Let’s all get in shape! A category for people that want to lose weight and don’t know what costs to expect in terms of products, gym and trainer costs and any other expenses they’ll have to deal with.

Cenegetics Cost
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The Cost of Cenegenics

Cenegenics is a company founded in 1997 specialized in providing body fat loss solutions. Its mission is to make you look and feel years younger by offering a proactive and personalized age management program that is able to maximize your wellness,…
Sota Weight Loss

How Much Does SOTA Weight Loss Cost?

Looking to lose weight and improve your health? Learn about the SOTA Weight Loss program, its cost, and how it compares to other options.
hCG Injection Cost
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HCG Injections Cost

HCG injections are used for medical purposes to induce ovulation or treat ovarian dysfunction in women or stimulate testies that do not produce enough testosterone in men. Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone secreted by the special…
Cool Sculpting Procedure
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Cost of CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is a unique non-invasive and non-surgical body-reshaping concept that addresses all areas of the body that have excess fat. The beneficial effects of cryolipolysis for weight loss have been well known for several years, but CoolSculpting…
iFiT membership Cost

iFIT membership cost

iFIT is an interactive workout app that will help you to transform your home into a gym. You will have access to live workout sessions in your house through your smart TV, laptop, or smartphone. Though, in order to take advantage of these…
Pure Barre Class Cost

Pure Barre Prices and Fees

You have probably already seen a Pure Barre location if you are living in a large city or its surrounding suburbs in the United States of America. This is a gym where the total-body barre workouts have been inspired by ballet, Pilates, and Yoga,…
Aero Trainer Cost

Aero Trainer Cost

The busy schedule and the whole day of work in the office will get you some real back pain problems. Not everyone has the time and possibility to go directly to the gym after work. Aero Trainer has appeared as a solution to this problem that…
Club Pilates Membership Cost

Club Pilates Membership Cost – Club Pilates Class Prices

Pilates is becoming an increasingly popular form of exercise. With its focus on building core strength, flexibility, and controlled movements, it provides an effective full-body workout. If you're thinking about trying Pilates, joining a…
Orangetheory Cost

The Cost of Orangetheory

Orangetheory proposes a new way of losing weight. This is a workout session that uses the afterburn effect in order to remove the extra calories through exercises. It is important to mention that bodybuilding is not included in this type of…
Urban Air Cost
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How Much Does Urban Air Cost?

With over 200 locations across 36 states, Urban Air Adventure Parks have become one of the nation's premier destinations for family entertainment. But with so many high-flying activities to enjoy, from massive trampolines to obstacle courses…
Bel Air Athletic Club Membership

Bel Air Athletic Club Membership Cost

The Bel Air Athletic Club is more than just a gym. This is a premier fitness center that offers facilities for athletic training, relaxing, and rehabilitation as well.  Besides these, the club organizes social events where people can socialize. The…
Balance of Nature Costs

How Much Does Balance of Nature Cost?

Discover the true cost of Balance of Nature supplements, compared to others on the market. Are the health benefits worth the investment? Find out here.