Some of the weirdest animals to keep as pets. Pick your favorite and learn about its price

Seahorse Cost

How Much Does a Seahorse Cost?

Seahorses are truly unique marine fish that have become popular pets in home aquariums. With their curved bodies, prehensile tails, and horse-like heads, seahorses exhibit some fascinating behaviors not seen in other aquarium fish. However,…
Capuchin Monkey Cost

How Much Does a Capuchin Monkey Cost?

With their playful, inquisitive nature and remarkable human-like behaviors, it's no wonder Capuchin monkeys have become sought-after exotic companion pets. However, behind the cute and cuddly appeal, they also come with immense financial obligations…
Jellyfish Cost

How Much Do Pet Jellyfish Cost?

Jellyfish are emerging as a fascinating new option for exotic pet enthusiasts. With their hypnotic movements and alien beauty, jellyfish present a truly unique aquarium experience. However, while their appeal is clear, jellyfish do require a…
Axolotl in Tank

How Much Does an Axolotl Cost?

With their cute "smiles" and cool exotic colors, axolotls have become a popular pet choice. But before bringing one of these unique amphibians home, it's important to understand the costs involved with properly caring for them. Let's take…
Gerbil Cost

How Much Does a Gerbil Cost?

With their energetic and inquisitive personalities packed into a small, furry body, gerbils make great starter pets. But before adopting one of these adorable rodents, it's important to understand the costs involved. This guide will break…
Russian Tortoise Cost

How Much Does a Russian Tortoise Cost?

The Russian Tortoise comes from Uzbekistan and is the smallest tortoise species we know of, which is why it is also one of the most desired types of turtles people want as pets. You can usually find these types of tortoises in the wild close…
Chameleon Cost

How Much Does a Chameleon Cost?

Chameleons are exotic and exciting pets that have recently surged in popularity. Their ability to change colors, captivating eyes, and alien-like appearance make them fascinating creatures. However, chameleons require specialized care and…
Ferret Cost

How Much Does a Ferret Cost?

With their playful personalities, ferrets can make for delightful pets. They are active and energetic, and love to play and interact with their owners. Ferrets are also quite smart and can be litter-trained. However, they do require plenty…
Domesticated Fox Cost

How Much Does a Domesticated Fox Cost?

You might think that foxes can't be kept as pets, but in fact, quite a few states consider owning this type of exotic pet legal. Raising a domesticated fox is nothing like raising a dog, although they look pretty similar. Among the things…
Minah Bird Cost
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How Much Does a Mynah Bird Cost?

With their jet-black coats and vibrant yellow markings, mynah birds captivate pet lovers worldwide. Intelligent and chatty, these personable songbirds make wonderfully engaging companions when properly cared for. If their fun-loving nature…
Tiger Cub Cost
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How Much Does a Tiger Cub Cost?

Tigers are wonderful creatures. They have the ability to take down even five-hundred-pound animals. They are among the largest, strongest animals out there. A lot of people dream about owning a tiger as a pet, although considering that this…
Pet Sloth Cost

How Much Does a Sloth Cost?

Owning an exotic pet like a sloth may seem fun and unique, but understanding the full cost and commitment is essential. This article will break down the many expenses involved with purchasing and properly caring for a pet sloth. Sloths are…