Thinking about getting a new hobby ? Here’s how much people spend on their hobbies and how much professional and amateur sporting gear costs.

Philadelphia Cricket Club Cost
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How Much Does a Philadelphia Cricket Club Membership Cost?

The Philadelphia Cricket Club, established in 1854 and considered one of the oldest country clubs in America, has been a staple for cricket enthusiasts. The cricket club was created by a group of students who played the game while studying…
Cost of Energy Drinks
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How Much Does an Energy Drink Cost?

Energy drinks are one of the fastest-rising beverage categories, with over $30 billion in annual sales. Their popularity stems from the instant energy lift the drinks provide, promising improved concentration, reaction time, and athletic performance. With…
La Canada Flintridge country club membership cost
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How Much Does a La Canada Flintridge Country Club Membership Cost?

The La Canada Flintridge Country Club, located in La Canada, California is the perfect place for a quick getaway from your everyday life. Nestled in the foothills of Southern California, this golf club provides plenty of outdoor activities to…
Boxing Lessons Cost

How Much do Boxing Lessons Cost?

Boxing is a fantastic full-body workout that builds strength, endurance, and mental focus. Many people take up boxing for fitness, self-defense, or as a competitive sport. However, boxing training requires coaching, equipment, and gym access…
Hershey Country Club Membership Cost
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How Much Does a Hershey Country Club Membership Cost?

The Hershey Country Club, located in Pennsylvania and founded by Milton S. Hershey himself in 1930, has hosted some of the most prestigious golf tournaments over time including a PGA Championship from 1940 as well as many events on behalf of…
How Much Do Golf Balls Cost

How Much do Golf Balls Cost?

If you’re an avid golfer, then chances are you know how often golf balls need to be replaced. Between the lakes and endless woods, it can seem like a never-ending expense. The cost of a golf ball varies according to brand, material type, quantity…
Rollerblade Cost

How Much Do Rollerblades Cost?

Rollerblading is a fun and exciting way to stay active and fit. But before you lace up and take off, an important question arises - how much will a decent pair set you back? Like most sports gear, rollerblade prices can vary widely based on…
Mechanical Bull Cost
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How Much Does a Mechanical Bull Cost?

The mechanical bull is the result of human curiosity. Humans always try to find the best ways to replicate the things and activities they like, one of which is animal riding or rodeo. Amusement parks are full of machines that are able to provide…
Jersey Framing Cost

Framing a Jersey T-shirt Cost

The jersey is better known as a T-shirt worn in the form of a uniform in some of the more popular sports. In sports, there are some players that become heroes for their fans with their attitude and playing skills. Their unique skill set makes…
Aqua-Tots Swim Lessons Cost
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How Much Do Aqua Tots Swim Lessons Cost?

Swimming is an essential life skill, but learning how to swim safely requires professional instruction. Aqua Tots Swim Schools offer top-quality swim lessons for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. With a focus on water safety and skill…
Porter Valley Country Club Cost
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How Much Does a Porter Valley Country Club Membership Cost?

The Porter Ridge Country Club is a beautiful resort located in the California mountains. It was established in 1967 and changed its name to the Porter Valley Country Club after 1968 when it moved to Northridge. How much does a Porter Valley…
Carefree Boat Club Membership Cost

How Much Does a Carefree Boat Club Membership Cost?

If you love boating and being on the water, then this is your new go-to club. The Carefree Boat Club allows members to use their fleet of boats at any time. With clubs across the United States, there’s a boat for every type of occasion: whether…