Are you more of a bird person? Then check out the price for one of the many birds that can be kept as pets

The Cost of a Hawk
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How Much Does a Hawk Cost?

Owning a hawk can be an incredibly rewarding experience. But before you run out and get your first bird of prey, you need to understand the true cost of falconry. Hawks are not your average pet - they require specialized care, training, housing,…
Falcon the Fastest Bird

How Much Does a Falcon Cost?

Considering owning a falcon? Find out the costs involved, from purchasing the bird to equipment, permits, training, and healthcare. Discover more here.
Rooster Cost

How Much Does a Rooster Cost?

Although there are a lot of reasons why someone might choose to raise roosters, the most common one is to use them to fertilize the hens. You might not know this, but hens can't lay eggs without the help of a rooster. So you can only make more…
Cockatiel Price
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How Much do Cockatiels Cost?

Among America's most beloved pet birds, vibrant cockatiels whistle and cuddle their way into thousands of homes yearly. But the costs behind properly caring for these adorable yet fragile creatures often surprise first-timers. So how much…
Penguin Cost
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How Much Does a Penguin Cost?

With their adorable tuxedo-like appearance and fun, quirky personalities, it's easy to see why penguins capture the hearts of so many animal lovers. You may have found yourself wondering - can I actually own a penguin as a pet? What would it…