Roller Skates Cost
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The Cost of Roller Skates

According to the Wikipedia site, roller skates were invented in 1743. Since then, they have gained popularity to a greater or lesser extent. In the 1880s, mass production began in the USA, it was also the period when roller skates experienced…
Ditch Witch Rental Cost
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How Much Does Ditch Witch Trencher Rental Cost?

Trenchers are an essential piece of equipment for many construction and landscaping jobs. Ditch Witch is one of the leading brands when it comes to reliable and efficient trenching machinery. If you have an upcoming project that requires…
Peanut Butter Cost

How Much Does Peanut Butter Cost?

Creamy, and crunchy, with a well-known sweetness or spread on rice slices, peanut butter is by far the most popular and versatile spreadable product; and the most delicious, some would add. We like it so much that it is an item that must not…
Ostrich Eggs
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How Much Does an Ostrich Egg Cost?

With their impressive size, unique flavor, and high nutritional value, ostrich eggs have an undeniable appeal. Their use in exotic cuisine, baking creations, and artistic decor speaks to their versatility. However, the costs associated with…
Crane Rental Cost
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Crane Rental Cost

In the past it was common for companies to invest in their own cranes but since they are expensive and most of them only get used sparingly this practice is less practical nowadays. This means renting one will typically provide more value than…
Roast beef Prime Rib

How Much Does Prime Rib Cost per Pound?

The priciest cut on the meat market, prime rib is well worth every penny you spend. Not only does it taste amazing but unlike other cuts, this one stays juicy and tender all throughout cooking times from roasting to grilling or steak-making. How…
Amethyst Cost

Amethyst Stone Cost

Amethyst, a semi-precious stone found in many places across the world, is basically a type of quartz. How much does amethyst cost? You will usually find amethyst either in its natural and raw form or polished for a cost of anywhere from $1…
Angus Cow Cost

How Much Does a Black Angus Cow Cost?

The Black Angus cow is a breed of cattle mostly used in beef production. The most common color for the Angus cow is black, although other colors have been emerging recently as well - red being the newest one on the market. In America, both…
Bamboo Plant Cost

How Much do Bamboo Plants Cost?

Did you know that in Asian culture, bamboo symbolizes the happiness, well-being, and health of the people who own it? It is also said to be the symbol of love. If you receive a bamboo plant as a gift, that person loves you unconditionally. Bamboo…
Carnations Cost
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Carnation Flowers Cost

Carnations are, without a doubt, some of the most famous flowers. Grown in gardens, used in bouquets of flowers, floral arrangements, or bodices, carnations remain flowers appreciated by many due to their lacy appearance, discreet scent, and…
Ribeye Steak Cost

How Much Does Ribeye Steak Cost?

Being carved from the beef rib, the ribeye can be found between the shoulder, and the loin, from ribs six through twelve. The unique outlining of the meat with white lines, also known as the marbling, is due to the additional amount of intramuscular…
Blue Crab Cost

How Much do Blue Crabs Cost?

The blue crab is a saltwater crustacean with brilliantly colored claws. Male crabs have olive-green shells and bright blue claws, while female crabs are adorned in red-tipped claws, which they show off to attract mates during mating season that…