Thinking about getting a new hobby ? Here’s how much people spend on their hobbies and how much professional and amateur sporting gear costs.

Bike Fit Cost
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How Much Does a Bike Fit Cost?

Getting properly fitted to your bicycle is one of the most important investments any cycling enthusiast can make. A customized bike fit tailored to your individual body geometry and riding style can pay dividends through increased comfort, efficiency,…
PickleBall Lessons Cost

How Much do Pickleball Lessons Cost?

Over the last decade, pickleball has exploded into one of America’s fastest-growing sports. As popularity has surged, so has interest in lessons to master gameplay technique and strategy. But at what price? This definitive guide on private…
Wingsuit Cost

How Much Does a Wingsuit Cost?

Wingsuit flying is an amazing way to experience freefall by using a special jumpsuit with fabric wings between the arms and legs to generate lift. It essentially allows skydivers to glide downward similar to base jumpers, but with greater horizontal…
Cost to Rent a Yacht
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How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Yacht?

Imagine cruising amazing beaches on your private luxury yacht, sipping drinks on the deck as the sun sets. A yacht charter makes this tropical dream possible, whether you're looking for an action-packed crewed sailing adventure or a relaxing…
Golf Simulator Cost
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How Much Does a Golf Simulator Cost?

Golf simulators have surged in popularity thanks to their convenience, realism, and ability to play year-round. But these high-tech systems come at a price. This complete guide will cover the full costs and considerations for installing a golf…
Cost to Build Golf Course
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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Golf Course?

Have you ever dreamed of owning your very own golf course? With the sport’s popularity booming since 2020, now might be the time to turn that dream into reality. But a big question is – how much does it cost to build a golf course? In…
Rumson Country Club Membership Cost

How Much Does a Rumson Country Club Membership Cost?

The Rumson Country Club is located on the beautiful Jersey Shore near the beach and about 40 minutes away from New York City and is one of the top-tier country clubs in the area. Originating in 1908, the prestigious club is affluent in deep…
Bocce Ball Court Cost

How Much Does a Bocce Ball Court Cost?

When constructing a court, professionals will likely use a combination of a top coat made of turf, crushed stone, sand, tennis court clay, or crushed oyster shells and rocks, according to HGTV. Regardless of where you want to build it or…
Arden Hills Country Club Membership Cost

How Much Does an Arden Hills Membership Cost?

The Arden Hills Country Club is one of the few great country clubs that don't have a golf course. It is located in Sacramento, California. Its grounds offer a place where people can hold a wedding, enjoy a meal, receive spa treatments, or…
La Rinconada Country Club Membership Cost

How Much Does the La Rinconada Country Club Membership Cost?

The La Rinconada Country Club is located in the heart of Los Gatos, California, across more than 125 acres, and is one of the most stunning estates in the Santa Clara Valley. The building of this country club began with several men who visualized…
How Much Does Paintball Cost

How Much Does Paintball Cost?

Paintball is a recreational shooting sport in which players compete to eliminate opponents by tagging them with capsules filled with colored dye, commonly referred to as "paintballs." It is often played in outdoor fields or indoor arenas specially…
NYHRC Membership Cost
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How Much Does an NYHRC Membership Cost?

The New York Health and Racquet Club, also called the NYHRC, is a well-known gym founded in 1973. This family-owned business manages nine locations in Manhattan and holds to the culture and energy of day-to-day New York City. With fitness…