How Much Does a Swimming Pool Cost ?

swimming pool price

Most people who build or buy a house with yard also take in view a pool in the garden. The pool is an excellent relaxing place in the privacy of your own home, a joy, especially for children. With all the arguments concerning the swimming’s therapeutic effects and the comfort offered by a swimming pool, […]

How Much Does a Halloween Costume Cost?

Halloween Costumes cost

Halloween is a celebration with Celtic origins, that has been taken over today by many people from the Occident, and spread out in the United States in the XIXth century through Irish immigrants. It is celebrated on the night of October 31. The name comes from the phrase All Hallows’ Even, the name of the […]

How Much Do Therapy and Counseling Sessions Cost?

cost of therapy

When we are born, our parents, the community, our culture establish the themes, the subject and the story’s characters which we will take as ours. When we become adults, we have the opportunity to become the author of own script and direct our lives. For many of us it happens often to not being able […]


How Much Does A Wedding Planner Charge?


Wedding planners: How much do they charge and what are their services? Planning a wedding is a challenge for those without experience. In this domain you need organizational skills, business flair and strong negotiation techniques. Here, the role of the wedding planner comes into play. They provide a large scale of services, from planning your […]

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How Much Do The Perfect Fall Ankle Boots Cost?

2014 fall ankle boots

If there’s one thing a woman really needs to have in her wardrobe at the beginning of fall, it’s a great pair of boots. Whether you choose models with fur, laces or wedges, it is essential to have them and find as many combinations of clothing as you can, that fit you. No matter what […]

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How Much Does The Most Expensive Honey Cost?


Honey (from the Latin “melem”; in Greek, “μελιττα” means “bee”) is a product obtained by converting and processing bee nectar by bees and is stored in combs cells to be food for the hive population. Honey is the main purpose of the present and the past. Honey was the first sweet substance used by man, […]


How Much Does The Gravity Balans Chair Cost?

Gravity Balans Chair

Peter Opsvik, a well-known designer in his country, Norway, has approached design through both extremes, ensuring rational and functional design elements to his creations, simultaneously with the expressionism located in opposition with the first features. It is appreciated for his creations that reconsider sitting, through seat forms highly appreciated by the public, being the one […]


How Much is a DJ for a Wedding?

Dj for a wedding

If you want a great wedding and the music is the last thing you need to book, you may ask yourself how much is a DJ for your wedding.  Mostly during dinner or reception, couples like to hire a deejay to enhance the atmosphere and make people feel great. You need to hire a professional […]


How Much Does It Cost to Reupholster a Couch?

reupholster a couch

Whether you’ve found a very interesting couch that needs a fabric change or has been eaten by moths, or you have an old couch yourself that needs some retouches, you could always look to get it reupholstered to make it look almost as a new one. This brings us to this article’s most important question: […]


How Much Does It Cost to Reupholster a Chair ?

cost to reupholster a chair

Many people say that reupholstering a chair is very expensive. Is that true ? Let’s find out exactly how much does it cost to reupholster one chair, before you start working on remaking your home or living area. First question you should normally ask yourself is what kind of re-upholsterer will take care of the […]