Fainting Goats Cost

How Much Does a Fainting Goat Cost?

When you hear that someone has a fainting goat as a pet, it may seem quite strange, but it is a real American fashion nowadays. When frightened, the so-called "fainting goats" or myotonic goats, as they are also named, collapse on their side.…
Prairie Dog Cost

How Much Do Prairie Dogs Cost?

Among the most unusual pet mammals is the prairie dog. Although the name might mislead you, these animals are not dogs at all, being grouped in the same taxonomic family as squirrels. In this article, we will see what challenges the prairie…
Black Panther Cost

How Much Does a Black Panther Cost?

Big cats like panthers, lions, and tigers are beautiful, impressive animals. People are often intrigued by the idea of having a wild cat as a pet, but what kind of pets are these big cats actually? While trade in these animals is prohibited,…
German Shepherd Cost

How Much Does a German Shepherd Cost?

The German Shepherd is the most popular service dog breed, both in its home country and around the world. There is hardly any other breed of dog that is used in so many different ways as the German Shepherd. Originally used as a herding dog,…
Mantis Shrimp Cost

How Much Does a Mantis Shrimp Cost?

Mantis shrimp is the name given to marine crustaceans in the class "Stomatopoda". The origin of these crustaceans goes back 400 million years, making them among the oldest animals on the planet. The ancient Assyrians called the mantis shrimp…
Wakuneco Cost

How Much Does Wakuneco Cost?

If you're looking for the perfect gift for a cat lover, you want to show off your furry friend in a very fun and creative way, or you're just trying to remember one of your pets in a special way, then Wakuneco might be the best option. This…
Red Panda Cost

How Much Does A Red Panda Cost?

If you've ever seen how adorable red pandas are in one of the multitude of videos you can find all around the Internet, then you've surely wondered whether getting one as a pet is possible. But if this thought stays with you and you're really…
Garra Rufa Cost

How Much do Garra Rufa Fish Cost?

In recent years, the pedicure made with the help of Garra Rufa fishes, known also as Dr. Fishes, has become more and more popular all over the world. The Garra Rufa fish "eat" from the cuticles around the fingernails and toenails, constantly…
Catfish Cost

How Much Does Catfish Cost?

Do you like the idea of having a variety of fish as pets and dream of having a big and beautiful aquarium in your home with different, colorful, and amazing fish swimming all day long? If so, you might be interested to know that catfish have…
Belgian Malinois Cost

How Much Does a Belgian Malinois Cost?

The Malinois is originally from Belgium and is one of the four breeds of Belgian Shepherds. The other three varieties are Tervuren, Groenendael, and Laekenois. These Belgian Shepherd Dogs were developed in Belgium in the late 1800s and are registered…
Yorkie Cost at Petsmart

How Much do Yorkies Cost at Petsmart?

A cheerful and loving dog, the Yorkie is a reliable companion that easily adapts to life in an apartment. It is one of the most beloved dog breeds, that has an elegant appearance and always attracts attention wherever it goes. One of the…
Shar Pei Cost

How Much Does a Shar Pei Cost?

Although the Chinese Shar-Pei breed is the 134th breed recognized by the American Kennel Club, it appeared hundreds of years ago. It was developed to guard, hunt, and later to fight, being known for its characteristic fur that is short, shaggy,…