How Much Does a Pet Air Travel Cost ?

cost to take pet on plane

First you must inquire at the airline you travel with, before making your reservation, about the general pet travel conditions. So before you book your ticket, find and inform yourself on the company’s website. It is recommended even to make a call before you book your ticket, the employees will confirm or not whether on […]

How Much Does it Cost To Declaw a Cat ?

Cat declaw cost

If you want to avoid replacing a lot of curtains and furniture pieces, then you must know how much will it cost you to declaw your cat. Before making this step be sure to understand that this is a painful process and that it is done usually out of medical reasons and not just because […]

How Much Does Dog Food Cost ?

dog food cost

Dogs sometimes seem to have a tough stomach and manage to eat objects and substances that may disgust us. It is true that our four-legged friends can eat a lot of things without problems, but it is also true that a sudden change in the main diet can affect your dog’s stomach and feeding habits. […]

How Much Does a Dog Bed Cost ?

dog bed cost

If you really love your dog, then you will try to give him everything he needs. That means, among many other things, to offer him a comfortable place to sleep. Your first impulse will probably be to let your dog sleep on a couch or even your bed, but that will most likely backfire, as […]

How Much Does Dog Sterilization Cost?

sterile dog

Dog: female and male sterilization Performed before puberty, male or female sterilization may offer many medical and behavioral benefits. Why is sterilization necessary? Sterilization protects the dog female from diseases caused by sex hormones. For example, cysts appearance, in the ovaries, caused by heavy or prolonged hormones secretion, provides infections a favorable uterine climate. These […]

How Much Does Dog Training Cost?

dog training costs

Give your dog the chance to become a better one! A trained dog is a real boon to his owner, but an untrained dog that has it on his own way and listens to anyone is a real problem, being difficult to control. Canine training helps the dog and its owner reach a good cooperation […]