How Much Does a Tom Ford Perfume Cost?

Tom Ford Jardin Collection Cost

It is a fact that the Tom Ford fragrance will conquer you with its sensual essences. We’re also sure most people consider Tom Ford one of the most renowned designers of our time. The former creative director of Gucci and newer producer of the movie „A Single Man” has made a successful business from his […]


How Much Do The Most Expensive Materials Cost?

Most Expensive Materials

We are more or less aware of the price of a gram of gold, we know that is one of the most precious materials on Earth. But where would it be placed in a top of the most expensive materials in the world? You can see below which are these materials and what are their […]


How Much Will Luna Lamp Cost?

Luna Lamp Cost

When someone asks you for the moon from the sky, most likely he asks the impossible. But what would happen if you could offer them the impossible … somehow ?! It’s not the real Moon, but it is the most suitable solution: a lamp that imitates the full moon and can transform your home into […]


How Much Does The Kopi Luwak Coffee Cost ?

Kopi Luwak coffee price

Kopi Luwak Coffee is produced in Indonesia and, what is most interesting about it is its method of preparation. Coffee beans harvested from the Indonesian plantations are ingested by the mammal called the Asian civet (a mongoose), which subsequently voids them intact. A laborious process follows, of washing and disinfecting, soaking, drying and roasting, resulting […]

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How Much Would A Real Working Batmobile Cost ?

batmobile cost

Batman continues to be one of the favourite heroes of all time. For car enthusiasts, Batman has always been about the Batmobile and its capabilities. As the new Batman movie is prepairing to be launched in 2016, while “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” is in the middle of filming, new Batmobile stills and pictures […]

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How Much Do The World’s Most Expensive Furs Cost ?

Most expensive coats

On the first place we have the chinchilla fur. It is ranked as the most expensive fur in the world. Those sweet animals have approximately 20,000 hairs per square centimeter. So, for manufacturing a jacket it takes about 60 chinchilla furs, while for a long coat between 100-130 furs, reaching a cost between $30,000 and […]


How Much Do Niche Perfumes Cost ?

Niche perfume cost

Niche perfumes are exclusive, elegant and original fragrances. They are the opposite of those intended for mass commerce, introducing you in a world of pure luxury. If we make a comparison with fashion, then niche perfumes are a kind of haute couture. They are produced in limited editions and can be purchased only in specialized […]

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How Much Do The Most Expensive Gadgets Cost ?

Although most people expect the technology to revolutionize our world and to ease their work, the wealthy people want the devices they use to have as many features as possible. There are only a few millionaires known for their eccentricities in this area. Computers, smartphones and tablets have a price determined in the first place […]


How Much Does A Luxury Phone Cost?

luxury phones

Mobile phones have become, for almost the whole world, a necessary accessory; exactly because they are so used, we did expect all sorts of models to be invented and reinvented, interesting and unusual, in eager rivalry. Mobile phones industry astounds, in fact, also through the rapid development and innovative designs. Mobile phones differ by brand, […]


How Much Do The Most Expensive Watches Cost?

most expensive watches

It is said that “time means money”, but for the luxury watch buyers’, you can apply the opposite saying, “money means time”. With 700,000 dollars, some people would buy a spacious luxury car, while others buy a watch. If you feel like you need something to make you feel unique and you have a few […]