AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge Cost

AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge Cost

Advocare's 24-Day Challenge is a complete nutritional program that promises weight loss in just one month. Advocare claims that the program will rid your body of all toxins and chemicals, stimulating metabolism to burn off pounds efficiently.…
Ocumetics Bionic Lens
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Ocumetics Bionic Lens Cost

The Ocumetics™ technology Corporation is on a mission to provide the world with an intraocular lens that will restore your eyesight at any distance. With their unique, patented design and promising results in clinical trials, they may have…
Emp180 Weight Loss Cost

EMP 180 Weight Loss Cost

EMP 180 Weight Loss is a personal weight loss program that's designed to work with your lifestyle. EMP will teach you the skills necessary for achieving and maintaining an Empowered Bodyweight forever, while also keeping you healthy, at least…
Detroit Athletic Club Membership

Detroit Athletic Club Membership Cost

In the heart of Detroit’s sports and entertainment district, across from Music Hall stands one of America's most expensive gyms. It was designed by Albert Kahn and is currently known as the Detroit Athletic Club (DAC). It is not a typical…
Village Health Club Cost

Village Health Club Membership Cost

The Village Health Club is a cutting-edge gym that offers spotlessly clean venues and some of the most advanced fitness resources in Arizona. It has locations throughout Camelback, DC Ranch, Gainey Valley, and Ocotillo Hills to help you stay…
40 Day Reset Cost

40 Day Reset Diet Cost

The 40 Day Reset is a new weight-loss program that helps you lose up to forty pounds in as little as two months. The contours of this diet are tailored for all genders and body types, so it's not just women or middle-aged people who can benefit…
MRCP Scan Cost

MRCP Test Cost

Magnetic resonance cholangiography, known as the MRCP, is a type of MRI test. It utilizes strong magnets and radio waves to produce detailed images in order to evaluate one's bile ducts, gallbladder, and pancreas for inflammation, infection,…
Epic EMR Cost
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Epic EMR Cost

Epic’s electronic medical records (EMR) system is among the most popular in the healthcare industry, and for good reason. The Epic EMR software from Epic Systems Corporation offers an affordable price point as well as top-of-the-line quality…
Sams Club Eye Exam Cost

Sam’s Club Eye Exam Cost

Sam's Club is one of the few retailers that offer an in-house vision center for its members. With a wide range of optical care equipment and supplies, you can choose from your favorites frames and lenses at a lower than average price. Just…
Minute Clinic Visit Cost

CVS Minute Clinic Cost

The Minute Clinic is the perfect stop for anyone who wishes to visit a doctor without having to wait for hours. This clinic can be found at many CVS pharmacies across America and provides exams, physicals, vaccinations as well as health tests…
Title Boxing Club Membership Cost
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TITLE Boxing Club Membership Cost

In the TITLE Boxing Club, clients aim to burn 1,000 calories per hour-long class. The training is based on boxing and kickboxing combinations on a 100-pound bag for an hour of intense workout routines that challenge members at every fitness…
Awaken180 Weightloss Cost

Awaken180° Weightloss Cost

The Awaken180° Weightloss is guaranteed to provide the best, most professional weight loss experience. With three components - mental coaching, calorie-based nutrition, and exercise guidance – this system provides comprehensive support for…