Are you more of a bird person? Then check out the price for one of the many birds that can be kept as pets

Minah Bird Cost
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How Much Does a Mynah Bird Cost?

With their jet-black coats and vibrant yellow markings, mynah birds captivate pet lovers worldwide. Intelligent and chatty, these personable songbirds make wonderfully engaging companions when properly cared for. If their fun-loving nature…
Green Cheek Conure Cost

How Much Does a Green Cheek Conure Cost?

With their vibrant green feathers, clownish antics, and talking abilities, green cheek conures have become hugely popular companion birds over the past few decades. But before bringing one of these feisty little parrots home, it's important…
Kiwi Bird Cost

How Much Does a Kiwi Bird Cost?

The Kiwi Bird is one of the most interesting bird species in the world, mostly due to its unusual characteristics and weird looks. This bird originated in New Zealand, a country that uses it as its national icon to this day. How much does a…
Rainbow Lorikeet Cost
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How Much Does a Lorikeet Cost?

With their spectacularly colorful plumage and playful, acrobatic nature, lorikeets can make an excellent choice for dedicated exotic bird enthusiasts seeking an interactive pet. However, properly caring for these uniquely energetic, high-maintenance…
Bird Cockatoo Cost
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How Much Does a Cockatoo Cost?

Cockatoos are beautiful, exotic birds that make for unique pets. With their impressive plumage, intelligence, and big personalities, it's no wonder cockatoos have become popular companion animals. However, cockatoos require extensive, specialized…
Eclectus Parrot Cost
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How Much Does an Eclectus Parrot Cost?

With their brightly colored plumage and remarkable capacity for speech, it’s easy to understand the appeal of Eclectus Parrots as pets. However, properly caring for these highly intelligent birds does require a serious commitment of time,…
Quaker Parrot Cost
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How Much Do Quaker Parrots Cost?

With their engaging personalities, vibrant colors, and ability to talk, Quaker parrots make popular pet birds. However, ensuring proper care for these intelligent creatures does require commitment and financial investment. If you're considering…
Emu Bird Cost
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How Much Does an Emu Bird Cost?

Emus are large, flightless birds that have become increasingly popular as exotic livestock and pets. But before jumping into emu ownership, it's important to understand the costs involved. This article will provide an overview of emu birds…
Hyacinth Macaw Cost
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How Much Does a Hyacinth Macaw Cost?

With their interesting cobalt blue plumage and impressive size, hyacinth macaws capture the imagination of parrot lovers. But these giants of the macaw world come with big price tags to match their outsized stature. For prospective owners,…
Indian Ringneck Parrot Price
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Indian Ringneck Parrot Price

The Indian ringneck parrot, commonly known as the Rose-ringed parakeet, is a captivating tropical bird known for its diversity in size and color. These parrots, sought after as family pets, can grow up to a notable 16 inches, with their elongated…
Pet Owl Cost
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How Much Does an Owl Cost?

Owning an owl seems exotic and exciting, but before bringing one of these majestic birds of prey into your home there are many factors to consider. What are the costs associated with purchasing and caring for an owl? Do you need special licenses…
Toco Toucan Bird Cost
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How much does a toucan cost?

The Toucan is part of the Ramphastidae family and is a very colorful tree-dwelling bird. The toucan is a rather unique bird due to its very large, almost oversized bill, that is known to feature a multitude of colors. A lot of birds from…