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How Much Does SCiO Cost?

SCiO Cost

SCiO is a very interesting device whose story started on Kickstarter, the well-known platform for various new projects. They needed about $200,000 to launch the project, but managed to raise over 2 million dollars, being placed at a time in top 5 projects funded on Kickstarter. SCiO is a cool idea that will help you […]


How Much Does The Ring Clock Cost?

Ring Watch Price

After several years in which only smaller companies based their business on smartwatches, now, major technology companies decided it is time to make their entrance on the market. After Samsung (Galaxy Gear Smart Watch) and Qualcomm (Toq Smart Watch) presented their first intelligent watches, Sony has returned on the market with the latest product (Sony […]


How Much Will Hover Camera Cost?

Hover Camera Drone Cost

It is so easy to be tempted by the future acquisition of a drone, but very few models are actually so easy to handle as the new Hover Camera drone. A less known Asian company, entitled Zero Zero Robotics, hopes to fix the drones’ amateur users’ biggest problem by launching a very easy to fly […]


How much do Microsoft HoloLens cost?

Microsoft HoloLens Cost

While the devices Oculus from Facebook and VR PlayStation from Sony focused on how virtual reality creates new opportunities for exploring games, the augmented reality from Microsoft demonstrates the concept of interaction and overlay on our reality. Now, the Microsoft company unveiled the Development Edition. HoloLens devices start shipping in the US and Canada on […]


How Much Does Quitbit Cost?

Quitbit Cost

Ouitbit is the first smart lighter and application that can help you quit smoking. The Quitbit project was founded in 2013 by 2 students that graduated at Brown University and that were trying to quit or at least to reduce smoking. The campaign was successfully launched on Kickstarter platform in mid- 2014, and the preorders […]


How Much Does The Intel Compute Stick Cost?

Intel Compute Stick Price

It was obvious that we will get to wear our PC as an USB stick at the key ring and not in our bags, at some point, if we take a look at how phones evolved in the last decade. Intel made a big and important step in this area and launched the Intel Compute […]


How Much Does The Phone With The World’s Largest Battery Cost?

Oukitel K Cheap Powerful cost

The latest notable evolution of a smartphone, transformed, gradually, into a true pocket minicomputer, made the major manufacturers forget that they also need to improve the battery’s lifespan. Today, a smartphone has become a strong competitor for a professional photo camera, and it has almost the same functions as a laptop, but it can not […]


How Much Does a Wearable Smart Charger Cost?

Wearable Charger Cost

Wearable chargers have become important accessories for most of us, and the producers’ offer is a rich one, no matter what power you need for your gadget. Batteries’ reduced autonomy makes wearable chargers very useful in certain situations, like when you don’t have a nearby drain. In addition to all the offers for smartphones, there […]


How Much Does an UsBidi Charger Cost?

UsBidi Charger Cost

We added an update to this article, so be sure to read the final part before rushing to the official order page. Smartphones reached out to be a fundamental part of our everyday life. UsBidi is the ideal cable for charging, which takes care of your phone battery. Naturally, here comes the question: What can […]


How Much Does The Kingii Bracelet Cost ?

Kingii bracelet cost

Kingii is a wearable gadget that saves lives in water. We talked about carrier technology, about gadgets that monitor our health, physical activity, or help us easily adapt to environmental conditions. A new example, today, is an exceptional idea, simple to use, that could save hundreds of thousands of lives annually. No matter your experience, […]