The beauty treatments market is booming, but not all products feature positive results or have an affordable price. Here are some products, that, for one reason or another, got our attention. Expect to find all kinds of articles with products and treatments that either cost too much or are very cheap, with tips on how to get them cheaper and what to expect in terms of results.

Cryotherapy Cost
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How Much Does Cryotherapy Cost?

Cryotherapy is an ideal choice for people who want a healthy mind in a healthy body. This method of cold therapy is also recognized among great celebrities and athletes around the world for many reasons. Liquid nitrogen cryotherapy has many…
Chemical peel Cost

Chemical Peel Cost

If you've ever wanted to do a chemical peel at a specialized office, you've probably wondered what this procedure entails and what its advantages are. Chemical peeling is part of a range of dermatological treatments and is used to combat or…
Lip Filler Cost

How Much Do Lip Fillers Cost?

It's not always easy to accept yourself as you are. Sometimes there are parts of our body that we can't be happy with and we wish they were completely different. For a lot of people, one of these is their lips. Nowadays, there are discrete…
Breast Lift Surgery Cost
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Breast lift surgery cost

Every woman has the right to feel great in her own skin and to use any methods to be fully satisfied with her image. Fortunately, there are several methods to achieve the desired look, one of them being mastopexy, the breast lift surgery. This…
Arm Lift Surgery Cost

Arm Lift Cost

Arm lifting, known as brachioplasty, is an aesthetic surgery that removes excess skin, creating a rejuvenated and toned appearance. Brachioplasty is a simple surgery compared to other aesthetic treatments, has long-term positive effects,…
BodyTite Cost
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How Much Does BodyTite Cost?

Although a healthy lifestyle based on diet and fitness can help maintain a slim and toned body, sometimes it is not enough or does not provide the desired results. Fat accumulates in areas such as the hips, waist, abdomen, buttocks, and flanks. BodyTite…
Breast Implant Removal Cost
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How Much Does Breast Implant Removal Cost?

Breast implants can increase self-confidence and are a solution when dissatisfaction with the size of the bust occurs. Through a breast implant, you can obtain a well-proportioned body and a balanced silhouette. However, there are situations…
Beard Hair Transplant Cost

Beard Transplant Cost

The general perception of society is that a thick beard is a sign of masculinity and maturity. That is why more and more men choose to have a beard implant surgery to fill certain gaps in the beard or to cover certain areas where facial hair…
Beautifill Cost

How Much Does BeautiFill Cost?

Aesthetic medicine is an area that has evolved significantly in recent years, even to the point of finding beneficial roles for body fat. The BeautiFill procedure is also based on the method of lipofilling, whereby body fat is sucked from the…
Kybella Treatment Cost

How Much Does Kybella Cost?

Are you interested in trying Kybella injections as a way of reducing fat underneath your chin and around your jawline but you're unsure how much will Kybella injections cost? Then this article should give you all the information you'll need…
Mommy Makeover Cost

How Much Does A Mommy Makeover Cost?

Pregnancy can leave lasting, and often undesirable effects on a woman’s appearance, such as saggy breasts, squishy abdominal muscles, and loose skin. Many women are discouraged when their breasts and body do not return to their pre-pregnancy…
Thread Lift Cost

How Much Does Threading Cost?

With age, the facial contour loses its firmness due to the aging process of the skin. If you also noticed it looking in the mirror, that the appearance of your eyes has lost its brightness as time passed and the eyebrows started to go down,…