be ” tamed ” by the images obtained using ultrasound. It offers to the future parents the first black and white images (or, more recently, colour) with their child. For doctors, the ultrasounds give the most valuable evidence that the fetus is […]

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How Much Do Swimming Lessons Cost?

Swimming Lessons Cost

If by now you are still not familiar with the swimming techniques, you should know it’s never too late to learn a few basic moves. You will have the opportunity to discover a sport that will give you an enviable physical condition and excellent tone, along with the beneficial effects on your cardiovascular or respiratory […]


How Much Does Wooden Furniture Restoration Cost ?

Furniture restoration cost

For many of the objects that tangle you today, that have become useless, that you no longer know in which corner of the house, garage or balcony to store, you might reconsider throwing them and give them a new life. You need little effort, some time, a little more skill, but in the end it […]