The beauty treatments market is booming, but not all products feature positive results or have an affordable price. Here are some products, that, for one reason or another, got our attention. Expect to find all kinds of articles with products and treatments that either cost too much or are very cheap, with tips on how to get them cheaper and what to expect in terms of results.

Wing Tattoo Cost
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How Much do Angel Wing Tattoos Cost?

Are you considering getting an angel wing tattoo? Learn about the average cost and factors to consider in this comprehensive guide.
Back Dimple Piercing Cost
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How Much Does Back Dimple Piercing Cost?

Back dimple piercings have become an increasingly popular body modification option, prized for their delicate and eye-catching aesthetic. But before taking the plunge, it's important to understand the full scope of costs associated with getting…
Tanning Cost

The Cost of Tanning

Tanning can take place with the help of a tanning bed, spray, and even by just rubbing a cream on your skin. Obviously, the most natural way is by the sun itself, however, a lot of people will opt for a tanning bed due to the speed, results,…
Esthetician School Cost
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How Much Does Esthetician School Cost?

Considering a career as an esthetician but wondering what the cost will be? This guide covers everything you need to know about esthetician school tuition, fees, and other expenses to help you plan and budget for this education investment. With…
SARPE Surgery Cost
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SARPE Surgery Cost

S.A.R.P.E is an acronym for Surgically Assisted Rapid Palatal Expansion. This technique has the purpose to correct problems such as lateral crossbite and dental crowding of the upper arch and combines surgery with orthodontic treatment to achieve…
Armband Tattoo Design Cost
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How Much Does an Armband Tattoo Cost?

As it surrounds your arm or wrist just like a real cuff, an armband tattoo is also known as a cuff by most people. The most common places where this type of tattoo is usually made are the lower arm, upper arm, thigh, calf, and biceps, depending,…
Lipstick Cost
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The Cost of Lipstick

Ballpark Price quote: $5 to $10 for pharmacy brand names; $20 to $35+ for designer brand names. Among the most convenient - and maybe most cost-efficient - methods to upgrade your looks is to purchase a brand-new lipstick shade. For a very…
Ombre Hair Cost
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How Much Does Ombre Hair Cost?

Ombre hair coloring has become one of the most popular hair trends in recent years. With its gorgeous, graduated blend of hues, ombre creates dimension and adds visual interest to any hairstyle. If you're considering taking the ombre plunge,…
Full Head Highlights Cost
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How Much Do Hair Highlights Cost?

Discover the average price range for hair highlights and factors that impact the cost. From long to short hair, find the right highlights for you.
Belly Button Piercing Cost

How Much Does a Belly Button Piercing Cost?

Thinking about getting a new belly button piercing? Let's walk through what to expect, from cost to pain levels and aftercare tips when you get a belly button piercing. With some basic knowledge, you can get ready to rock your new belly bling…
Tree Braids Cost

How Much Do Tree Braids Cost?

Tree braids have become an increasingly popular protective hairstyle for many women with natural hair. With their beautiful and versatile look, tree braids allow you to switch up your style without causing damage to your natural hair. However,…
Balayage Cost and Procedure
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How Much Does Balayage Cost?

Want to give your hair a subtle, natural-looking boost of dimension? A balayage may be the perfect option. This hand-painted highlighting technique produces soft, flawless color gradients that brighten your look. But before booking your balayage…