Dog Vaccination Cost

Dog Vaccination Price

If you have a dog and want to keep it happy and healthy, then food and shelter aren’t the only things you should have to offer. To protect it from disease, vaccination is a must. It’s the best way to protect your pet from common illnesses many of which are deadly. But how much does […]

Pomeranian Cost

Pomeranian Boo Price

The Pomeranian breed, often known under the shorter name “pom” or funny name “pom-pom” is a Spitz dog type, characterized by its long and thin fur, usually white, straight ears, a specific snout, and the tail that is shaped like a corkscrew. The name is attributed by its original European region, Pomerania, today being the […]

Box Turtle Price

The price of a box turtle

Box turtles represent a link between the land turtles and the tortoises of water from North America. They distinguish by their shell’s curved shape and interesting colors. The plastron is also quite large but the tail is short. Most species have quite well-developed, long forelimbs covered with large scales. The name of the box turtle […]

Pet/Animal Cremation Cost

Pet cremation cost

Many pet owners choose to bury them in nature, on a meadow or forest, but by doing so, you risk wolves or foxes to desecrate their grave. On the other hand, lately, cremation started to be an affordable choice. Although it is more expensive, it gives you the possibility to keep the remains. Pet crematories […]

Cost of Chinchillas

Chinchilla Cost

Chinchilla is an ideal pet because it’s one of the cleanest and friendliest small animals. Originally from South America, Chinchilla is a rodent that resembles the squirrel, although, genetically it doesn’t resemble any race. A chinchilla can cost from $80 up to $350. As typical features they have very beautiful small and black eyes, average […]

CatGenie Cost

CatGenie Price

CatGenie … Something you might have dreamed about when your cat woke you up at 3 AM to clean her litter box, right? So, the dream is no longer a fantasy, it really exists! CatGenie is the world’s first automatic litter box that cleans itself. Just like your cat, that you rarely have to wash […]

Jack Russell Terrier Cost

Jack Russell Terrier Puppy

Breed history The breed’s name of „Jack Russell Terrier” comes from the founder of this breed, the Reverend John Russell, who raised these terriers for fox hunting in the second half of the nineteenth century. Physical description It is a small breed dog, very powerful and muscular. It has a flat head, flat between the […]


Finger Monkey Cost

Finger Monkey Cost

Finger monkeys ( Cebuella pygmaea) are also called “pocket monkeys” and “pygmy marmosets,” and are classified in the genera Callithrix which contains 18 species. This monkey species is one of the few allowed, in some states, to live as a domesticated pet. These monkeys live in Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, and Brazil. A finger monkey […]

Loving Cats Cost

Loving Cats Cost

Kittens will fill your house with joy, with their insistent voice when they’re hungry and their anti-stress purrs. You can choose one of the most loving breeds of cats because you surely have from where to choose. In the top of the most loving cat breed is the Ragdoll cat. A breed kitten ca cost […]

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Guinea Pig Cost

Guinea pigs cost

A Guinea pig is an ideal pet for children. Usually, they are harmless, but sometimes they can scratch or bite their owner. The Guinea pigs are very curious, loving, and communicative. The average life span of guinea pigs is between 4 and 8 years. Guinea pigs come from South America. In the 16th century, Spanish […]