Thinking about getting a new hobby ? Here’s how much people spend on their hobbies and how much professional and amateur sporting gear costs.

Bungee Jumping Price

Bungee Jumping Cost

As most people already know, bungee jumping means leaping from high altitude, a tall building or structure, while bound to an elastic rope. People jump from all sorts of high places, from portable or manually designed setups, crates, bridges,…
Skydiving Price

Skydiving Cost

Skydiving, a great experience Are you interested in skydiving but you're afraid it might cost too much? Although the final price is usually an affordable one, it will depend on multiple factors, like: Whether you're going for a simulated…
Stamp Collection Cost

Stamp Collection Cost

Stamp collectors are usually fascinated by the history behind each stamp, the story that was behind it. In each country, stamps will reflect the history, artists, culture, important events, and known figures. If you sent enough mail, at least…
Martial Arts Class Price
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Cost of Martial Arts Classes

Martial arts are forms of traditional fighting, a product of a historical culture, which include two major components: Technique – many specific physical procedures, applied for removing the opponent in battle. Spiritual – philosophy,…
Kangoo Jumps Classes Cost

Cost of Kangoo Jumps Classes

As you'd probably guess, Kangoo Jumps refers to an aerobic/fitness technique that is done with a special pair of sports shoes equipped with elastic springs. These moves that can be executed with the special pair of shoes resemble very much with…
treadmill cost

Treadmill Cost

The treadmill is recognized by health and exercise trainers as one of the most useful machines for anyone interested in having a healthy living and a constant way to exercise. The question is how much does a treadmill cost? When considering…